Whoosh! Maggie ponders her forced perspective
Maggie and Lena have another heart-to-heart chat
about their place in a Kane woman orbit

Lena Kundera

January 07, 2004

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 02/13/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone
Erica Kane
Jackson Montgomery


Maggie and Lena discuss their relationships with Bianca; Erica thinks that Lena and Bianca have gotten back together. Lena scores another hug.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Maggie tells Lena she doesn't have to wait around-this could take hours! Lena doesn't mind, adding she told Bianca she'd wait for her. She says she never answered her question, and Maggie asks if it really matters what she thinks? Lena agrees it matters to Bianca; telling Erica about the baby is a huge decision, and Maggie disagrees with it. Maggie notes that she doesn't, and Lena agrees she thinks it will be good for Bianca to get this whole thing out in the open. Maggie asks if she knows how Erica will react? She was all about Bianca's terminating this pregnancy! Lena notes that was never Erica's decision to make, and Bianca's priority now is the baby. Maggie wonders what will happen when Erica refuses to even look at this child? It's going to be like when Bianca was first raped! Lena assures her that she will personally make sure Bianca takes time for herself, no matter what Erica says. "What about me?" Maggie asks, "I live with her; I'm her best friend!" Lena insists she's not shutting her out, but Maggie thinks this is the opportunity she's been waiting for, and it's time they get everything out in the open. Lena couldn't agree more. Maggie asks if she thinks she and Bianca would make up, and she'd just disappear? Lena asks where this is coming from? Nobody wants her to disappear, and they invited her to spend New Year's Eve with them! Maggie thinks she acts like she's in the way, and Lena notes she doesn't treat her any better-she said she doesn't think she's the right woman for Bianca! Doesn't she think she deserves another chance? Maggie says she's not the one that has to forgive her. Lena agrees Bianca is, and she has. She knows how Bianca values her friendship, and knows what it will do to her if they can't find a way to get along. Maggie insists her friendship with Bianca has nothing to do with it, adding she was here way before Lena was, and she'll be here long after she's gone if that's the way it goes. Lena asks if they aren't supposed to be honest? She's not convinced that all she feels for Bianca is friendship. Maggie agrees that she loves Bianca, but she's not in love with her; she's straight, and likes guys, not girls, and she doesn't like Bianca! Lena thinks that's good, and she shouldn't have a problem with them seeing each other. Maggie retorts that her short-term memory isn't as good as Lena's. Lena says if she's going to be like this, she'll have to arrange to see Bianca someplace else, but Maggie says it's Bianca's house; if she wants her here, of course she's welcome. Lena's glad they settled that and is staying until Bianca gets back; she's going to need their support, whichever way it goes with Erica.

Bianca comes home and says she couldn't tell her. Maggie was right, the truth would just decimate her, and she would never be able to see her child for who she really is; if her mom ever found out it would kill her, and she would never understand why. Maggie says it's okay, they understand. Bianca goes into Lena's arms and cries as Maggie watches with a hurt look on her face.

From Soap Slut

In Biancaís tension-filled apartment, Lena and Naggie await her return. Lena knows Naggie seems to be harboring less-than-platonic feelings for Binky but the Nagster denies it until sheís blue in the face. Bianca returns, upset at Ericaís words and that she was unable to tell her mother the truth. This truly makes my day here, as Bianca sweeps right by Naggie to go cry on Lena. Bwah! I donít think Iíll ever stop laughing.


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  • Erica crosses the line with Bianca.
  • Jack crosses his fingers.
  • Maggie crosses the line with Lena.
  • Lena crisscrosses on Maggie's lies.
  • Edmund crosses over.
  • The long recaps are killing me.

The Set-Up Ė At the penthouse, Bianca has something on her mind and she doesnít care whose sex life sheís about to ruin.

Erica: "Take your time: whatever it is, your Uncle Jack and I are here for you."

U-huh. I think Uncle Jack is busy EyeShagging you, Erica.

At the lodge, while Greenlee ponders the pros and cons of allowing Mia to take one for the team, Edmund gets shot again Ė but itís the same bullet he took yesterday, so who cares?

The Lodge Ė José wants to know if there are any men in the house Ďcause theyíre the real threat: clearly, heís forgotten that Ryan tied him up and he was still able to free himself.

Greenlee and Kendall canít decide who is the trampiest of them all, though they seem happy to settle on Mia since sheís slower and still doesnít know what the h*** the other two are talking about.

Betsyís Room Of Water Ė Babe finds Jamie waiting for her when she steps out of the shower Ė because walking into another personís bedroom in perfectly acceptable Ė and tells her heís there to make sure sheís all right.

Babe: "If you spent this much attention to your date, maybe youíd be in her bedroom."

Whose, Maggieís? Bwah! I think Maggie prefers her dates with a lot lessÖand a lot moreÖyou know.

Portiaís Room Of Errors Ė Maggie and Lena read.

Maggie: "You know, this is taking a while: you donít have to wait around."

Shut up Maggie. What? I figure that, if I say that right away, itíll keep me from saying it later. No, really.

Lena: "Thatís all right: I told Bianca Iíd be here when she gets back."
Maggie: "It could take hours."
Lena: "I donít mind Ė unless youíd like me to leave so you can get some rest."

Oh, I think itís fair to say Maggie wants you to leave, but not because sheís tired. Well, sheís tired of you, but not tired Ė oh, never mind.

Lena: "You never answered my question."
Maggie: "Does it really matter what I think?"

No, not really. Thereís the door: walk through it.

Lena: "It matters to Bianca."

Oh fine, FINE!

Maggie goes on a bit of a rant about Erica and concludes that Bianca will be crushed once she realizes Erica wonít want to even "look at [the] child."

Maggie: "Itís going to be just like when Bianca was first raped and thatís why she shouldnít say anything: our trip was never the issue."

OK, so I lied. Maggie, shut up. That argument has been used to coddle and condone everything and everyone from petty liars to Mugabe and itís crap: when did we decide that keeping information from people actually makes them safer? It never has and it never will. [This also means that Lena must be the one to tell Bianca about the attempted suicide: I donít know how, but she has to.] This whole letís-lie-in-order-to-protect-person-X is the very same thing Lena did for her mother and Maggie is still all over her a** about it so, really, pick a position and stay with it, you myopic little troll.

Lena: "I really donít think you should worry: I will personally make sure Bianca takes time out for herself no matter what Erica says."
Maggie: "Really? And what about me?"

What, you want Lenaís personal attention, too? Is that why youíre so cranky all the time?

Lena tells Maggie that itís not her intention to "shut [her] out" and that she thinks Maggieís already busy with her "studies."

Maggie: "Please, my studies, like this isnít the opportunity that youíve been waiting for."

Pfft, like the trip hasnít been the opportunity youíve been waiting for: at least Lena is ballsy enough to take you on where you live Ė unlike you, you stupid coward. Shut up.

Maggie: "I think itís time that we just get everything out in the open."

Yeah, Ďcause youíve been hiding it so well.

Ericaís Penthouse Ė Bianca hums about and around her Christmas Miracle Ė and itís a miracle we donít get to hear about it a third time Ė but canít quite get anything out.

Erica: "Who knows you better than I do? I can see the change in you, clear as day. [Ö] I didnít want to say anything you might possibly misconstrue as judgmental."

Oh, Erica: when it comes to you and judgments, there is no room to misconstrue anything.

Erica thinks Bianca is staying in town because of Lena and then, when Bianca tells her thatís not the case, Erica assumes sheís the reason Ė or maybe itís Kendall! Oh, wait, no: the trial! Oh, wait, no: itís the media attention!

Or maybe you could shut up and let your daughter talk. Put a sock in it, Erica.

Bianca: "Iím not the only one who has to face whatís happened."
Erica: "Well, who then honey, who? What are you talking about?"
Bianca: "The baby, mom: Iím talking about the baby."

I think Ė yes, Ericaís about to die.

Jar Jar Boobe Ė Yeah, Iím still not recapping this crappy Jamie/J.R./Babe/Paul NuVortexOfSuck Ė but I will say this: the guy who plays Paul? He makes the dude who plays J.R. look like a thespian by comparison.

Maggieís Bolero Ė No, really: what the h*** is that thing sheís wearing, a place mat for her rack?

Maggie: "Lena, what did you think would happen: Bianca and you would make up and I would just disappear?"

Door. To your right. Open it. Close it. Disappear.

Lena reminds Maggie that she and Bianca invited her to spend New Yearís Eve with them and the whole disappear-into-a-whole scenario just doesnít make any sense.

Maggie: "Bianca asked me, not you. You act like Iím in the way."

Bianca invited you on the spot because sheíd forgotten to tell you about her plans for you Ė see how much she cares? - and you are in the way.

Lena: "Thatís not my intent but, while weíre on the subject, do you treat me any better? You told me yourself you donít think Iím the right one for Bianca."
Maggie: "Well, Iím entitled to my own opinion."

Yeah, you are, but it would be appropriate to know just why it is that you hold that opinion, Maggie. Itís called disclosure: look it up.

Lena: "It doesnít make it any easier to hear. You donít think I deserve another chance?"

Whatís with the revisionist history? Last time I checked, Bianca was the one who had to ask for another chance when she f***** up and left Lena to rot in jail over the Photoshop!Bob fiasco. For Lena to ask for another chance is like saying, oh, that Evita Perón was a generous woman and a saint instead of the thieving Fascist that she actually was. Where was I? Oh, right: shut up, Lena. Maggie. Both of you!

Maggie: "Iím not the one who has to forgive you."
Lena: "No, youíre not. Bianca is Ė and she has. I know how much she values your friendship and I also know what itíll do to her if we donít find a way to get along."

Lena, sweetie, youíre not talking to an equal: can you break that down for Maggie and give her a snack in the middle?

Maggie: "My friendship with Bianca has nothing to do with you, Lena."

Oh good grief: are you paying any attention to this argument? Youíre the one who brought up your relationship with Bianca, you nitwit! And it matters! If Bianca and Lena do get back together and Bianca finally gets a clue that the two of you would rather eat roaches than be in the same room, whom do you think Bianca would choose, hum? You? Not a chance in h***. Lenaís trying to offer an armistice and I doubt sheíll do it again: if I were you, Iíd take it or Iíd start practicing the goodbye wave.

Maggie: "I was here way before you were."
Lena: "And youíll be here long after Iím gone, right? [Ö] Weíre supposed to be honest, right"
Maggie: "Yeah, right."

That means you, too, Maggie.

Lena: "Right then. Honestly, Iím not convinced that all you feel for Bianca is friendship."

Thank god thatís out. All we have to look forward to now is the denial. Yawn.

Ericaís Penthouse Ė Erica thinks the baby Bianca is referring to is Kendallís and, as gently as possible, reminds Bianca that "that baby doesnít exist."

You know, I had that same expression on my face when I was watching the Stolen Baby Jesus Christmas Miracle: itís enough to convert anyone to Buddhism. Oh, Iím sorry: was that insensitive?

Bianca: "Yes she does, and she deserves to have a chance for you to know her and to love her."

Ericaís eyes ask Jack to call Oak Heaven.

Bianca: "What Iím saying is that the baby is innocent no matter how she was conceived."
Erica: "Yes, of course."

Yeah, Ďcause weíre not talking about Kendall anymore, right?

Erica: "Look, Iím not sure that Iím really following you, but I want you to know that you are fortunate. You terminated that pregnancy and thank god youíll never, never, never have to know what itís like to carry that disgusting manís child."

Oh, Erica: shut up. Shut UP! Even if sheíd had the abortion, that soliloquy would still be repugnant!

Bianca: "What if there were no doubt that the father is Michael?"
Erica: "If that is the case, then I would never speak to her again."

Shut up!!!! And Bianca, you tool, you should have left the hypothetical mambo at home with Maggie: Erica would have flown off the roof, but I bet you anything sheíd have kept her reaction somewhat in check since you are you and not Kendall. It shouldnít matter, but it does to Erica Ė because she, too, is a tool. And Jack, you fine legal mind *burp* canít you add 2 and 2 and figure out Bianca is not talking about Kendallís baby?

The Lodge Ė Edmundís heart stops. Maria cries. Ryan shouts Ė because thatís what he does. Ryan, canít you do something useful and try to impale yourself on one of those branches?

Ericaís Penthouse Ė While Jack busies himself with his eyebrows without actually ever managing to catch a clue, Erica rambles on and on about how her "body was possessed" after she was raped.

Erica: "I didnít want to have that monsterís baby."
Bianca: "But Kendall does."
Erica: "It grew inside me like some kind of a tumor."

Erica, stop talking. Good god, youíre f****** grotesque and youíre not listening.

Erica: "Bianca, you know that I would do anything for you, anything, but please donít stand there and ask me to accept Michael Cambiasí child Ė because I couldnít."

Anything? Like not paying off her love interests to leave town? Like embracing her sexuality? Like not trying to get her lover deported? Like not referring to Kendall as a monster? Like allowing her to finish one d*** sentence before you decide you already know what sheís going to say? Oh, ok then.

Well, I guess this means no Jerica sex. D*** it.

Portiaís House Of Denials Ė Maggie Ė s***, Iím already tired of this and itís only been what? Five months? Ė says sheís not in love with Bianca.

Maggie: "Iím straight, Lena, ok? I like guys, I donít like girls and I donít like Bianca."

Well, Thomas has nothing on you, Maggie: he only denied three times. I always take people at their word when it comes to sexual orientation, so I guess Iíll take yours, too, at least until the next daydream, ok?

Lena: "Good, then you shouldnít have a problem with us seeing each other."

Donít play with the kidís logic, Lena: thatís just mean.

Maggie: "Well, my short-term memory isnít as good as yours."

Huh? What? Whuh? What does that mean?

Lena finally stands and casts her long, looming shadow over Maggie because Ė you know. And, also, sheís taller.

Lena: "Maggie, if youíre going to be like this every time Iím here, Iím just gonna have to arrange to see Bianca somewhere else."

Bwah! Yeah, threaten the friend with yanking the Binky privileges! And make her look like the unreasonable one! And the immature one! You know, like she really is.

Maggie: "No, sorry. This is her house: if she wants you here, of course youíre welcome."

Donít trip on the poison pen there, Maggie.

Lena: "Good, Iím glad we settled this."

Hum, Lena? Youíve not settled anything other than Biancaís right to choose her own friends. Iím just sayiní: you and Maggie chat about as well as Erica and Bianca do.

The Last Scenes Ė At Portiaís, Bianca tells Maggie and Lena that she was unable to tell Erica the truth.

Bianca: "If she ever did find out, it would kill her."

Like finding out about the rape did? Erica was more devastated that you didnít trust her enough to tell her, remember? Grow a spine, you tool.

Maggie reassures her that both she and Lena understand why Bianca has chosen to have the baby, but Bianca walks past her, right into Lenaís arms and bursts into tears. Of course, we get to see Maggieís reaction to it as opposed to the embrace itself: god forbid we should actually see Bianca crying in Lenaís arms. Stupid b*******.

At the penthouse, Jack and Erica are subpoenaed to testify for the prosecution. Theyíll be stellar, STELLAR!

At the hospital, Edmund is rushed in and Maria is kept out of the "cubicle." Sheís ok until she notices she has his blood on her hands and Ė hang on: Iíve been ignoring this whole thing the entire time, why start now? Iím done: go home, everybody.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Jack tells Erica the prosecution expects she will incriminate Kendall; J.R. wants to hit Jamie; Juan Pablo feels nothing; Maria thinks Edmund is a miracle.


From Kym
From what I can see, the only triangle that exists is in Maggie's head. I suspect Lena has only taken note of it because she still has some residual corporate shark instincts left in her. Lena obviously sees Maggie more as potential hindrance than actual rival

From Black Knight
I think Lena doesn't want Maggie running to Bianca with complaints about how Lena's being mean, mean, mean! (Sorry, I've been reading old DAYS quotes) She's always really careful to not sound catty or b***** to Maggie whenever Bianca is there. Of course, as commented previously, lines like "You're too sensitive" and "Sounds like you're speaking from experience" really were. Snerk.

And what's this crap about wanting a chance?

Oh, I understand that fine. Lena's tied to Michael, and Michael raped Bianca. Wait, don't throw rocks. I'm not saying it was Lena's fault, anymore than it was Kendall's fault. Michael's the only one to blame. But Michael targeted Bianca because of Lena. I'm sure Lena already realizes that, and if she knew about how damn often Michael had brought her up that night to Bianca...Bianca has never talked about just how many times Michael did that, to anyone. But the resentment of Bianca taking Lena away, plus the "replacement" vibe, was really strong that night. And frankly, I could understand it if a rape victim wasn't able to get back together with her girlfriend under those kinds of circumstances. I mean, it could really poison things. Michael fucked with Bianca's head so badly. The thoughts of "what if I just hadn't gotten involved with Lena?" would be so easy (so would "if I had a choice, would I choose never having met Lena or not being raped?"). Maggie said it point-blank, and it drove Lena to suicide. Honestly, I'm kind of amazed we haven't heard Bianca express anything like that, ever, just as venting, getting some of the more unfair feelings out of her system, in regards to her relationship with Lena, like she did when she screamed at Kendall before the wedding. And personally, I'm not sure I could ever feel the same way about a relationship again that had opened the door for that kind of pain and anguish, even though it's not the other person's fault. More power to Bianca for being able to, but I guess that's also why she's able to have this baby.

Mystic0, as usual I've just read the PBP right now, but certainly no surprise where Erica was concerned...and did I call the soap cliche of "character interrupts other character by declaring she knows exactly what the other character is about to say" or what? In real life, does anyone ever do this? I can't imagine how aggravating I'd find it to know someone who does. I'd probably end up saying, "Since you know what I'm going to say so well, why don't I just leave and you can have entirely imaginary conversations with me for the rest of your life?"

From SkiffyPup
I did enjoy the show today. Lena came off much more confrontational on the show than in the [play by play]. She pinned Maggie with a laser question, declaration, or stare and watched the little midget fashion victim passive/agressive juvenile squirm.

I laughed at the end too. Only not. What *sshair director would rather a shot of nonreaction goldfish Maggie rather than the incredible drama of Bianca crying in Lena's arms? I CANNOT believe we didn't get to see all of that just to get another goldfish shot. Maggie has got to go. She's a drama killer.

From Bo
The discussion between Maggie and Lena was just so much filler bulls***. They didn't really make anything clear except that Lena loves and supports Bianca, whatever she decides and Maggie likes guys. Wow! What a revelation!

From Kym
I thought the big understanding made during that conversation was that Lena could visit Bianca at the apartment and not be limited to the Pine Valley Inn, the boat house on the banks of the Mighty Pine Valley River, Lanview, or Prague.

From Skiffypup
They also established that Lena is a mature adult who is willing to work something out and get along with Maggie for Bianca's sake ... and that Maggie is a hostile, jealous, unfair, cruel, juvenile tool with hypocritical ethical values on par with her cousin David.

For instance, when Lena brought up that Maggie was invited for New Years and that they never exclude her, Maggie HAD to snark that Bianca was the one that invited her. True Magster; but, Lena did give an encouraging 'c'mon, it'll be fun.' type comment and tried to make you feel included. Guess she gets no points for that! Considering how Maggie treated Lena at Thanksgiving, I think Lena is the one with the right to be a hostile tool. Instead, she is behaving like an admirable and loving person who is warm and inclusive of Maggie for Bianca's sake.

From Kym
But I suspect Lena's acting like "a mature adult who is willing to work something out and get along with Maggie for Bianca's sake", at least in part, because she realizes that she really has nothing to fear from Maggie as a rival. She could consume Maggie and spit her out in a nanosecond (and Maggie wouldn't even know what hit her), but I am now of the opinion that Lena does not see Maggie as an actual rival, but as a hindrance, one that she cannot dispose of efficiently because that hindrance is the pet of her object of adoration. And you ALWAYS have to humor the pet of your significant other or who you want to be your significant other. This is supported by Lena basically telling Maggie that the only say Maggie has in Lena's life is determining whether Lena could see Bianca in the apartment. Anything else was irrelevant. Lena let Maggie know that she was going to see Bianca, and she would even use her Lena-wiles to take Bianca out of Pine Valley if Maggie got even more possessive as to Lena-welcome spaces. And Lena knows that she has a lot of influence on Bianca; I think she's figured out one thing about the Kane gene -- you just hang around the Kane you are targeting, show more loyalty than a lapdog to them, and then you get your special treats thrown to you throughout the year. And every now and then, you get to actually tell them something true and they do not bite your head off for saying it. Maggie has been getting a free ride from the rape incident for so long, that she has forgotten the rules of diligence in Kane woman maintenance. I was reading some past transcripts and Opal and Jack were trying to explain to Bianca that she just has to humor Erica because, truly, the world did revolve around Erica (and for Lena and Maggie, it will be Bianca, the next generation Kane), from the 08/18/2000 episode:

Opal: Well, no matter how it may look, your mother is trying hard in her own way to understand everything that's happened.
Bianca: Why does everything have to be on her terms?
Opal: It just does, that's all. With Erica Kane, you got to make allowances.
Jack: Well, God knows I've had to in my time.
Opal: I don't know why that should be, but it is. And you know something? It is worth it because there is nobody that is as loyal and can love as deeply as your mama.
Jack: Opal's absolutely right. So if you can just make up your mind to meet her halfway, Honey --
Opal: Or halfway and, you know, maybe a little smidgen more.
Jack: Like Opal says. If you can do that, I will be there to support you any way I can, ok?

This conversation is pretty amazing...two co-dependents recruiting a third!

Anyways, Erica has these people on an emotional blackmail lease. It is perhaps Bianca's destiny to do the same with Maggie and Lena? Kendall is sure doing it with most the males in town already.


From CookieOK, "Re: AVP Lunch II - Olga (Pt. 2); Special Events", 01/22/04, 7:14am PST, Sosnovska Symposium
"I told Olga that all us Liancalites laaaaaahved the scene at the end of the New Year's evening when Bianca returns from trying to tell her mother about keeping the baby. I said we all cheered when Bianca rushes right in front of Maggie and into Lena's arms for comfort. She said she felt it was too bad that with some fans their negative feelings for Maggie sometimes dribbled over into their view of Elizabeth. We asked about the triangle, and she said it is happening."

From susanneme, "Re: London Audition; 2nd AVP Lunch; Special Events", 1/17/04, 11:49pm PST, Sosnovska Symposium, http://pub4.ezboard.com/fsosnovskasymposiumfrm30.showMessageRange?topicID=124.topic&start=61&stop=80
"On the triangle she [Sosnovska] said it seems to go back and forth one scene for the bammers one scene for the lianca fans. She mentioned feeling bad that liz [Hendrickson "Maggie"] seems to be getting some backlash for her characters actions"


This parody is by LizzieT.

Lena had some questions for Maggie.
Lena: Do you have a problem with me Maggie?
Maggie: No. I just want you to know that I'm Bianca's bestest ever best friend and you're not.
Lena: No, I'm her girlfriend - or at least I hope to be again.
Maggie: Well bestest ever best friends are better than girlfriends. Nanny nanny boo boo.
Lena: Are you sure you're not having feelings for Bianca that aren't bestest ever best friend feelings?
Maggie: No way. I'm straight. Remember Henry?
Lena: I've actually tried to block that storyline out of my mind.
Maggie: Me too. But I'm still straight. I just have really bad taste in men.

Babe found Jamie in her bedroom.
Jamie: The baby is mine.
Babe: No it isn't.
Lizzie: I think I'll go make a sandwich.

Bianca tried to talk to Erica.
Bianca: Mom I have something to tell you.
Erica: And I know just what it is. You don't have to say a word.
Bianca: I....
Erica: You're back with Lena aren't you?
Bianca: No, I....
Erica: OK, you're with Maggie. I can live with that. Of course I'll have to do something about her wardrobe but I can live with that.
Bianca: That's not it either. I'm staying in Pine Valley for someone very important.
Baby: You got that right. I'm the most important person on this show.
Erica: Oh Bianca. You don't have to stay because of me even if I am the most important person on this show.
Baby: Her! What a diva!
Erica: I think it would be better if you weren't here for Kendall's trial.
Bianca: I want to be. And I want to talk to you about her baby.
Erica: I don't believe Kendall is really having a baby. I think it's all some convoluted scheme dreamed up to annoy the audience.
Bianca: But what if she is? Can't you forget about who the father is and just love the baby? It would be your grandchild.
Erica: :::clunk:::: Absolutely not.
Baby: Don't be so sure Grandma. I'll bet you adore me once you get to know me.
Bianca: Then I guess I'm leaving.
Jack: I'll walk you to the elevator. Bianca, are you sure there isn't something else you were going to say?
Bianca: No. I'll just go back to being sad and secretive.
Baby: Yeah. No chance of any of these plots actually making any progress. By the way, what time is it? And what day is it? I'm confused. Did I miss the Fiesta Bowl? I had 50 bucks on LSU.
Erica: Did she tell you anything else?
Jack: No. She just went back to being sad and secretive.
Extra: Are you Erica Kane?
Jack: No. Sorry, she's a lot shorter.
Extra: Not you. Her.
Erica: Am I Erica Kane? Have you been living under a rock?
Extra: I have a subpoena for you.
Erica: Erica Kane? Never heard of her.

Krystal found Jamie with Babe.
Krystal: The baby is JR's.
Jamie: The baby is mine.
Babe: No it isn't.
Lizzie: I'm still hungry. I wonder if there's any pizza left in the fridge.

There was a lot of action up at the lodge.
Jose: All right girls, where are the guys?
Greenlee: Ask Kendall. She's always got at least two of them stashed somewhere.
Kendall: Me? You're the one who was in bed with Ryan the last time I checked.
Mia: But you were in bed with Aidan and Ryan both so don't play innocent.
Jose: Nice try girls but trying to put me to sleep by rehashing last week's episodes won't work.
Greenlee: Then let's play Charlie's Angels. One...
Kendall: Two....
Mia: Uh....uh....
Greenlee: Three you idiot!
Mia: Oh yeah, three!
Greenlee: Wow, we did it again. Maybe we should have been bounty hunters instead of cosmetics moguls.
Kendall: It probably would have been just as believable.

JR found Paul at the hospital.
JR: Stay away from Babe.
Paul: I'm trying but my other soap keeps dropping me off over here and leaving without me.
Lizzie: Ice cream. Some ice cream would hit the spot just now.

Extra: :::bang::::
Edmund: Hold it! Didn't I get shot yesterday?
Extra: Yes. But it was so good we wanted to do it again.
Edmund: Easy for you to say::::clunk::::
Maria: Edmund! No! Don't leave me! I'll never get a storyline if you die!
Aidan: Whot appened ere?
Maria: He's been shot. It looks like a spinal wound.
Aidan: Blimey! Oi sense a paralysis storyline coming on.
Maria: Oh no! I can't feel his heart beating.
Aidan: Oi think that's is belly button.
Maria: Ooops. I was out of medicine for a long time you know.
Aidan: Oi'll go get elp. Yew stigh ere and tike care of the poor bloke.
Ryan: I'll help. Do you need me to take off my shirt and make a tourniquet?
Maria: I don't think so.
Ryan: Rats. Then I'm basically useless.

Jamie punched Paul.
Paul: I suppose you want me to stay away from Babe.
Jamie: No. I just want you off of our soap.
Lizzie: After all this food I need to brush my teeth.

Aidan ran to the lodge.
Aidan: I need this toboggan. Edmund as been shawt.
Mia: And you're taking him sledding? Don't you think building a snowman might be a little less strenuous?
Aidan: We need this tew mewve im. Come on everyone. It's toim to wrap up this lodge storyline.
Maria: His heart has stopped. I have to do CPR. push:::push::::sob::::sob:::: It isn't working.:::push:::push::::
Aidan: Oi think that's is belly button again.
Maria: Ooops. I keep getting that mixed up. push:::push::::: We have to get him to a hospital.
Ryan: Right. We'll move him on the count of three. Ready...one...
PPKAJP: Dos.....
Mia: Four!
Maria: Let's go!

At the hospital:
Doctor: I'll handle everything. You just stay in the hall and have hysterics.
Maria: Edmund! Edmund! :::sob::::sob::::We finally get a little screen time and this is what happens::::sob:::sob:::::
PFKAJP: In my country we do not show such emotion - or at least that's what I keep telling my acting coach.


Just to not make Maggie uncomfortable, Lena and Bianca hug like straight girls hug

Lena scores another hug!...


Maggie: You know what? I think it's time that we just get everything out in the open.
Lena: I couldn't agree more. Lena: I also know what it'll do to her if we can't find a way to get along.
Maggie: My friendship with Bianca has nothing to do with you, Lena. I mean, I was here way before you were.
Lena: Oh, and you'll be here way after I'm gone, right?

Maggie: My short-term memory isn't as good as yours.

Lena: I'm not convinced that all you feel for Bianca is friendship.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Maggie states that it's time for her and Lena to talk turkey]

[amc040107a starts]
Maggie: You know, this is taking a while. You don't have to wait around.
Lena: That's all right. I told Bianca I'd be here when she gets back.
Maggie: Well, it could take hours.
Lena: I don't mind. Unless you'd like me to leave so you can get some rest?
Maggie: No, no, it's -- it's ok. I mean, I'm not going to sleep until she gets home, anyway.
Lena: I guess if that textbook doesn't put you out, nothing will, huh?
Maggie: Read the same page six times.
Lena: You never answered my question.
Maggie: Does it really matter what I think?
Lena: Matters to Bianca. Telling Erica about the baby is a huge decision for her, and you don't -- you disagree with it.
Maggie: Right, and you don't.
Lena: No, I don't. I think it would be good for Bianca to get this whole thing out in the open.
Maggie: Do you know what Erica's reaction is going to be when she finds out? I mean, come on, she was all about Bianca terminating this pregnancy.
Lena: That was never Erica's decision to make.
Maggie: It doesn't matter. It's everything that Erica doesn't want for bianca. She's going to freak out. And then Bianca's just going to make sure that Erica's ok rather than taking care of herself.
Lena: I don't think so. Bianca said the baby's her priority now.
Maggie: Well, yeah, that's what she says, but what about when Erica refuses to even look at this child?
Lena: I think you're getting way ahead of yourself, Maggie.
Maggie: No, I'm not. It's going to be just like when Bianca was first raped. That's why she shouldn't say anything. Our trip was never the issue.
Lena: I really don't think you should worry. I will personally make sure that Bianca takes time out for herself, no matter what Erica says.
Maggie: Oh, really? And what about me? I live with her. I'm her best friend.
Lena: I'm not shutting you out. I just think that you have enough going on already with your studies and everything.
Maggie: Oh, please. My studies. Like this isn't the opportunity that you've been wait for, Lena.
Lena: My only concern is Bianca's well-being.
Maggie: Is it really?
Lena: You don't believe that?
Maggie: You know what? I think it's time that we just get everything out in the open.
Lena: I couldn't agree more.

***** (clip b) [Erica thinks that Bianca and Lena have gotten back together]

Jack: So what -- what made you change your mind about europe?
Bianca: A lot of things. Um -- most of it is in my head. I'm sorry. I know that I'm being vague. It's kind of hard to explain this.
Erica: Well, honey, you were so excited about spending your semester abroad.
Bianca: I know, but I can go to europe another time.
Erica: Well, so, was it maggie? Did she back out, so that's why you're not going?
Bianca: This has nothing to do with maggie.
Erica: Well, then I don't understand.
Jack: Just let bianca talk.
Erica: Oh, of course. I'm sorry. Go ahead, honey.
Bianca: Well, I had -- I had kind of a wake-up call on christmas eve. And I don't really know how to explain this, but it opened my eyes to a lot of things that I hadn't wanted to face before.
Erica: Like what?
Bianca: My life -- where it's going, what it's going to be like, who I'm going to be.
Jack: Sweetheart, you know, throughout this whole ordeal, you have handled yourself with such grace, such dignity. I mean, you -- you've truly been astonishing.
Bianca: Well, thank you, but it's not over. And if I went to europe now, then I would just be running away.
Erica: Oh, no. Honey, no one ever thought that, certainly not your uncle jack and me. We never thought that.
Bianca: I know that, and you've been great. I love you so much. And -- um -- actually, that's part of the reason why I made this decision.
Erica: Oh, honey, don't tell me that you're staying here because you're worried about us because, really, your uncle jack and I are -- we're working things out.
Bianca: I know that you are. I know that you're going to be fine. I never lost faith in that. But -- actually, there's someone else, someone even more important, and they need me to stay here.
Erica: Honey, who else is there?
Erica: It's ok, sweetheart. I'm going to make this a lot easier for you. I know why you're not going to europe.
Bianca: You know?
Erica: Of course I do. I mean, who knows you better than I do? I can see the change in you clear as day.
Bianca: So then why didn't you say anything?
Erica: Well, I didn't want to say anything that you might possibly mistakenly construe as judgmental.
Bianca: You know, mom, I don't know what you're talking about.
Erica: You and lena. Honey, I see how close you've gotten.
Bianca: Mom, lena and I aren't in a relationship.
Erica: I thought that you had reached a new understanding.
Bianca: Well, yes, we -- we have been spending more time together -- and that's wonderful -- but, really, lena is not the reason that I'm staying.
Erica: Then it is because of me, because I said that I didn't want you to go to europe?
Bianca: No, mom, please --
erica: No, honey, please listen to me. I was wrong. I was being selfish. I didn't want you to go to europe because I didn't want to part with you, but I made a mistake, honey. And now -- I mean, now with kendall's trial about to start, honey, I really think that this distance might just be the best thing for you.
Bianca: So you don't want me at kendall's trial?
Jack: Well, your mother's afraid, and, frankly, I share her concern in this that -- honey, there are going to be a lot of graphic details brought out at this trial.
Bianca: Yeah, I know. I'm prepared for that.
Jack: Are you? Are you also prepared for all the media attention you're going to get? Because if you stay here, it's going to be almost impossible to avoid.
Bianca: Well, I don't want to avoid it. I want to face it. That's the only way that I'm going to be able to put this behind me.
Jack: I see. Now, you listen to me, because I want you to think -- and I mean very carefully -- about what you're about to get yourself into.
Bianca: I have. But I'm not the only one who has to face what's happened.
Erica: But who, honey? Who? Who are you talking about?
Bianca: The baby, mom. I'm talking about the baby.

***** (clip c) [Lena thinks there's more than friendship motivating Maggie]

[amc040107c starts]
Maggie: Lena, what did you think would happen? Bianca and you would make up and, what, I'd just disappear?
Lena: Maggie, where is this coming from? Nobody is asking you to disappear. We invited you to spend new year's eve with us.
Maggie: No, Bianca asked me, not you. You act like I'm in the way.
Lena: I'm sorry, that's not what I intend. But while we're on the subject, do you treat me any better? You told me yourself you don't think I'm the right woman for Bianca.
Maggie: Well, I'm entitled to my own opinion.
Lena: Well, it doesn't make it any easier to hear. You don't think I deserve another chance?
Maggie: I'm not the one who has to forgive you.
Lena: No, you're not. Bianca is, and she has. I know how much she values your friendship, and I also know what it'll do to her if we can't find a way to get along.
Maggie: My friendship with Bianca has nothing to do with you, lena. I mean, I was here way before you were.
Lena: Oh, and you'll be here way after I'm gone, right?
Maggie: Yeah, if that's the way it goes. I mean, if you guys ran off to a deserted island, I mean, I'd still be her best friend.
Lena: We're supposed to be honest, right?
Maggie: Yeah. Right.
Lena: All right, then. Honestly, I'm not convinced that all you feel for Bianca is friendship.

***** (clip d) [Maggie confirms to Lena that she's straight and has no romantic interest in Bianca]

[amc040107d starts]
Maggie: You think I'm interested in Bianca?
Lena: I think you have feelings for her that are --
Maggie: Of course I have feelings for her. She's my best friend.
Lena: So you keep saying.
Maggie: Well, you seem to think it's something else.
Lena: You said yourself you love her.
Maggie: I love her. Of course I love her. But I'm not in love with her. Where do you get that? I'm straight, Lena, ok? I like guys. I don't like girls, and I don't like Bianca.
Lena: Good, then you shouldn't have a problem with us seeing each other.
Maggie: Well, my short-term memory isn't as good as yours.
Lena: Maggie, if you're going to be like this every time I'm here, I'm just going to have to arrange to see Bianca somewhere else -- at my place or outside of Pine Valley altogether.
Maggie: No, it's all right. I mean, this is her house. If she wants you here, of course you're welcome.
Lena: Good. I'm glad we settled that.
Maggie: Yeah, me, too.
Lena: I'm staying until Bianca gets back. She'll need our support, whichever way it goes with Erica.

***** (clip e) [Bianca goes to Lena for comfort after her meeting with Erica]

[amc040107e starts]
Bianca: I couldn't tell her. You were right. The truth would just devastate her. She would never be able to see my child for who she really is.
Maggie: I'm so sorry.
Bianca: If she ever did find out, it would kill her. She would never understand why --
Maggie: We understand. It's ok, we understand.
Lena: It's ok. It'll be ok.

***** (clip f) [Erica thinks there's more than going on than Bianca getting back together with Lena]

Erica: Something else is going on with bianca, something beyond her decision not to go to europe or a second chance with lena. Did she say anything to you?
Jack: No. No, she didn't.
Erica: But you know I'm right?
Jack: I think if there is something else, bianca will come to us in her own time.
Erica: Jack, what are we supposed to do until then?
Jack: We wait.
Erica: I don't know if I can do that.
Jack: We wait and we trust bianca, ok?
Erica: Jack, bianca's sudden compassion for kendall -- kendall, who is just pretending to be pregnant with this man's baby -- I mean, how could she have these feelings? How can -- how can bianca feel that way? I don't understand.
Jack: Well, maybe that just means we can learn something from this.
[Knock on door]
Jack: Maybe this is her. Hi. May I help you?
Man: Are you erica kane?
Erica: Yes, I am.
Man: And are you jackson montgomery?
Jack: That would be me. And those are --
man: I got a twofer. You've been served.
Erica: We've been subpoenaed?
Jack: Yes, to testify at kendall's trial. And, oh, look at this, more fun. We've been summoned to testify for the prosecution.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040107a.mpg (18.5m; 1:48) Maggie states that it's time for her and Lena to talk turkey
amc040107c.mpg (12m; 1:11) Lena thinks there's more than friendship motivating Maggie
amc040107d.mpg (10m; 0:59) Maggie confirms to Lena that she's straight and has no romantic interest in Bianca
amc040107e.mpg (7.2m; 0:42) Bianca goes to Lena for comfort after her meeting with Erica

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