Whoosh! Lena does not mind so much because she knows she will always have pizza delivery to fall back on
Maggie gets to hug Bianca this time

Lena Kundera

January 16, 2004

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 01/20/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone


Lena visits Bianca bringing a pizza; she tries to teach BIanca how to do the Hustle; all three attempt the Macarena; Lena and Maggie get to feel the baby; Bianca has another Michael nightmare and hugs Maggie this time


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Lena and Maggie try to take Bianca's mind off the impending trial.

From About All My Children

Maggie goes home to find Bianca reading the headline about Kendall's trial starting tomorrow. She says Kendall's going to be fine-they're all going to be there to support her. Bianca says her Uncle Jack was here, and he knows about the baby. Maggie is stunned she told him, but Bianca explains he saw the signs and figured it out. She sighs she was tired of lying to him, and wonders aloud, "What have I done?" It's like everyone she loves is standing on the edge of a cliff, and if one thing goes wrong, they'll all fall right over. Everyone thinks Kendall did it, and there's so much evidence against her! Maggie insists she has great backup and will be fine, and will spoil her little niece to death! Bianca thinks it will be much easier to tell her mom she's still pregnant once she knows Kendall's safe. Someone knocks at the door and Maggie says that must be the pizza she ordered on the way home. She's surprised to see it's Lena, who explains she saw the pizza boy outside, so she thought she'd deliver the food and the entertainment. She knew Bianca would be anxious about Kendall, and thought she could use a distraction. She does some fancy dance moves and asks what they think? Bianca thinks she's lost her mind!

Lena laughs that Bianca once said she liked The Hustle, and this is her chance to learn. They dance until Bianca collapses with laughter; Maggie turns off the music and suggests this isn't such a good idea-she could get hurt! Lena laughs she shouldn't be such a square! She did some research for tonight to get the full experience, so Maggie should move to the groove! Bianca agrees she shouldn't be such a downer, let it hang out! Maggie agrees she's hep, but can they not Hustle? She suggests her favorite, the Macarena, and they all dance until Bianca is too pooped to pop. Lena tells her to put her feet up while she heats the pizza, and Maggie agrees she'll make a salad with her special dressing. As they head to the kitchen area, Bianca exclaims, "Whoa!" Lena and Maggie rush to her side, afraid she overdid it, but Bianca says it's the baby-that was a real kick! She takes Lena's and Maggie's hands and puts them to her stomach so they can feel the baby...

Bianca dozes on the sofa, but wakes up with a start and says she had the same nightmare again-Michael was in it!"

From Soap Slut

Meanwhile, all is quiet on the gay front. Lena and Naggie put aside their differences to cheer Bianca up on Trial Eve. Lena suggests dancing and starts doing The Hustle. Hee. With the exception of clothes, All Things ‘70s go right over Naggie’s head and she suggests the Macarena. Please God, no. That’s been blessedly dead for over five years and I’m happ—s***. They’re doing the Macarena. All three of them.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • Ryan medicates Kendall.
  • Mary doesn’t do shame.
  • The Macarena gets a makeover.
  • Adam makes a deal with Dr. Castro.
  • Jack defies modern technology.
  • Lena stands in the way.
  • *ssHat does Thriller.

The Set-Up – At Ryan’s, Kendall is sorry about everything, but not as sorry as I am to see a perfectly good opportunity to ogle Kendall wasted on that horrible, horrible slip. Dress. Nightie. Thing. Oh, and on FrankenBrow.

At Adam’s, J.R. is arrested and Mary toasts to her sporty handcuffs.

Still sitting on the most uncomfortable rocking chair that ever rocked, Bianca tells Maggie that, because of her lies, everyone she loves is on the edge of a cliff. Here, I’ll help you push…you know.

Calamity Jane Weeps – Lena delivers pizza and charades the Hustle.

Wow: white people really can’t dance: Lena and Elaine Benis must have traded notes at the dancing for spastics convention. God, I wish I were drugged and in a coma right about now. Well, at least the hair is back. Sorta. Maybe Bianca could f*** it up a little. Hee. Oh, sorry. And the belly, the belly! Thank god for low rider jeans. Growr.

Erica’s Penthouse – Erica , still in her shifting sands of doom leather pants, is worried about the upcoming trial and about Reggie and Bianca.

Jack: "I will take care of Reggie and Bianca and Kendall."

They’re all going to jail, aren’t they? And all of them will end up in the men’s prison!

Ryan’s Timeshare – Kendall tells Ryan that she was wrong to mistrust him and now understands he’s done all that he has only to protect her; she knows he’s a good man and wants to prove to him that he can trust her. They agree to ask each other a few questions and to answer them truthfully or they’ll gain a pound for each lie they tell.

Kendall: "Ok. What are you thinking about right now?"
Ryan: "This floor is kind of hard and right now I’m wishing that I had bought a bed. […] so that I could make love to you all night long. Do you believe me? Do I pass?"

All night? You’re wearing a dream catcher around your neck, aren’t you?

Calamity Jane Was a Hustler – Lena leads the, huh, dance, but Bianca misses the turn and falls onto the couch.

Maggie: "Are you all right? Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea."

Why, because you didn’t come up with it? Bianca is on the couch, you tool: she didn’t fall out of a boat.

Lena: "Come on Maggie: don’t be such a square."

Nah, she needs one more side for that. Oh, wait: she’d need three.

Lena: "I researched for tonight to get the full experience so – don’t snap your cap, Maggie. Get down to it and move to the groove."

You’re stoned, right?

Bianca: "Yeah, Maggie: don’t be such a downer. Let it hang out."

Yeah. Bianca? Your slang is about half as good as your pool dancing – and we all know how painful that was to watch.

Erica’s Penthouse – While Seal’sLoneliest Star plays on, Jack helps Erica imagine that they’re really dancing on a balcony in France.

Jack: "[…] And the breeze is heavy with jasmine and the moonlight is spilling on our shoulders…"

Oh, god: you’re dancing naked? I swear I was ok until that bit.

Adam’s Fighters – Opal, Marian, Krystal and Liza bicker over men – and Tad – while Mary blissfully itemizes a list of her own shortcomings and then chokes on a grape.

In Adam’s office, all the men – and Tad – accuse each other of trying to use Erica as a human shield.

I’m in international relations and I can think of at least 43 nations where using Erica as a human shield would not only be legal, but encouraged.

The Equality Parade – At the penthouse, Jack and Erica challenge the doorbell and try to make out one more time.

You’re so gutsy. How hard do you think it would be to pick Erica up? She weighs, what, 5 lbs more than air?

On the floor, FrankenBrow and Kendall have sex and I fall into a deep, irreversible coma. Unfortunately, my eyes remain open.

At Calamity’s, Lena, Maggie and Bianca do the Macarena and make me long for the long-gone days of then-Ambassador Madeline Albright on the floor of the United Nations leading the other Diplomats into that infernal dance. Maddie, I never should have sent you that mocking note: I take it all back.

Bianca throws herself on the couch and KickingVolderBabyBelly triangulates. Ah, babies: they bring everybody together, even young, confused, trolls.

The Last Scenes – At Calamity’s, Bianca wakes from her *ssHat-infested nightmare; trying to reach Bianca first, Maggie crashes into Lena. Aww, is there an obstacle in your way, midgy?

At the penthouse, Erica hears thunder. Like that night! When she was 14! With Richard Fields! And then Bianca! Last summer! At Myrtle’s! The thunder! And the rain! And the – oh, whatevercakes.

Erica: "A storm is coming."
Jack: "I think maybe that was the sound of you rocking my world, sweetheart."

Jack, you cheesy lump of dweeb! I don’t know how you can say that s*** and still manage not to make me cranky.

At the timeshare, FrankenBrow speaks but Kendall’s naked knee is far more eloquent. Oh, sure: we get naked Kryan crap but not naked Kaidan sex? Pfft. Had my head exploded at the deliciousness of it all, I could have gotten another one!

At the cemetery, Zombie!Michael makes it past the trash. I hope AMC paid John Landis for this Thriller rip-off and I hope Michael Jackson got 100 bucks out of the deal: I hear he needs the money for blank tapes.

NEXT WEEK ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Michael visits a few dreams.


From SkiffyPup
... that was the best impression of Elaine on Seinfeld I have seen ... since Bianca on the pool table!

Bianca is right. You HAVE lost you mind, Lena. Turn the music on first. I am 9 minutes in to this [episode] and I am laughing my a** off. maggie rhetorical question followed by Lena entrance... another Seinfeldian moment.

From Black Knight
Olga had on a dark, deep blue top--the color looked gorgeous on her. Her hair's a bit too long, though. And I didn't know anyone still danced the macarena...I had to snicker when Bianca woke up from her nightmare and Maggie crashed into Lena in her rush to get to Bianca first. Lena, next time just raise your foot and stomp her flat.

...to the murder [story line] dragging out too long. It started off really strong--I just adored the first two weeks in particular--and then it lost steam. First off, it took too long for the body to be found, and second off, it took too long for Kendall to be arrested, and third off, it took too long for the trial to start. Hopefully the trial will go pretty quickly, and it could be rather entertaining, what with Judge Lampert, Livia, Kendall, Forehead DA, and Tarzan.

From Mystic
Speaking of Lena, I did find it rather amusing that she researched the 'entertainment', right down to the funkadelic, hip cat speak. Yeah, it might have been awful, but it reminded me of the good ol' days of Lena and her anal little "Lianca does Europe" itinerary. (Hmm, that sentence sounds oddly suggestive despite being a non-Kinks sentence. Huh. Not intentional, folks.) It was also good to see Lena is going to be inviting herself over anytime she feels like it. Hee! Maggie will be sooooo happy.

I still don't quite get what they're doing with the Maggie part of the triangle. Being irritating doesn't seem to be making Bianca notice Maggie except to tell her to shut up or, at best, include Maggie whenever she happens to think of it. Lena got in a dig or two though. Hee! Poor Maggie, no one wuvs you.

... Olga [Sosnovska] can outmove Elaine and Bianca.

Which brings me to something that's been bugging the h*** outta me. Eden [Riegel], and I know at this point it is highly unbelievable, can actually dance. I know because I've seen her do it at an appearance. (And by 'I', I mean a 'friend'. 'Cause *I* certainly wouldn't time visiting my dear friends in NYC around soap events. Nope, not me.) So, given my friend's (who is *not* me) intel, I can only speculate that Bianca's lack of dancing ability must be some weird acting choice. Or that Eden's downing some X at her appearances. Something, man.

From Black Knight
Good point, Mystic, about Lena's anal-retentive side. Must be that finance background. I don't think I've ever met a CFO who wasn't like that.

It was also good to see Lena is going to be inviting herself over anytime she feels like it. Hee! Maggie will be sooooo happy.

Hee. Yeah, Lena's definitely making a play for territory. Now that Bianca's staying in town, what with her short-term lease things are much more up in the air. She can't stay in that studio with Maggie and a baby, and Lena knows it. That said, I won't be terribly surprised if Bianca moves in with Kendall instead--all Kinks jokes aside, people! She isn't ready to live with Lena, she sure as h*** doesn't want to live at Erica's even when they are on good terms, and she won't want to live alone either. Factor in that Mommy!Kendall--er, Auntie!Kendall will want as much time as possible with the baby anyway, and I can see her insisting Bianca move in with her for a while. That'd be amusing because they could snark on each other's dates. All this is, of course, assuming that La Kane doesn't pull some baby switch s*** that negates Bianca needing to move anywhere.

... I know after the infamous barroom dance, someone gave Eden [Riegel] a how-to-dance video. Was the appearance your friend saw her before that episode?

I also know that many times dancing scenes are actually taped with no music, so that the dialogue will record. Soaps don't do dubbing, so it's not an option the way it is with films where they can just bring the actors in the studio to record any lines that didn't come across clearly when they did the scenes originally. So that could explain the bad dancing of Eden [Riegel], Olga [Sosnovska] and Liz [Hendrickson] as well.

From Mystic
Dude, [Lena] really is [definitely making a play for territory]. Maggie may not realize it but I think her antagonism is spurring Lena on. Bianca's being nothing but welcoming, so the fact that Mags is trying to push Lena out has got to be bringing out Lena's "Oh h*** no!" competitive nature. It would mine. I do wonder how Lena and Mighty Mouse are gonna settle this. I just don't see Lena letting herself get pushed around too much. Since Bianca clearly doesn't wish her to, I doubt Lena will go quietly into that good night without a h***uva fight. Dear God, I'm rhyming.

From Black Knight
I agree, Maggie's been pushing Lena, so Lena's pushing back, and doing a much better job of it than Maggie. Of course, it helps that she's a lot subtler about it. In particular, she doesn't contradict Bianca when Bianca tries to include Maggie, instead she throws her own insincere invitation in. So right now Bianca thinks the problem is entirely on Maggie's end, and she doesn't want to dig into it too much, not that Maggie would tell her the truth anyway. Hee.

Maggie uses a sledgehammer to make a place for herself in Binks' life (which never goes over well with Bianca). Lena goes the "water" route...she just sort of pours herself into every open crack she can find. Soon Bianca's probably going to feel like she's living with two people.


From susanneme, "2nd AVP Lunch; Special Events", 1/17/04, 6:23pm PST, Sosnovska Symposium, http://pub4.ezboard.com/fsosnovskasymposiumfrm30.showMessageRange?topicID=124.topic&start=61&stop=80
"Although neither Laura or I had seen Friday's dancing scenes Olga [Sosnovska] says her dancing was choreographed, not "her own moves" ....so she had to dance like "Sinatra" oops she meant Travolta LOL!"

From susanneme, "Re: London Audition; 2nd AVP Lunch; Special Events", 1/17/04, 11:49pm PST, Sosnovska Symposium, http://pub4.ezboard.com/fsosnovskasymposiumfrm30.showMessageRange?topicID=124.topic&start=61&stop=80
"We told her [Sosnoska] how everyone is concerned that we have not seen Lena's apartment. She [Sosnovska] joked that she thinks Lena lives in Bianca's hallway...and that she expects someone to open the door and Lena falls in..something like that, it was pretty funny."


This parody is by LizzieT.

The dinner party continued at the Chandler's.
Adam: You can't have my son arrested.
David: Perhaps we could work something out. I know he's troubled over something going on with his wife - I'm not sure what because I fast forward all their scenes but I'm open to the possiblity of a compromise.
Adam: Fine. Let's talk in the study.
David: I want you to promise you won't implicate Erica in ....you know.
Adam: Oh. I had forgotten all about....you know.
David: I'm afraid the audience has too. That's why we're having these scenes before the trial starts just as a refresher course.
Tad: What's going on in here?
Adam: We're discussing ....you know. Isn't that what you came in here for?
Palmer: Actually we were just trying to escape from the Babe/JR storyline. But now that you mention it we haven't had a good round of ....you know in months.
Tad: Remember those great scenes on the jet when I tried to pour out that bottle of Scotch and Palmer confessed to shooting Adam?
David: That was one of my favorite episodes, even if I wasn't in it.
Adam: Those were the days - back when the murder storyline was new and fresh and the show hadn't been eaten alive by Babe and Krystal.:::sigh::::

Meanwhile in the living room.....
Mary: So while we're all waiting for the men to come back, let's make catty remarks about each other. Your daughter is a tramp.
Marion: That was years ago.
Mary: I was talking to Krystal.
Marion: Oh, sorry.
Opal: Well you lied about your child's paternity.
Liza: That was years ago.
Opal: I was talking to Mary.
Liza: Oh, sorry.
Mary: ::::: :::::::
Krystal: Great idea. Charades. Why you rich folks aren't so snooty after all!
Mary: ::::: ::::::
Marian: I think she's choking.
Opal: Uh oh. Do you suppose one of us is really a doctor with amnesia and this will make them regain their memory?
Liza: I doubt it. They did that not too long ago when Maria operated on Edmund with a ballpoint pen, remember?
Mary: :::: ::::
Krystal: She sure is turning a pretty shade of blue. It reminds me of the curtains in the last cheap motel I stayed in.
Marion: I guess I could do the Heimlich maneuver and save her life. She is one of the true bright spots on the show.
Mary: :::gasp::::Thank you. I'm so glad you're my friend.
Marion: I'm not your friend. You're mean to Babe and Babe=Good.
Liza: Since when?
Marion: Since it might mean my ticket out of the Backburner Cafe.

The Kane women all had a nice evening.
Erica: I'm just upset about the trial coming up. Bianca will have to relive everything that happened, Kendall might go to prison, and I think Reggie knows something that might incriminate him. Our kids are a mess Jack.
Jack: True. If we had a dog he'd probably be in the pound for peeing on the mayor's rose bushes. But let's try to relax. How about dancing?
Erica: It won't be disco will it? I heard there was going to be a disco scene somewhere today.
Jack: Not for us. Just romantic slow dancing.
Erica: This is so nice.
Jack: You ain't seen nothing yet. But you're about too. I'm going to carry you to the bedroom. You know what that means don't you?
Erica: The doorbell's going to ring?
Jack: No. We're finally going to have sex. Which of course means we're probably due for another break up before too long but I'll take what I can get.

Kendall: It's an "I trust Ryan" day today.
Ryan: How did that happen?
Kendall: Erica was having one of her "I like Kendall" days and she told be to give you a chance.
Ryan: All right. But first you have to pass my test.
Kendall: Great. I'm really good on the oral portions.
Ryan: You have to tell me the truth.
Kendall: Rats...er I mean all right. Then you have to tell me the truth too. What are you thinking about right now?
Ryan: Football.
Kendall: What?
Ryan: I can't help it. I'm a guy and it's playoff weekend.
Kendall: All right. Do you love me?
Ryan: Yes.
Kendall: Will I be the strongest side if there's a Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee triangle?
Ryan: Of course.
Kendall: Then lets have sex. ...Strange, that seems to be the same music that's playing at my mother's house.
Ryan: Just be glad it's not the same music playing at your sister's house.

Lena: I brought pizza and music to cheer everyone up.
Baby: Good. I love pizza. I hope she got extra cheese.
Bianca: What kind of music did you bring?
Lena: Disco. I thought we could all learn to do the hustle.
::::doodoodoodoodoodoo Do the Hustle doodoodoodoodooo::::
Bianca: This is fun!
Baby: Disco! The Hustle! What is this? Don't they know that prenatal trauma is harmful to babies?
Maggie: You have to stop that right now.
Baby: You tell them Auntie Maggie.
Lena: Why?
Maggie: So we can do the Macarena.
Baby: Auuuuugggghhhhhh! I think I know what my first five years of therapy are going to cover.
Bianca: This has been great. Wow, the baby is really kicking tonight.
Baby: Kicking my #$^^. I'm trying to escape.

Meanwhile, down at the landfill .......
Lizzie: :::gasp::::It's the Slugsicle! Don't tell me he thawed out and came back to life!
Michael: Let's just say I was asked to make other living arrangements.
Rats, Maggots, Cockroaches etc: We've had him for months now. Someone else can provide him with an eternal resting place for a while.


Maggie wasn't fooled by Lena saying she took the pizza from the pizza guy

Lena adds pizza delivery to her list of part time jobs

I can't seem to leave this show. Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!

Guess who's baaaaaa-ack.


Lena: I saw the pizza boy outside, and I thought I'd deliver the food and the entertainment. Gee, i hope you don't mind.

Lena: I'm doing the Hustle.

Lena: Come on! Let's boogie!

Lena: Come on, Maggie. Don't be such a square.

Bianca: Yeah, Maggie, come on. Don't be such a downer! Let it hang out!

Bianca: She usually kind of swims. This was a kick -- a real kick! Oh, my god, this is wild! You got to feel this.

Maggie: Looks like the Macarena busted Bianca's funk button.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena brings a pizza to the budding triangle]

Maggie: You got to believe this is going to play out so the big guys come out on top.
Bianca: That's not what happened after Michael's hearing.
Maggie: O.K., you know what? He beat the rap, but he got dead real fast.
Bianca: Yes, and everyone thinks that Kendall did it. And there's so much evidence against her.
Maggie: Hey, big deal, all right? O.K., look, Kendall -- you know that she's innocent, and she has the best backup. She's got you, she has Ryan, she has jack. She's got a great lawyer. She's going to be fine.
Bianca: I sincerely hope so.
Maggie: She will. And, please, she is going to spoil her little niece to death.
Bianca: Once I know that Kendall is safe, it'll be much easier to tell mom that I'm still pregnant.
Maggie: Erica's just going to deal.
Bianca: You're a shameless optimist.
Maggie: Well, what would you do without me?
[Knock on door]
Maggie: Oh, that must be the pizza I ordered. I got it on the way home.
Bianca: Oh. With jalapenos?
Maggie: Of course. [amc040116a-inc2 starts] I cannot wait for your cravings to end, though, really. I can't handle jalapenos one more time.
[Bianca laughs]
Maggie: Oh, Lena. What are you doing here?
Lena: I saw the pizza boy outside, and I thought I'd deliver the food and the entertainment. Gee, i hope you don't mind.
Bianca: Oh, no, of course not. I'm just curious about the entertainment portion of the evening.
Lena: Well, I knew you'd be anxious about Kendall, and I thought you could use a distraction, so wait for it -- ta-da! O.K. [starts doing the Hustle] -- ta -- ta --
Maggie: What --
Lena: What do you think?
Bianca: I think you must have lost your mind.
[Bianca laughs]
Lena: Well, I'm doing the Hustle. You said once that you saw it and you liked it, so this is your chance to learn.
Bianca: All right, well, what are we waiting for?
Lena: Come on! Let's boogie!

***** (clip b) [The budding triangle do the Macarena]

[amc040116b starts]
[Music plays]
Lena: O.K., this is it. This is where you turn around. This is it. Now --
[Bianca laughs]
Maggie: Hey, are you all right?
Bianca: I can't hear you.
Maggie: Maybe this isn't such a good idea.
Lena: What?
[Lena laughs]
[music stops]
Maggie: I said maybe this isn't such a good idea. She could obviously get hurt.
Bianca: Oh, no, Maggie. I'm fine, really.
Lena: Come on, Maggie. Don't be such a square.
[Bianca chuckles]
Maggie: What, what?
Bianca: Well, she --
Lena: It's -- "a square" -- it's an expression, a colloquial --
Maggie: No, I understand what it means, but why is it coming out of your mouth?
Lena: Well, I researched for tonight to get the full experience. So don't snap your cap, Maggie. Get down to it and move to the groove. Yeah.
Bianca: Yeah! Yeah, Maggie, come on. Don't be such a downer! Let it hang out!
Maggie: O.K., all right. I'm hep. Well, could we just, like, not Hustle? Something else?
Lena: Ok, we'll do something else. What, what, what, what, what? Ok, ok, how about -- ok, the Macarena?
Maggie: Oh, the Macarena!
Lena: Yeah.
Maggie: Yeah!
Lena: Yeah, yeah.
Maggie: That's, like, my favorite.
Bianca: All right.
Maggie: You don't know it?
Bianca: I don't know it.
Maggie: Oh, ok. Watch, watch. Follow the leader.
Bianca: Ok, ok.
["Macarena" plays]
maggie: Ok. You ready?
Lena: Uh-huh.
Maggie: Ok, ready, lena? Five, six, seven, eight -- yeah!
Lena: Ok, how does it go? Ok.
Maggie: No, no, no, head, head. Waist.
Lena: Waist.
Bianca: I know this.
Maggie: To the hips.
Lena: Yeah.
Bianca: Oh, yeah!
Maggie: And turn to your right -- go!

***** (clip c) [The budding triangle feel the baby!]

[amc040116c starts]
[Music plays]
lena: Ooh!
Bianca: Ok. Enough. This is a gas, but my dogs are barking and I'm too pooped to pop.
Maggie: Oh, come on. You have a few months for that.
[Music stops]
lena: Ok, so why don't you put your feet up and I'll heat up the pizza, ok?
Bianca: Ok.
Maggie: I can make a salad -- my special dressing.
Bianca: Oh, good. I'm really hungry. I didn't even realize all that dancing -- whoa!
Maggie: What? What?
Lena: What is it?
Bianca: Oh!
Maggie: I told you she overdid it. Are you ok?
Bianca: No, no, no, no. I'm fine. It's the baby.
Maggie: Oh, my -- did she move?
Bianca: Well, she usually kind of swims. This was a kick -- a real kick! Oh, my god, this is wild! You got to feel this. Come on. Come on, Maggie.

***** (clip d) [Bianca has another Michael nightmare and hugs Maggie instead of Lena]

[amc040116d starts]
Maggie: Looks like the Macarena busted Bianca's funk button.
[Lena chuckles]
Bianca: No!
Lena: What is it?
Bianca: Oh! I had it again.
Maggie: What, the nightmare?
Bianca: Yeah, the same one. Michael was in it. Oh.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040116a.mov (6.4m; 0:54) Lena brings a pizza to the budding triangle
amc040116b.mov (10m; 1:29) The budding triangle do the Macarena
amc040116c.mov (5.9m; 0:52) The budding triangle feel the baby!
amc040116d.mov (2.7m; 0:24) Bianca has another Michael nightmare and hugs Maggie instead of Lena

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