Whoosh! Lena discovering there is no escape from Pine Valley, even including death
Lena is still working out some issues

Lena Kundera

January 19, 2004

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 01/22/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Michael Cambias


Lena has a nightmare about Michael the eve of Kendall's trial just like the rest of Pine Valley.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

On the night before the murder trial begins, memories of Michael invade the dreams of Kendall, Simone, Adam, Palmer, Lena, Bianca, Jack, Erica, Reggie and Boyd. Each person looks guilty of murder as they dream of encountering Michael, who is out to avenge his death

From About All My Children

Lena awakens to loud music and Michael's voice telling her it's showtime! She finds herself hosting a TV cooking show, sharing with her audience a simple recipe for murder; she prefers the garden variety poison, quick and painless, unless you're the victim! The first step is to learn what your enemy consumes on a regular basis; her victim had allergies, so she chose his medication. Behind the cameras, Michael raises his eyebrows as she gives instructions on emptying the capsules and refilling them with poison, "Nothing could be simpler!" She concludes with the suggestion that they move to the scene of the crime, and we next see her at Michael's condo. She's startled when he grabs her and says they had fun, but she had to ruin it all by falling in love with Bianca, "Did you really think killing me would erase your sins and your past? That Bianca would be so grateful that she'd forgive your failings and fall right back in your bed?" Lena breaks away from him as he goes on that the truth didn't set her free, and that's why she tried to off herself. Lena's not afraid of him, but Michael says she's a coward, "Even with that!" She looks down at the gun in her hand and Michael pushes her down as he says he gets so hot when she's in control, but the truth is that she's never in control, and that's why she'll never get what she wants. Bianca comes in, and Lena cries for her to get out of here-it's not safe! Michael laughs that Lena wants her so badly she'd do anything, "But she'll always be mine!" Cut to Michael with his hands at Bianca's throat; he shoves Lena out the door as he repeats Bianca will always be his!

From Soap Slut

Lena sleeps on floral bed sheets. Girl, Kendall’s influence has taken you. Run! Lena would rather toss and turn at the sound of *sscicle Krueger sneering at her. Suddenly she’s Julia Child in a cooking show. This episode is so bizarre. *sscicle is the cameraman as Lena Child details her recipe for insect poison allergy pills. Cut to the scene of the crime where Lena is demonstrating the ideal product placement for such a thing. Asscicle grabs her from behind and chastises her for ruining their scam by falling for Bianca. He’s manhandling her like he always did and taunting her with how Bianca is his now. Suddenly Bianca is the one in Asscicle’s clutches, while Lena screams for him to let her go. He kicks her out of the condo.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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  • Asshat does the landfill.
  • Everyone dreams.
  • Except the killer(s).
  • Lena loses her Big! Shiny! Gun!
  • Salome is born again.

Kendall’s Dream – Kryan cuddled together is already a nightmare of Titanic proportions; of course, Ryan is probably dreaming that he’s "the king of the world," too: any chance he’ll end up on a raft and sink to the bottom of the Ocean?

Time off has done nothing for deVry’s delivery: "You. Have got to. Say. Something. […] Say the. Magic words." The more I listen to you, the more I long for T.J. Hooker.

Ryan, because he must be in every scene, steps right into Kendall’s dream and downs some scotch.

The scotch! With David’s castration goodness formula! Don’t drink that, Ryan: it’ll make you imp…- oh, wait: no one will be able to tell the difference. Refill?

Ryan: "The way you infiltrated Enchantment and snaked Erica and Adam and the Fusion girls out of their companies..."

U-huh: we still don’t know how that happened: McHack arrived and, poof! Michael had money again. It was absolutely riveting, just like all her other stories. Feh.

Michael: "I could have been great."

Yeah, you could have been a contender. Now, do my a favor and go get Marlon Brandon to sit on you.

Aidan shows up to let Kendall know he’s leaving with Mia – aww, every one of Kendall’s worst fears are becoming a reality! – and then Bianca appears to fill the SisEyeShag quota.

Bianca: "Isn’t she beautiful? Just like her Aunt. I named her Kendall, after you."

Kendall, thank you so very much for letting your girlfr, hum, lov, er, sister show up to tell you how rackaliciuos you are: this is your love child, isn’t it? Just when I think I’ve finally beaten my perverted eye for Kinks, you pull me back in! And Bianca, you’re so going to have a boy and his name will be something incredibly original, like, oh, Travis.

Simone’s Dream – Asshat puts a gun in Simone’s hands; she refuses to hold it - there is a first time for everything – and says that "it" was an accident, but Asshat tells her that her stupidity will be her downfall.

Simone? Worried that no one will ever take her seriously? I can’t imagine why.

Adam’s Dream – Are you serious? I’m supposed to recap a dream that narrates Adam and Palmer’s sorta kinda plan to shoot Michael and then has them not only trapped behind bars, but about to roast in the flames of eternal damnation? It burns! It burns!

Get the fuck out.

Lena’s Dream – Lena’s in bed but without the Purple Slip of Evil, yet more incontrovertible proof that McAss didn’t watch the show before she became Head Hack.

SacOfMarinePotatoes!Lena does Martha Meets Murder and dreams of teaching bored, 1950s housewives how to get rid of their husbands and run away with the nanny.

Don’t think for a moment that I don’t know you stole the Martha idea from my "did the bug poison box come with a resealable flap, like a box of Sociables?" recap rant. Pfft.

Michael: "The truth didn’t set you free. Admit it, that’s why you tried to off yourself."

That, and Stereotype # 3: Lesbian Commits Suicide had not yet been "sensitively explored" by the gay friendly writers. "Some of my writers are gay! And they know how to tell the story! Because they’re gay, GAY!"

Michael says Bianca "will always be [his]" and shoves Lena out of the condo. Helpless and frightened, she tries to get back in to save Bianca by banging on the door and screaming out her name.

Lena, how about to try to oh, I don’t know, break in? See, those are windows. They’re made of this fancy thing called "glass." Kick them in, you tool: time to get over the spineless thing, know what I mean? Kick in the door. Or the windows. Or, well, Maggie.

Bianca’s Dream – Bianca has to find "it" even though she doesn’t know what "it" is and despite the fact that Maggie and Erica want her to her stop looking.

Erica: "You don’t have to find anything. […] What you have to do is you have to forget it."

This is where I’m supposed to think that everyone wants to stop Bianca from finding "it" because "it" will reveal that she’s the killer, right? Meh, feh and fack to that.

Kendall wants Bianca to stop looking, too, and tries to get her to leave Michael’s condo.

Michael: "Hello losers. Lesbians."

Lesbians? Plural? Bwah! And - yeah, Bianca wasn’t raped because she’s gay! Stupid cowards: the only thing that would have made this story the least bit interesting and somewhat palatable would have been the willingness to make Bianca’s sexual orientation at least part of the reason why she was raped. Instead, we got a half-baked story about Bianca not wanting to "save" Michael from his sad, bad daddy even though, while he forced her to dance, *sshat mentioned Lena about a billion times. Courage? And a well-written story? On AMC? When pigs fly – and Babe, Krystal and Tad don’t count.

Jack’s Dream – Jack’s greatest fear is that his best efforts and self-sacrifice won’t help the people he loves: his nightmare not only reflects that, but literally chains him down so that he’s unable to keep Erica from being taken to jail.

Oh, Jack: what’s the point of having a nightmare about this when it’s your reality every day? Every time you step into court, someone you love gets screwed!

Erica’s Dream – A happy 14th birthday cake is on Asshat’s coffee table – because going one month without watching Erica reverting to her teeny-bopper, pre-rape self would just be a crime, a CRIME!

Erica hears thunder! Just like that night! She hears a man’s voice! Just like that night! When she thought it was her dad! But it was Richard! The thunder! It’s Michael! And he wants her to dance with him! Like Richard did! That night! The night of the storm!

Michael: "Dance with me, Erica."
Erica: "No, I - I won’t."
Michael: "Well, then I guess I’ll have to find another partner. I’m sure Bianca and Kendall won’t refuse me."

No, really: one more anvil and I’ll be 6 feet under with all of AMC’s crap piled on top of me.

Reggie’s Dream – Reggie’s real fear is that he won’t be part of anyone’s family so, in his dream, he’s abandoned by Jack, Erica, Kendall and Bianca.

Reggie: "I did the right thing. I protected Bianca: I should get my family."

Sniff. Oh, wait: Is that a confession? Hang on while I decide whether I should care or not.

Boyd’s Dream – Over Asshat’s body, Kendall thanks Boyd and turns gratitude for a murder well done into a scene of seduction.

Kendall: "No one’s ever done anything like this for me."

Oh, so you want more people to turn into killers to that you can get turned on. Splendid. What are you, the Salome of Pine Valley?

David’s Dream – I’d love to recap it for you, but he’s awake.

The Last Scenes – Michael is ready for "another encore" in Kendall’s dream.

Another encore? What, they don’t teach you English in hell, you stupid bastard?

Back in her dreams, Kendall twinkles too hard:

Twinkle twinkle little star
Kendall’s not gonna get far
She’s been bound with long elastics
And she’ll be strapped to a table
Twinkle twinkle little star
This show’s dragged the murder too far.

What? You try to put that scene to the music AMC chose for it! Pfft.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Greenlee asks David to help her break up Ryan and Kendall; Bianca thinks she can unlock something in her mind that will help Kendall; the voir dire is completed.


These words haven't left my lips in this context in a loooooong time, but WHAT A GOOD EPISODE! Lena hosting a cooking show? Great! Jackson being chained up and helpless? Great! Erica reliving her 14th birthday? Grreat! An awesome episode touching on the main character's innermost fears and insecurities. What I liked best was the running theme of Bianca needing to find something, but she doesn't know what, and the others dissuading her. This just boosts my theory that Binks did it, blocked the memory, and the others are covering for her.

I only caught about half the ep -but I'm with onlyinPV; I liked what I saw. But then I'm a sucker for the easy dream sequence routine. Unfortunately, I also kept thinking this should have happened two months ago. Enough cannot be said about the ridiculous glacial pacing. I hope to h*** the trial moves along at something resembling, well, movement. *not holding breath*

I have one huge gripe.

Where the f*** was Lena's Big Shiny Gun? That was not her gun. I hate you, propmaster. Former friend. I shake my fist at you *Snoopy style*!

Just finished watching my tape, and Jesus, was that an awful episode. Here's to hoping they hide the reel when the Emmy folks start sniffing around. I think doing a tongue-in-cheek dream parody would have worked better (spoofing over the top DOOL stuff) than playing it straight for tension. The only one who seemed to be on this wavelength was DeVry, who was camping it up even more that he did in unbuttoned shirt-wearing, push-ups in the living room doing days. The rest of the cast, with the exception of my David, were gamely trying to act frightened and traumatized which I thought it fell flat. What was not flat however, was La Lucci's hair. That was some old-school Dynasty hair if I ever saw it.

I did remember thinking it would have been so much cooler if Judge!Michael was wearing one of those old-fashioned curly white wigs a la British magistrates. And then in the Erica's birthday scene he could have popped up in a paper birthday hat with one of those noise-makers in his mouth.

Today's ep[isode] sounds like McTrash's version of "Restless" from Buffy.

Now I keep imagining how awesome the episode could have been if had been like Once More, With Feeling instead. An AMC musical about Mikey's murder? Man, I would have treasured that tape forever, yo.

How sad is it, that I can't even bother to hate Evil!Dream!Ryan more than *sshat!Waking!Ryan? It might actually be an improvement on his character if he took to guzzling Scotch and chilling with rapists.

So much for thinking the killer would be revealed today. How long can this drag on? Don't answer that. My gut says the Binkster did it. But Boyd is up there in the running too. Anyone else notice that his nightmare is really his waking life? He did risk it all for Kendall and she has left him high and dry in the romance department. The only thing that hasn't really happened to him is Ryan and Aidan smirking...but they've come awfully close.

Everyone else who actually dreamed (hee David), dreamed their worst nightmare or what they are most afraid of. But Boyd got to kiss Kendall in the beginning of his nightmare and that hasn't happened in a long while. His waking life has been worse.

What Maggie, no dreams? No nightmares? Could the killer be so at peace with themselves that the *ssicle has no ability to invade their dreams? I kept envisioning the start of a dream sequence with Myrtle. Mikey would show up. She'd pull out a gun. And calmly blow him away. Then she'd stand over his body and say "nightmares are for those who feel guilty. I've had nothing but sweet dreams since I blew your a** away. Bye bye maggot."

This the first episode I've seen in months and while I thought to myself "my god, has this storyline moved an inch since September?" there were moments of goodness.

The Good:
- Sad, but true I was very happy to see SisYay is alive and well... and yes, I felt oh-so dirty about it. The meaningful looks Binks and Kendall shot each other are enough to melt the ice outside my house.
- Lena's cooking segment was very clever. Are we sure McTavish wrote this episode? Although *sshat man-handling Bianca while Lena helplessly looked on made me a bit uneasy.
- Boyd's hair. I love how it shagged around his eyes...
- Kendall getting dressed for her wedding/execution.
- David waking up.. no more nightmare. Clever and hee. McTavish wrote this?
- Kendall walking off with Ryan and Aidan firmly planted on either side.

The Bad:
- The anvillous nature of Kendall's execution table... oh, how Christ like...
- Adam and Palmer's not at all dramatic screaming after being locked in *sshat's apartment.

I loved today's episode. At last, we get a little insight into each character's subconsious. So what if it's wrapped in a little cheese? The only part I really groaned at was Erica again thinking of her 14th birthday party. Must we really be reminded every other month or so about what many consider one of the most embarrassing scenes in soap history?

I liked Lena, Reggie, and Jackson's dreams the best. Although the chains were silly, I liked Jackson's because it really affirmed Jack's underlying feelings of inadequacy and failure...

Bianca did it. Kendall, Erica, Reggie, and maybe Jack know and are "protecting" her. I don't think Lena knows and I think Boyd thinks Kendall did it. I think it's completely random that they threw Simone in the mix, but maybe they wanted to give Terri Ivens more screentime now that Fusion is dead. I used to think that there was no way that a major contract player did it, as they would surely have to be punished or killed off, but now I think that everyone will know that Bianca did it, but she will never be arrested. I think Kendall will get off and it will remain a Pine Valley secret that Bianca really did it.

Black Knight
Rif-Randle, for the most part I also enjoyed the episode. The only bad bits, I thought, were the slow way Kendall's nightmare started off (the Ryan shtick just went on way too long), Walt's incredibly cheesy performance (he should've watched David Canary and James Mitchell's work to see how to pull off screaming "nooooo!" in a funny way), and Simone's nightmare (enough of the "it was an accident!"--she must've said it about 20 times).

I thought Lena's nightmare was the best--the Julia Child bit cracked my s*** up, not to mention showing off Lena's colder and more calculated side, and then it descended into deeply disturbing (plus, I always enjoy scenes of The Michael and Lena Show). I was rather affected by Reggie's nightmare of his family abandoning him--MBJ just sold it for me, especially when even Bianca turned her back on him (she's so obviously the killer). I laughed at Palmer and Adam's horror at hearing they would be stuck together forever. Watching Boyd and Kendall making out over Michael's corpse was oddly hot, I think because there was an element of film noir. And hearing Michael complain about David was amusing.

And, of course, the SisYay. Thanks, Pervy! From Bianca telling Kendall she's beautiful to announcing that she'd named her baby after Kendall...but here's a really funny bit--even the person doing the closed captioning sees the SisYay. In Bianca's nightmare, when she and Kendall were in the condo and Michael's at the door and greets them with "Loser. Lesbian," the captioning actually appeared as "Losers. Lesbians." I choked on my drink and then rewound to make sure Wil deVry had actually said lesbian, singular. See, even the captioner notices!

I picked up the Girlfriends issue and was amused by Eden's response when asked why the viewers like Bianca and Lena: "First of all, Lena's d*** sexy." She just gets right to the point. Snerk. And as hot as the cover shot is, I'm also thrilled the magazine has an equally beautiful print inside of the Eden-in-green-top that's used in the bumper and Kinks promo ads.

He said "Losers. Lesbians." out loud. I heard it twice.

I took Unfrozen Caveman Rapist's addressing the "room" as sort of a 'Royal we' as in, "Hello all you losers and lesbians, It's meeeee!!!!" Similar to the taunting in "Warriors". But I most definitely heard it in the plural, played through the stereo, very loudly. No doubt about it.

And what could Bianca be looking for? I decent script perhaps? Oh, yeah, I bet it's the 'truth'.

One line I did like today was Mikey to Ryan about the cigars. "Cubans, one of the perks." Hee...

But I'm on board with everyone who's tired of it--let's move on now please.


This parody is by LizzieT.

It was dream time in Pine Valley.
Michael: Make that nightmare time. I'm back in all my oozing glory, here to get revenge on those who murdered me. They should have known Hell couldn't contain me.
Gatekeeper of Hell: Don't listen to him. He got evicted last week. He was giving the place a bad reputation. We may be Hell but we have some standards you know.
Michael: Nanny nanny boo boo. Now on to the nightmares. Let's start with Kendall. Notice how everyone is wearing the same clothes they wore last August. Clever huh?
Kendall: I just hope they've been drycleaned since then. So what's my nightmare?
Michael: Just watch.
Kendall: :::::Ryan and Michael as drinking buddies! Ryan laughing at the idea that I had two "I trust Ryan" days in a row! Ryan starting to ooze a slime trail behind him! Auuuggghhhhh!
Aidan: Ello Kendall, ow are yew?
Kendall: Aidan, thank God! Help me!
Aidan: Sorry luv. Oi'm running off with Mia. Tawk abowt yewr worst noitmare!

Michael: Wasn't that fun? Now on to Simone.
Simone: Me? I wasn't even in this storyline. How did I get here?
Michael: You're about to find out.
Simone:::::I'm with Michael in his condo....I have a gun....I keep saying it was an accident....what's going on here? :::::
Michael: This looks like you might be the murderer.
Simone: But what about my romance with Tad? How can I be the murderer? I'm not even on anyone's flow chart! Auuugghhhhh!

Michael: Lovely girl but a bit high strung. Now off to visit Adam.
Adam: You can't scare me you little runt.
Michael: Oh no? Picture this. Eternity trapped with Palmer Courtland as your punishment for what you've done to me. How's that for your own private Hell?
Adam: Piffle. Compared to the Babe storyline I'm trapped in now that sounds like child's play.

Michael: Oh well, maybe I can scare Lena.
Lena: I survived doing The Hustle and the Macarena on Friday. Hit me with your best shot.
Michael: I will.
Lena: ::::A cooking show.....this is a bit scary. I sound like Martha Stewart - and that's not necessarily a good thing. But no, I still think The Macarena was scarier. Begone!

Michael: Tough crowd today. Let's see what I can do for Bianca.
Bianca: ::: My nightmare seems to be that I'm searching for something. I keep running through these doors but I never get anywhere. Hmmm, endlessly repeating the same thing over and over with no foward progress.....this must symbolize the storylines on the show. Auughhhhhh!

Michael: Now for Jackson. Surely I can scare him. Oh Jack, picture this....you're in court confessing to my murder. But instead of you they arrest Erica and drag her off to jail.
Jack: I've seen Erica dragged off to jail before.
Michael: Oh yeah? Well meet her jailer.
Jailer: Yo Ericer, I'll bet youse is surprised to see me again since I was sleeping with de fishes and all that, know what I'm sayin?
Jack: Auuughhhhhh!

Michael: Now on to Erica. Scoot over.
Erica: Can't I just let his nightmare be mine too?
Michael: No. It's time for your very own worst nightmare.
Erica: This isn't so bad. I'm surrounded by men promising to take care of me and swearing eternal devotion to me.
Michael: But listen to the song.
Erica: "It's My Party". I liked that song when I was a teenager - back in...in.....Auugghhhhhhhh!
Michael: Bwahahahahahahahaha! Your real age coming close to being revealed.
Erica: You're not even human!
Michael: Of course I'm not. I'm dead remember.

Michael: Now for Reggie.
Reggie: :::Jack's saying goodbye, Erica's saying goodbye, Kendall and Bianca are saying goodbye......I don't get it....why is everyone leaving?
Jack: We're not leaving Reggie.
Erica: You are.
Kendall: You're going somewhere that others have gone before but they never returned.
Reggie: You mean.....?
Bianca: That's right. You're being sent to the attic.
Reggie: Auughhhhhh!
Erica: Say hello to Bobby Martin for me. He was the only man I ever really loved.

Michael: And now for...for...what was your name again?
Boyd: Boyd.
Michael: Oh yes, Boyd - the forgotten cast member.
Boyd: I'm not forgotten. I did this all for a reason.
Kendall: Ohhh Boyd, I think murder is sooooo sexy.
Boyd: You do?
Kendall: Yessss. In fact, it makes me want to have a threesome with Ryan and Aidan.
Boyd: But what about me?
Kendall: Sorry. A foursome would just be kinky.
Boyd: Auuughhhhhhhh!

Michael: And for the final nightmare of the day....hey, why aren't you asleep?
David: Sorry. No time for nightmares. I don't want to miss the Early Bird 2-for-1 omelet special at the Backburner Cafe.
Michael: Rats!


At least she can find jobs and goes to them!

Add Cooking Show for Murder host to Lena's myriad jobs


Michael's voice: Yo, Lena, get a move on. It's showtime.

Michael: We had fun, didn't we? Then you had to go ruin it all by falling in love with Bianca.
Michael: Did you really think that killing me would erase your sins and your past, that Bianca would be just so grateful that she'd forgive your failings and fall right back in your bed? But, of course, deep down, you knew that, didn't you? The truth didn't set you free at all, did it? That's why you tried to off yourself. Not good enough for Bianca, not good enough to live. Or is it just that you missed me so d*** much that you wanted to catch up, huh?

Michael: God, I get so hot when you think you're in control.

Michael: You want her so d*** bad that you would do anything, wouldn't you? Sorry, Lena, but Bianca's mine. Of course, you knew that, didn't you? She will always be mine.

Erica: You worked so hard to win my love, and now you have to pay for it.

Michael: Hello. You've been convicted, knucklehead.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena has a nightmare about Michael]

[amc040119a starts]
[Music plays]
Michael's voice: Yo, Lena, get a move on. It's showtime.
Lena: Welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen. Today I'd like to share with you a simple recipe for murder.
Audience: Ah!
Lena: The ingredients are very easy to find and relatively inexpensive. I prefer the garden variety poison. It's quick and painless -- unless you're the victim.
[Audience laughs]
Lena: The next step is to determine what your enemy consumes on a regular basis. My victim had allergies, so I chose his medication. All you have to do is empty the capsule and refill it with the poison. Nothing could be simpler. You see, these capsules look just like regular medication, but they pack a lethal punch. Well, the rest is up to your enemy. A beverage of choice, a quick swallow, and it's all over. Well, now that we're all set, let's move to the scene of the crime, shall we?
Lena: An important part of the process is placement. You must always remember to put the poisoned item exactly where it is usually kept. This reduces suspicion and greatly increases your chances of success.
Michael: We had fun, didn't we? Then you had to go ruin it all by falling in love with Bianca. I mean, did you really think it was going to work?
Lena: Stop it. Leave me alone!
Michael: Did you really think that killing me would erase your sins and your past, that Bianca would be just so grateful that she'd forgive your failings and fall right back in your bed?
Lena: Let me go!
Michael: But, of course, deep down, you knew that, didn't you? The truth didn't set you free at all, did it? That's why you tried to off yourself. Not good enough for Bianca, not good enough to live. Or is it just that you missed me so d*** much that you wanted to catch up, huh?
Lena: I'm not afraid of you.
Michael: Oh, that's good! That's good. Say it again, this time with feeling. Come on, go!
Lena: I'm not!
Michael: Oh. You know what? The truth is you're a coward, even with that.
Michael: Does it make you feel brave and powerful?
Lena: Stand back.
Michael: God, I get so hot when you think you're in control. But the truth is you never are in control, are you, Lena? That's why you'll never get what you want. That's why you'll go down due to circumstances beyond your control.
Bianca: Lena, are you here?
Lena: Bianca, what are you doing here? Get out! It's not safe!
Michael: You want her so d*** bad that you would do anything, wouldn't you? Sorry, Lena, but Bianca's mine. Of course, you knew that, didn't you? She will always be mine.
Bianca: Stop it. You're hurting me!
Lena: Let her go! Get out!
Michael: Adios.
Lena: Bianca, Bianca!
Michael: Sorry, braveheart. Bianca is mine. She will always be mine.

***** (clip b) [Kendal has nightmare about Michael (Lena seen)]

Kendall: I'm ready, mother. I still can't believe this is happening. It's like my whole life has led up to this moment. So, where is he?
Erica: Who?
Kendall: Ryan. Is he waiting for me, or is he already at the altar?
Erica: There is no altar.
Kendall: Oh. Well, we don't need an altar as long as we have each other. So, when does the ceremony start, mother?
Erica: I'm so sorry.
Kendall: For what?
Erica: You worked so hard to win my love, and now you have to pay for it.
Kendall: What do you mean? Mother?
Michael: You have to let go, Kendall. You have to just close your eyes and let it all go. I promise you, you won't feel a thing.
Kendall: Leave me alone. I have to go. I'm late.
Michael: Well, actually, you're right on time, honey.
Kendall: What are you talking about? You're not invited.
Michael: Well, consider me the guest of honor, hmm?
Kendall: No.
Michael: Hello. You've been convicted, knucklehead.
Kendall: What?
Michael: For my murder.
Kendall: No, no. No, I haven't. No. That's not true. I'm innocent. Everybody knows. Everybody knows that I'm innocent. That's not true. You're not telling the truth.
Michael: Whatever you say. Let's just get a move on so you can get your just reward, ok?
Kendall: No, I can't go. I'm not ready.
Michael: This isn't a parade, Kendall. This is an execution. So, do you have any last words, hmm?
[Lena is sitting silently by Kendall's stage right side]
Kendall: No. No, this can't be happening. No.
Michael: You can do better than that, kendall. Everybody's listening.
[amc040119b-inc2 starts]
Kendall: No. No. No. I don't want to die.
[amc040119b-inc2 ends]
Michael: The sun will rise and the truth will come out and they'll all pay -- every single last one of them. I'll bet my death on it.

***** (clip c) [Next on AMC: Lena in the audience of Kendall's trial]

On the next "All My Children"
Greenlee: Help me break up Ryan and Kendall before they get any tighter.
Bianca: I think that there's something in my mind that could help Kendall, and I just have to find it somehow.
Jack: Your honor, both the defense and the prosecution unanimously accept this panel. [Lena in this panel]


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040119a.mov (18.3m; 2:58) Michael visits Lena's nightmare about a cooking show for murder
amc040119b-inc2.mov (2m; 0:19) Lena watches as Kendall is executed in kendall's nightmare

Coming in April 2004... the entire episode!

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