Whoosh! Oh, don't you two mind about me -- I'll just start hitting people with cars and then make out with them
Lena almost interrupts some
Bianca and Maggie bonding

Lena Kundera

February 03, 2004

(Lena appearance)
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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone


Maggie kisses Bianca after Bianca tells her about her plans to leave town with Lena; Lena and Bianca return to the trial.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Maggie is hurt when Bianca tells her that she's leaving Pine Valley for good and admits she wants Lena to go with her. Maggie surprises herself and Bianca when she kisses Bianca. After making a quick exit, Maggie accidentally knocks Jamie down with her car and kisses him.

From About All My Children

Maggie comes home and asks Bianca if she's surfing the 'Net? Bianca's checking flights, because she needs to a ticket in hand to leave town the second Kendall's trial is over. Surprised, Maggie asks why? Bianca tells her it's because of her mother; it hit her hard when it was confirmed that Kendall is really pregnant with Michael's baby-she doesn't even want to think of what the truth would do to her! Maggie is further surprised to see the ticket Bianca's booked is one-way, and is stunned when Bianca says after what her mom did to Kendall last night, she has to leave town for good! Maggie wonders if a jet set getaway is the answer, but Bianca doesn't feel she has any choice. At this point, she thinks the truth might kill her mom, and her safest bet is to get out of Pine Valley as soon as Kendall is acquitted. Maggie points out, "If Kendal is acquitted." Bianca insists, "When!" She hopes the case will go to the jury today before she starts showing enough that even her mother will notice. She tells Maggie that Erica is still out of it today; she's with Myrtle and Jack, and there's no way she'll go to the courthouse. Bianca doesn't want Maggie to worry, saying she'll keep on paying half of the rent until the lease is up, unless she wants to get another roommate. Surprised, Maggie says she didn't realize she wasn't a part of this escape plan. Bianca feels that just because her life is insane, it doesn't mean Maggie's has to be, and she's in the middle of a semester! Maggie doesn't think that's the problem, saying Bianca has found a replacement for her, and wants to go away with Lena. Bianca hasn't made any decisions yet, but agrees it would be great to have Lena along. Maggie sighs they say Paris is great for lovers, not really good friends. Bianca says they're not even officially back together; with all the craziness, romance has been pretty far down on her list, and the point is that her baby deserves to be loved out in the open, and her mom deserves whatever peace she's found-this is the only way! Maggie knows she's right, and she's sorry. Bianca insists she'll call and write, and send her pictures of the baby, but sees that Maggie is devastated and asks her to talk to her. Maggie tells her she's about to lose the person she cares about most in this world. Bianca hugs her and promises she's not going to lose her, and is stunned when Maggie kisses her. She pulls back and the friends look at each other in silence for a moment before Maggie jumps up and says she's so late for class. Bianca urges her to wait, saying they have to talk about what just happened! As Maggie hurries out the door, Lena arrives and asks if she walked in on something? She notes that Maggie seemed so tense, and asks if they had a fight? Bianca says no, but she doesn't want to talk about this right now-she has to get to court. Lena agrees, but hopes Maggie's okay...

Judge Lampert denies the prosecution's request for a continuance, and Alan Singer reluctantly rests their case. Livia calls Kendall to the stand as Opal and Palmer wonder what in the hell she thinks she's doing. Bianca and Lena arrive as Kendall is being sworn in, and Livia asks her client to tell the court how she felt about her husband. Kendall doesn't hesitate a moment before saying she hated him! She explains that he was an evil predator; the courts couldn't put him away, but they all know what he was. Livia asks the question on the mind of everyone here today, "Then why did you marry him?" Kendall says she did it to save her sister, and Livia asks how marrying her sister's rapist could save her? Kendall looks at the jury as she says Michael followed her and frightened her, and gloated after the courts let him off; Bianca was so broken and fragile, she had to stop him, no matter what. Livia asks how she managed that? Kendall testifies that she made a deal with the Devil, and agreed to marry Michael Cambias. He loved the idea, saying that to own a Kane woman would be a complete vindication, and he also liked the idea of making her a pariah. Livia questions what she got out of the marriage? Kendall says she wanted to get back the companies he stole from them, but nobody can get back what he stole from her sister. Michael agreed to leave town, and never bother Bianca again. Part of the deal was that she had to send him money which she could only do as his wife, and he liked the irony of her making his lifestyle possible; by marrying her, he got to degrade them all over again-that's who Michael was. She testifies that he called her about a week before his body was discovered, and told her to buy the meat packing plant, so she was as surprised as anyone when they found him there dead. Livia offers into evidence the cell phone records, and Kendall agrees she spoke to Michael on those dates; the police must have the time of death wrong, and she remembers every vile word. Livia asks if she planned to become pregnant? Kendall says never, and wouldn't have even slept with him if it hadn't been one of his demands; it only happened once, but it completed the humiliation...

Livia has nothing further, and the judge calls a recess before cross-examination. Kendall goes to Bianca, and sobs in her arms. Opal comes over and gives Kendall a message from Palmer, "Way to kick fanny, girl!" From his seat, Palmer blows Kendall a kiss. Lena and Bianca agree Kendall's testimony was very powerful and brave, but Kendall insists, "Not as brave as some."...

Mia finds Fred, who apologizes for the splitaroo last night, but he was running short on foil and sensed that she had mushroom burgers in her recent past. Mia suggests they take a walk, but Lomax backs up and calls for personal space. Greenlee tells him she's the same way; she and Mia are trying to coax him to leave when Kendall comes out of the courtroom and asks what the hell Greenlee is trying to do to her? Lomax recognizes Kendall and calls her by name, saying she's just as radiant as the day she wed. Opal comes out of the courtroom with Reggie, Bianca and Lena; seeing Fred, she exclaims that he's back! Lomax tells Kendall she knows him, "I turned you in the little missus! Reverend Lomax of the Holy Sand Chapel of I Do!" When Kendall professes not to remember, Lomax says she called it the most important night of her life. Aidan shows up as Fred asks how is her handsome hubby?

From Soap Slut

The incident with Erica has prompted Bianca to look for the fastest way out of town. Naggie is upset that Binks will be leaving without her. Bianca tries to comfort her but it seems the only thing that will make Naggie feel better is to mack on her best friend. Which is what she does. Binks is looking shocked upon shocked at this latest development (I’m sure she’s thinking that she doesn’t need anymore crap to stress over). Naggie realizes that Bianca isn’t reciprocating and she beats a quick retreat just as Lena shows up...


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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  • Simone interrupts Tad.
  • Bianca forgets how to tell Maggie that her cat died.
  • Ryan can’t slam the door.
  • Tin Foil Freddy runs out of foil for MiniTarzan.
  • Kendall can’t let a dare die.
  • Maggie goes commando.
  • Spartacus visits Pine Valley.

The Set-Up – At Fusion, Tad continues his search for an STD but breaks Simone’s heart instead.

At Calamity’s, Bianca announces she’ll be leaving town and seals in the cowardice.

At her condo, Kendall’s man-cleavage makes me run screaming in terror.

Calamity Knew Herself Well – Bianca thinks that telling Erica about Volderbaby "at this point" would make her mother’s head explode.

At this point? We’re talking about Erica here: her head would have exploded seven months ago, too. The difference now is that she’s going to take everyone who’s lied to her to the sixth circle of hell right alongside her. What? They’re already there? Carry on then.

Bianca reassures Maggie that she’ll be paying her half of the rent until the lease is up.

Maggie: "Oh. I didn’t realize I wasn’t part of this new escape plan."
Bianca: "Just because my life is insane doesn’t mean yours has to be."

This conversation again? I’ve already heard it twice: once on the beach when Maggie touched then-VolderFetus and then under Portia’s four breasts. Couldn’t they talk about something else like oh, I don’t know, the fact that Maggie really needs to switch on the light when she gets dressed in the morning?

Bianca: "You’re in the middle of a semester."

Bianca, are you even trying? Come on: after all she’s done for you, the least you can do is tell Maggie the truth: you’re leaving because her Macarena moves are giving you nightmares.

Maggie: "The semester isn’t the problem here, is it? You found a replacement for me. You want to go with Lena."

Should I start from the definition of the word replacement?

Kendall’s Condo – Juan Pablo De La Scarf De La Mumbling Marbles De La Fishcakes offers to give Carlos’ .38 to the police in order to ensure Kendall’s acquittal. Frankenbrow keeps on interrupting him and rejecting the offer because he and only he can be the knight in shiny, clangity clang armor and only he can shout louder than the wind and not blink in the middle of a tornado.

Juan Pablo, can you take that gun and shoot Ryan with it? Thanks.

The Courtroom – Palmer is assaulted by Opal’s lack of perfume control and then horrified by Tin Foil Freddy’s suggestion that his heart spells anything other than Opal’s Coat Hurts My Eyes.

Opal: "Hey, I got an idea: why don’t you make yourself useful and round up Señor Loco?"

Opal, Justin only responds to commands written in crayon on construction paper.

Fusion – Simone is too busy listening to the sound of her hella sexy voice to understand that Tad is not there to profess his undying love and devotion but, rather, to tell her he’s decided to give a relationship with Liza a try. Oh, and the Kamasutra, too, with the help and guidance of Krystal The Nimble.

Before they can take their misunderstanding to the supply closet, Juan Pablo walks in.

Juan Pablo: "Actually, I’m here to see you about Michael’s murder. […] I want to help Kendall and I think Simone might be her salvation."

What? Why, what have you heard?

The Courtroom – Proving that a thin line separates madness from genius is a snap for Tin Foil Freddy.

Palmer: "Do you know the meaning of personal space?"
Freddy: "That we are each our own planet with our own personal outer space. Is that right?"

Oh, I think Erica would find that to be an impeccable definition, Freddy.

Outside the courtroom, that annoying satellite radio reporter throws a random poll on Kendall’s lap and she grabs it just like Carl Rove taught her to.

Maria Chambers: "Mrs. Cambias, why won’t you tell the court, in your own words, that you’re not guilty?

Because she doesn’t have to, you illiterate twit! Go back to counting down music videos.

Kendall: "I will. I will. I’ll take the stand. You’ll see and everyone else will see that I’ve nothing to hide."

For Pete’s sake: could you try to keep your damn mouth shut?

Calamity Was A Rider – Keep your eyes wide open for this, just like Bianca.

Bianca: "You know, I haven’t made any decisions yet, but it would be really great to have Lena along."

You know what else would be great? Asking Lena whether she wants to go with you. Oh, what am I saying? She’d fly you over on her own back.

When Maggie suggests that "Paris is really good for lovers" and "not for really good friends," Bianca explains that she and Lena are "not even officially together" and that "romance is not the point."

Maggie: "Hey, I can take a geography class and, if you decide to break your code of silence, I will have a map and I’ll know where you are."

You need to take a class to locate France? It’s the country in Europe North West of the one shaped like boot and right under Great Britain. Europe. North West. North West. On the left. Oh, never mind.

Bianca says she will call and write and send stupid pictures of VolderBaby with cake all over her face – it’s so going to be a boy, I just know it – but Maggie’s too busy trying to confuse her confusion a little more.

Bianca: "Maggie, what’s wrong? Please talk to me."
Maggie: "Just give me a second. I’m about to lose the person I care most about in this world."

Oh, that’s a little sad: good thing I don’t give a damn.

Bianca: "You’ll never lose me, I promise."

"I’ll never let go, Jack. Well, ok: I’ll hang on until my hands get cold, mmk? Then you can sink all the way to the bottom of the ocean." Ah, McTool: only you could manage to ruin the most bloated and yet insipid love story ever: James Cameron can’t wait to show you the prow of his personal Titanic.

Maggie turns around and kisses Bianca – well, her lower lip anyway. I think I kissed a starfish just like that once, except that the starfish kept her eyes closed, didn’t grab my shoulder to push me back and didn’t look at me with the What the fuck? expression that’s on Bianca’s face right now.

Let’s play a game: I’ll pretend to be a BAMmer and you’ll pretend I’m making sense. Too hard? Ok then: I’ll try to stop laughing long enough to write a half-hearted rant and you’ll pretend to read it. I suppose this scene was meant to be moving and indicative of Maggie’s real feelings for Bianca but, since the kiss came right after Maggie moped that she was about to lose the person she most cares about, then all I’m getting from it is that this is her last-ditch effort to keep Bianca where she is. It indicates nothing other than Maggie is a codependent twit who can think of nothing better to do to keep her friend around than planting a certainly unwanted, most definitely unexpected, kiss on the lips of a recently raped woman who can barely bring herself to hug anyone without freaking out. Hum, so this won’t be a half-hearted rant after all…I don’t care how confused you are: you don’t try to figure out where and how you swing by forcing yourself on anyone, man or woman. Period. That’s absurd and deplorable and, in this case, even more so considering the history between them and all the recent events. Yeah, I’m sure Bianca cannot wait to start worrying about Maggie’s damn confusion while VolderBaby is on the way and her sister is on trial for murder. We all know what we’d be reading you know where if Lena had kissed Bianca this way, but you won’t find any such posts there today [I know, I checked]; in fact, you’ll read a ton of posts about the emotion and who is feeling what and, drum roll, please: the belief that, in slow motion, you can see tongue. Please, someone: help me stop laughing. Oh, thanks, random BAMmer. Apparently, no one has a problem with Maggie going commando on Bianca’s lips, but they’re all over Lena when she wants to talk to her: it’s a good thing no one expects anything other than pimping and inconsistency from that camp.

After a few awkward seconds, Maggie leaves the couch mumbling something about a book while Bianca, good processing lesbian that she is *snooze,* says that they should really talk "about what just happened." On her way out the door, Maggie bumps into Lena.

Ah, irony: dinner and a movie?

The Courthouse – Greenlee fantasizes about Kendall’s verdict and imagines she’s found guilty of murder and of "treason against the goodhearted Greenlee."

What, you warn us against big, bad lesbian macking but not against heresy? I’m going to sue you!

Fake Judge Lampert: "This Court finds you to be a scheming, lying, back-stabbing bitch."

Bwah! Even in fantasy sequence, Judge Lampert rocks: can she be the new D.A.? It’s not as if Jack will ever practice law again. Oh, wait: he never did.

Calamity Was Always On Top – Still waiting for the door to hit her on the way out, Maggie reassures Lena that she’s just fine, FINE! And heads off to torture a rabbit or thirty-two.

Lena: "What’s going on?"
Bianca: "I don’t know. My head is spinning."

I could say that Bianca is reconsidering her whole life and realizing she doesn’t love Lena, never has, and was just killing time with her, waiting for Maggie to realize she may not be straight, gay or bi, but definitely Biancasexual - but I live on planet earth and I like my snark served with a sliver of logic and commonsense. Bianca is upset, not torn or lovelorn and most definitely not giving the couch a loving look, mmk?

Lena: "Maggie seems so tense: did you two have a fight?"

No, Maggie’s fighting with herself and herself and, well, herself.

Bianca: "Can we not talk about this now? I need to get to Court."
Lena: "I just hope that Maggie’s ok."

Oh shut up, Lena: you don’t give a s*** about Maggie and neither do we – but mad props to you for your fake interest: Bianca will be sure to remember your class when she finally opens Maggie’s closet and finds all those cut-outs of her face with Maggie’s lip prints all over them.

The Courtroom – Judge Lampert denies Forehead’s motion for a continuance; Livia calls Kendall to the stand and, as she’s about to swear never to wear anything that hideous ever again - what is that, a blanket tied with one of Maggie’s belts? - Bianca arrives. She tries to make her way to the bench but Lena, who has learned a thing or two about what it means to choose to saddle oneself with a Kane, grabs Bianca’s arm and chin-motions for her to stop walking and sit the fuck down – but without swearing like I just did.

Kendall testifies, but the Kinks and the EyeShags blind me and I can’t hear. What, that doesn’t make sense to you? Well, neither does SisYay and yet, here we are.

No good moment goes unpunished, of course, so today’s McHack Is A Thief moment comes courtesy of Spartacus – because Kendall is VolderBaby! And pure! And innocent! VolderBaby! I am VolderBaby! And I will be loved! Slow clap for me and my rapist daddy! I am VolderBaby!

And the Kinks, Kinks, Kinks Uber Alles! Kendall steps down, flies into Bianca’s arms and barely saves the hug from the smooch Binky was about to plant on her lov, erm, sister’s mouth. Good god, this is indecent. Hee.

Maggie’s Vehicle Of Confusion – Maggie starts the car, lays her head on the steering wheel and flashes back to the kiss – in slow motion and with the kind of crappy romantic music any half-decent date would pay the pianist not to play.

Slow motion for the commando kiss of death? I guess BAM had to catch up to Lianca and this was the only way. Now, do this very, very carefully or you’ll get hurt: compare Bianca’s reaction to the kiss with Maggie’s flashback. Have you busted your gut laughing yet? Yeah, so have I. Ah, BAM: it’s comedy gold.

The Last Scenes - Maggie backs out and hits Jamie: since there’s a wall back there, why the hell was Maggie backing out? Oh, wait: the symbolism! She’s freaking out! And backing away! Symbol! Back! Meh.

Maggie kisses Jamie and he reacts pretty much the same way Bianca did. Wow, AMC is so original! You know who else did this? Frankie. Frankie, Maggie’s twin, who also had buyer’s remorse after she and Bianca shared a moment and ran to erase it with J.R., Jamie’s brother. Maggie, I know this is your "journey" and all that, but how much longer is this confusion crap going to fly? Get over it already: it’s been long enough.

At Fusion, Tad presses Simone to tell him and Juan Pablo what she’s "hiding." She bristles at the suggestion that Michael’s murder should be pinned on poor, defenseless, dead Carloser, he of the Vortex of Suck, so she yells out that she is "the guilty one," she "did it" and she "pulled the trigger." Red herring # 64, thy name is Simone.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Tad asks Simone whether she killed Michael; Kendall threatens Greenlee; Jack tells Erica she tried to kill Kendall.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Bianca made plans to leave town.
Maggie: I don't understand. I thought you were staying in town.
Bianca: I changed my mind. I just don't think my mother could handle finding out about the baby. You know how she is - fragile one day, strong the next.
Maggie: I know. The writers can't seem to keep anyone's character consistent.
Bianca: I'm leaving for France as soon as possible.
Baby: I've got to start working on making wise a** remarks in French. Do they have tapes for that?
Maggie: You're planning on going with Lena aren't you?
Bianca: Maybe. I haven't thought that far ahead.
Maggie: Before you go there's something I have to do::::kissssss:::
Baby: Where the heck did that come from?
Bianca: Where the heck did that come from?
Maggie: Didn't you suspect I might have conflicted feelings for you?
Bianca: Well yeah, but I wasn't expecting this.
Baby: Me either. Did I miss the camera crew from Entertainment Tonight?
Lena: Hello everyone. Did I miss anything?
Maggie: Nope. Not a thing. No kissing or the beginning of daytime's first gay triangle or anything like that. Whoa, look at the time! See ya!

Maggie went to her car.
Maggie: What have I done?:::backs up car:::::Uh oh! Now what have I done?
Lizzie: You ran over Jamie. Now quick, see if you can find Babe and JR.
Jamie: Don't worry. I'm all right.
Lizzie: :::sigh::::
Maggie: Are you sure? :::kisssss:::::
Policeman: Is everything all right here?
Maggie: Yes. Everything's peachy.::::kisssss::::::
Pizza Delivery Guy: Who ordered the pepperoni?
Maggie: That would be me::::kissss::::::OK, anyone getting the picture that I'm not sure what I want?

Greenlee showed up at the Pine Cone.
Greenlee: I just wanted to let you know that I'm in the lead in the "too pathetic to live" contest.
Mia: Oh yeah? Well I followed Aidan and found where he was hiding the minister that married Kendall and Michael. Then when he escaped I didn't tell Aidan a thing about it even though it could seriously hurt Kendall's chances of being acquitted.
Greenlee: Rats. You're still more pathetic than I am.
Mia: Yes. It seems to be the one personality trait of mine that stays the same. So now what are we going to do?
Greenlee: I think we should find him and make sure he doesn't hurt Kendall's case.
Mia: You want to help Kendall?
Greenlee: Not really. But I would like to win back some of the audience support. My populartity has really taken a hit lately.

Tad came to see Simone.
Simone: I knew it. You came to tell me you love me.
Tad: What makes you say that?
Simone: Well, there's really not that much choice is there?
Tad: There's Krystal.
Simone: Yes, a talented actress to be sure but her character is written as the skank of the western world. Not much rooting value there. Besides, storyline wise she has that albatross Babe around her neck. You'd be wise to stay away from her.
Tad: What about Liza?
Simone: I doubt TPTB want to risk pairing you with someone they know will cause a large number of fans to unTIVO the show. Too much negative history there. See, I'm the best choice for you.
PFKAJP: Pardon me but I wish to talk to you Simone.
Tad: I thought you were in the Edmund and Maria storyline.
PFKAJP: That is true but they are rarely on and I do not wish to be forgotten. I have decided to get involved in the Cambias storyline instead. Simone, I think you should say that Carlos killed Michael Cambias.
Simone: But that isn't true.
PFKAJP: Maybe not. But in my country it is permissable to blame a murder on one who is dead - especially if that person was an unpopular character anyway.
Simone: You can't blame Carlos. The audience will be up in arms if they spent all this time watching this storyline and the killer turns out to be someone who's not even on the show anymore. Besides, I pulled the trigger.
Tad: You mean you killed Michael?
Simone: Maybe. Or maybe Tuesday is "Simone looks guilty" day.
Tad: Ahhh. Just like Monday was "Erica looks guilty" day.
Simone: Right. Who knows who will look guilty on Wednesday?

Kendall took the stand in her own defense.
Livia: Kendall, tell the court why you married Michael Cambias.
Kendall: It was simple. The show needed a new martyr. With Dixie still dead and Maria way back on the backburner I was the obvious choice.
Livia: So you sacrificed everything for the ones you love.
Kendall: Yes I did. There's no one who can sacrifice like me. And don't forget vulnerable. Look at this face - can anyone do vulnerable better than me?
Livia: Not that I've seen. Now tell me about the baby.
Kendall: :::sob sob::::The baby is pure and innocent.:::sob sob:::The baby will be loved::::sob sob::::I am the baby and the baby is me::::sob sob:::I'd sacrifice anything for the baby::::sob sob:::::
Livia: :::sob sob::::No further questions:::sob sob::::
Alan: :::sob:::No questions:::sob sob::::
Justin:::sob sob:::I love her. Can we make her an honorary Power Ranger?:::sob sob::::

Out in the hall....
Greenlee: Fred, let me take you somewhere else.
Fred: Forget it. You're the villain in the storyline.
Greenlee: But I'm trying not to be. Come on before it's too late.
Kendall: :::gasp::::Greenlee, what have you done? Are you trying to destroy me?
Greenlee: Great. The one time I'm actually innocent it looks like I'm guilty. It's like living in a freaking Aesop's fable.


And as thoughts of Lena wafted in both of their heads...

Maggie discovers the easy way that she's biancasexual


Bianca: I don't have a choice. At this point, I think that the truth might kill my mom. I mean, you know how she is. She's superman strong one minute and then superfragile the next.

Maggie: Oh. I didn't realize I wasn't a part of this new escape plan.

Bianca: We're not even officially together. With the baby and the trial and all the other general craziness, romance has been pretty far down on the list.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Maggie thinks Bianca wants to go away with Lena (Lena mention)]

Maggie: Do you think that a jet-set getaway is the answer here?
Bianca: I don't have a choice. At this point, I think that the truth might kill my mom. I mean, you know how she is. She's superman strong one minute and then superfragile the next.
Maggie: Well, maybe she's in a woman-of-steel phase.
Bianca: I think that my safest bet would be to get out of Pine Valley as soon as Kendall is acquitted.
Maggie: If Kendall is acquitted.
Bianca: When. If we're lucky, then the case will go to the jury today, before I start showing so much that even my mother can't help but notice.
Maggie: Is she still out of it now?
Bianca: Yeah, she's with Myrtle and Uncle Jack. They're going to take care of her. There's no way that she's going to the courthouse today. Now, Maggie, i don't want you to worry, all right? I'm going to keep paying half the rent until the lease is up -- I mean, unless, of course, you want to get another roommate, which I would totally understand.
Maggie: Oh. I didn't realize I wasn't a part of this new escape plan.
Bianca: Just because my life is insane doesn't mean yours has to be. You're in the middle of a semester.
Maggie: Ok, so, my -- semester isn't the problem here, is it? You found a replacement for me. You want to go with Lena.

***** (clip b) [Maggie kisses Bianca (Lena mention)]

[amc040203b starts]
Bianca: You know, I haven't made any decisions yet, but it would be really great to have Lena along.
Maggie: Well, they do say that Paris is great for lovers, not really good friends.
Bianca: We're not even officially together. With the baby and the trial and all the other general craziness, romance has been pretty far down on the list.
Maggie: Well, this will give you a chance to bump it up a notch, being alone together in some cool, beautiful foreign country.
Bianca: Romance isn't the point. The point is that my baby deserves to be loved out in the open and my mom deserves whatever peace she's found. This is the only way.
Maggie: I know. You're right. You're right. I'm sorry. Forget I even said anything. Hey, you know, I can take a geography class. And if you decide to break your code of silence, well, then I will have a map and I'll know where you are.
Bianca: I'm not going to be on the run from the mob. You're going to hear from me. I'll call and I'll write, send you pictures of the baby -- you know, goofy ones with her face all covered in cake on her birthday.
Maggie: Great. I can't wait.
Bianca: Maggie, what's wrong? Please talk to me.
Maggie: Just give me a second. I'm about to lose the person I care about most in this world.
Bianca: You could never lose me. I promise.
[Maggie kisses Bianca]

***** (clip c) [Lena notices that there is tension between Maggie and Bianca]

[amc040203c starts]
Maggie: My book. My book. God, i'm going to be so late for class. I don't even know where it is.
Bianca: Maggie -- maggie, wait.
Maggie: You know, I'll -- I'll catch you after class.
Bianca: Maggie, we have to talk about what just happened.
Maggie: Have you looked at the time? You should be at the courthouse --
bianca: Maggie, it's ok --
maggie: I'll just swing by after.
[Maggie opens the door]
Bianca: It's ok, please. We just --
[Lena is about to knock and can sense that something is afoot]

***** (clip d) [Lena questions Bianca about Maggie's behavior]

[amc040203d starts]
Lena: Did I just walk in on something?
Maggie: No, actually, I'm just really crazy late for a class, so will you just take care of bianca for me? Ok?
Lena: Sure, but what about you? Are you ok?
Maggie: Peachy. I'm -- if I'm late for class one more time, i swear my teacher's going to kill me.
Lena: What's going on?
Bianca: I don't know. My head is -- is spinning.
Lena: Maggie seemed so tense. Did you two have a fight?
Bianca: No, we didn'T.
Lena: Then what? I mean --
bianca: I'm sorry. Can we not talk about this right now? I'm -- I'm -- I have to get to court.
Lena: Sure. I just hope that Maggie's ok.

***** (clip e) [Lena and Bianca return to the trial]

Judge: Prosecution's request for continuance denied.
Alan: But, your honor --
Judge: Oh, don't make me repeat myself, mr. Singer.
Alan: We have no more witnesses, then, your honor. The prosecution rests.
Judge: Nicely done, Mr. Singer. Ms. Frye?
Livia: The defense calls Kendall Hart cambias.
[Gallery murmurs]
opal: Sweet lord of mercy, she's as loco as mr. Friendly.
Palmer: What the hell does she think she's doing?
Bailiff: Raise your right hand. [amc040203e-inc2 starts] Left hand on the bible. [Bianca and Lena enter; Bianca looks back at Lena, seeming to what to go to Kendall, Lena holds Bianca back by the arm, directs her to the seats behind defense table, and both sit, Bianca by Ryan] Do you solemnly swear or affirm that the testimony you're about to give to this court is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you god?
Kendall: I do.
[amc040203e-inc2 ends] Livia: Mrs. Cambias, please tell the court, how did you feel about your husband, the late michael cambias?
Kendall: I hated him.
Livia: Those are strong words for a man you married. Why did you hate him?
Kendall: Michael wasn't like you or me. Most people go their whole lives without meeting a man like michael. He was evil. He was a predator. The courts couldn't put him away, but we all know what he was.
Livia: I'm sure you know what my next question will be -- the question that's on everyone's mind here in this courtroom today -- then why did you marry him?
Kendall: I did it to save my sister.
[Gallery murmurs]

***** (clip f) [Lena and Bianca watch the trial some more]

livia: Mrs. Cambias, how could marrying your sister's rapist save her?
Kendall: Michael followed bianca. He frightened her. He gloated when the courts let him off. [amc040203f-inc2 starts] And she was so broken [flash to lena and bianca sitting together] after what he did to her, so fragile, i had to stop him no matter what.
[amc040203f-inc2 ends]
Livia: How did you manage that?
Kendall: I made a deal with the devil.
Livia: How so?
Kendall: I agreed to marry michael cambias.
Livia: It was his suggestion?
Kendall: Yeah, he loved the idea. [amc040203f-inc4 starts] He said to own a kane woman would be a complete vindication. [Pan to Lena and Bianca] And he knew it would make me a pariah. He liked that, too.
[amc040203f-inc4 ends]
Livia: What did you get out of the marriage?
Kendall: I wanted to get back what he stole from us -- our companies, i mean. No one can get back what he stole from my sister. And so he promised me that he would leave town and never bother bianca again.
Livia: If he planned to leave town, why didn't he simply go?
Kendall: He thought that if he left town it would mean that he lost. Part of the deal was i had to send him money, which i could only do as his wife. He liked the irony of me making his lifestyle possible. By marrying me, he got to degrade us all over again. That's who michael was.
Livia: Mrs. Cambias, when was the last time you spoke with your husband?
Kendall: He called me about a week before his body was discovered. He told me to buy the meat packing plant. So i was just as surprised as anyone when they found him there dead.
Livia: Your honor, I'd like to present defense exhibit 14, phone records from the cell phone registered to michael cambias to the cell phone registered to mrs. Cambias, which occurred after the date the M.E. Declared his time of death. Mrs. Cambias, did you speak with your husband on the dates recorded on this record?
Kendall: Yes. The police must have the time of death wrong. I spoke to michael. I remember every vile word.
Livia: Mrs. Cambias, did you plan to become pregnant?
Kendall: No. No, never. I would never have even slept with him if it hadn't been one of his demands. It only happened once, but it completed the humiliation.
Livia: Mrs. Cambias, you previously stated that you did it to cash in on the cambias estate, to provide an heir.
Kendall: Well, I wasn't under oath then, and i was -- I was too embarrassed to tell the truth. I try not to think about it, actually.
[amc040203f-inc6 starts]
Livia: But you did have a previous intimate relationship with mr. Cambias, did you not?
Kendall: Yes, but that was before he hurt my sister. [flash to Lena and Bianca] After that, I couldn't even bear to be in the same room as him.
[amc040203f-inc6 ends]
Livia: Some people might ask why you would even keep this child.
Kendall: Michael cambias' child is not michael cambias. Nothing -- nothing that michael did can ever touch this baby. No blame, no guilt. This child is new and pure and perfect. I could no more terminate this child than i could take my own life. I am this child. I am the child of a rapist. And I promise you -- i swear to you, no matter what, this baby will be loved.
Livia: I have nothing further for this witness, your honor.
Judge: We'll take a short recess before people's cross. You may step down.
Bailiff: All rise.

***** (clip g) [Lena tells Kendall her testimony was powerful]

[amc03O203g starts]
pal: Palmer says he didn't want to mingle with the hoi polloi, so he sent me over. He says to tell you way to kick fanny, girl.
Kendall: In those exact words?
Opal: Well --
lena: That was very powerful, kendall.
Bianca: And brave.
Kendall: Not as brave as some.

***** (clip h) [Bianca and Lena noticed that Lomax is back in the courthouse]

Kendall: You guys, please be quiet. Please, if you could be quiet --
opal: Probably -- [amc040203h-inc2 starts] oh, no. He's back.
Bianca: Who's back?
Opal: That guy.
Reggie: Probably one of those courtroom groupies or something.
Bianca: Well, should we do something?
Opal: Oh, he's horrible.
[amc040203h-inc2 ends]
Fred: Mrs. Cambias, you know me. I turned you into the little missis. Reverend lomax of the holy sand chapel of "i do."
Kendall: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, i don't remember.
Fred: But you said that it was the most important night of your life, that you'd never forget it. I bet you never thought you'd see me again. Oh, and the handsome hubby. How is mr. C?

***** (clip i) [Next on AMC: Lena seen in the background]

On the next "all my children"
tad: Simone, are you telling me that you killed michael cambias?
Kendall: You better watch your back, greenlee. [Lena in the background] You better watch your back! I am going to finish what you started.
Jack: You don't have any idea what you did last night. You went to kendall's house --
erica: I told you, I was upset.
Jack: And you tried to kill her.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040203b.mov (14.8m; 2:12) Maggie kisses Bianca (Lena mention)
amc040203c.mov (3.1m; 0:27) Lena notices that there is tension between Maggie and Bianca
amc040203d.mov (5.5m; 0:48) Lena questions Bianca about Maggie's behavior
amc040203e-inc2.mov (1.9m; 0:17) Lena and Bianca return to the trial
amc040203f-inc2.mov (867k; 0:07) Lena and Bianca watch the trial some more part 1
amc040203f-inc4.mov (843k; 0:07) Lena and Bianca watch the trial some more part 2
amc040203f-inc6.mov (1.3m; 0:11) Lena and Bianca watch the trial some more part 3
amc040203g.mov (2.4m; 0:21) Lena tells Kendall her testimony was powerful
amc040203h-inc2.mov (1.1m; 0:10) Bianca and Lena noticed that Lomax is back in the courthouse

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