Whoosh! Et tu Jackson?
Greenlee deduces that Lena probably
knew about Bianca's pregnancy

Lena Kundera

February 06, 2004

(Lena mention)
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Jackson Montgomery
Greenlee duPres
(No Lena)


Greenlee figures out that Lena probably knew about Bianca's pregnancy too.


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This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • Three men and a gun.
  • New Math doesn’t help Kendall.
  • Greenlee replaces Mia.
  • Agnes prepares spitballs for Megan.
  • The Rack speaks.

The Set-Up – At Bianca’s, Ryan is bug-eyed and furry-browed. You’re in line to be the next Edmund, aren’t you? You both look like cranky turtles.

Jack is furious at what Greenlee’s done, but still stops her from jumping out the window. Why, Jack: why? I’ll like her again next week, but she can jump today!

The Penthouse - Bianca is still crying and Erica is still in denial: maybe the faeries did it! Maybe the belly is really a balloon!

Bianca: "Mom, I want you to look at me, really look."

McTavish has no shame! First she steals from Thomas Hardy – though I still think she read the Clift notes – and now from Agnes Nixon! I read the coming out transcripts and that is almost verbatim what Bianca said back then. "Look at me. […] I want you to see me." December 22, 2000: go refresh your memories. Plagiarism? Continuity? Oh, wait: continuity only shows up on Saturdays and Sundays - when AMC is not on.

Bianca takes off her coat and her shirt; she stands in the living room in her camisole and shows Erica the real VolderBelly.

I guess this is what Bianca does when she needs to tell Erica something important – like when she came out (bad, McTool: bad!): she strips and tries to distract her mother with The Rack.

Bianca takes Erica’s hand and places it on VolderBelly; Erica flinches, subtly, and retreats.

Bianca: "I let you believe what you had to believe."
Erica: "Why couldn’t you tell me? Why did this have to be kept a secret from me?"

You’re kidding, right? You’ve been screeching "Abort! Abort! [well, technically, it was ‘terminate’]" ever since you found out Bianca was pregnant: how the hell was that kid supposed to find the breathing space to tell you anything?

The Studio – Kendall thinks Ryan and Greenlee conspired to torpedo her defense, which sends Ryan into a screaming fit.

Well, everything makes him scream, so that’s not really news.

Ryan: "You have thirty seconds, thirty seconds, Kendall, to take back every word."

But it took her three hours to tell you you’re a loud, freaky misogynist pig! Oh, wait: I did that.

The Penthouse – Bianca tries to explain why she didn’t tell her Erica about VolderBaby.

Bianca: "That look in your eye right now that tells me that I’ve hurt you and I’ve disappointed you, that I’ve let you down."

It must be truly horrifying to see that in only one eye: what’s the other one doing, reading Vogue?

Erica: "Kendall. She talked you out of this."
Bianca: "No. No, she didn’t have to. She’s my sister, I love her. And when I look at her, god, what if she had never been born?"

And Pervy comes through with the Kinks even when they’re half a town apart. Kinks aside, the whole "what if blah person cakes had never been born" thing really makes me cranky because reproductive choices cannot be based on allegorical outcomes and I resent this "I can’t kill a child" undertone in the abortion mock debate: there is no place for it, it’s a moot point as that is never the case and no one who is pro-choice is anti-life, so let’s cut the crap.

The Hospital – Beatstmund and Chesty LaRue disagree on his course of treatment.

Edmund: "What if this is as good as it gets? What if my body doesn’t restore itself?"

Oh, pretty please?

Maria: "Your body is going to heal itself: you just – you need to give it a chance to get strong on its own."

Are you on crack? Since when do people who are paralyzed just get out of bed and walk? This isn’t Galilee, you know.

Greenlee’s Pit Of Suckitude – After learning that Bianca is pregnant and that the stunt she pulled in court will most likely land Kendall in jail, Greenlee still demands that Jack place her at the top of his priority list.

Greenlee: "I’m just curious to find out how much of an outsider I really am. […] We all know about my very best friend Ryan, and Maggie, Lena: I mean, it’s a pretty good guess to assume they were all allowed in your little club."

If you didn’t have such a well-known propensity for appropriating and then using other people’s secrets to further your own interests, I’m sure somebody would have bothered to fill you in. This is not about you, you self-destructive, selfish tool: what are you, Erica’s other daughter?

Jack: "This is about trust."

Right on: you can be my father anytime, Jack. Oh, bring Greenlee so I can kick her ass.

The Penthouse – Bianca finally tells Erica that she had planned to leave town, never to come back, and that she will be raising VolderBaby herself.

Erica: "You honestly planned to leave town without telling me why?"

And miss out on all this? Yeah, what a stupid idea: shut up, Erica.

Bianca: "Let’s not talk about me right now, ok?"

Maybe a child will be good for you, Bianca: perhaps it’ll cure you of this ridiculous everything-is-about-my-mother attitude.

Erica: "I’ll never forget the day you were born. You were so sick: you almost died."

Yeah, everything is a fucking tragedy with her.

The next stroll down memory lane is interrupted by a knock on the door.

Bianca: "No, no, please: they’ll go away."
Erica: "No, honey, don’t be silly: it could be important."

Oh, yeah, important – ‘cause Bianca just finished telling you what she had for lunch.

The Last Scenes – At cow central, the police arrest David, Adam and Tad. Raise your hands if you care.

At Fusion, Greenlee is on a rampage. Boohoo, nobody loves you, get a gold box and call Leo.

At the penthouse, Erica realizes Jack already knew Bianca was pregnant.


NEXT WEEK ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Tad wants Adam to drop the charges against Jamie; Bianca wants Ryan to fix things with Kendall; Greenlee apologizes; Erica breaks a glass.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Kendall was upset with Ryan.
Kendall: I can't believe you set me up.
Ryan: What makes you think I set you up? I've knocked myself out helping you fake medical tests and buying you pregnancy pillows - not to mention all the scenes we've had where I didn't wear a shirt. If you can't trust someone with abs like mine who can you trust?
Kendall: I overheard you say something to Greenlee which taken out of context led me to believe that you were scheming with her to bring me down.
Ryan: If this doesn't turn back into an "I trust Ryan" day in 30 seconds, I'm leaving.
Kendall: Goodbye.
Ryan: All right then. Time for my big exit. Too bad I didn't park my motorcycle in the hallway. I love making big exit scenes on my motorcycle.

Jack continued to reprimand Greenlee.
Jack: So you see, everything that Kendall has done was to protect Bianca.
Greenlee: I see. Kendall=Good. Greenlee=Bad. I might as well just end it all.
Jack: Wait.
Greenlee: You mean you don't want me to jump?
Jack: No. I was going to open the window. It's heavy and I'm not sure you can get it open wide enough.
Greenlee: This is really all your fault. You should have told me from the beginning. I hate being the last to know something.
Jack: Actually Erica doesn't know yet either.
Greenlee: So what's the deal? Only people over 5 feet tall get to hear the truth?
Jack: Don't you see that this isn't about who heard the truth when? You may have put Kendall in jail for the rest of her life.
Greenlee: And I suppose that's more important to you than the fact that you hurt my feelings? I'll bet you wish I wasn't your daughter....this is the part where you're supposed to say "oh no Greenlee, I'd never wish that".
Greenlee: You can say it any time now.
Greenlee: All right then. I'm leaving. Don't try to stop me and beg for my forgiveness.
Greenlee: Things really aren't going my way are they? Oh well, at least I'm the undisputed winner of the "I need to be smacked into next week" t-shirt.

Bianca and Erica finally discussed the truth.
Erica: Tell me the truth Bianca. I can handle it.
Bianca: I'm the one who's pregnant Mom.
Erica: Stop saying things like that.
Bianca: I thought you said you could handle it.
Erica: I never said I could handle it well.
Bianca: I know it's hard to accept but I am still pregnant. Here, feel.
Baby: Hi Grandma!
Bianca: Kendall's sure the baby's a girl - another in the line of strong dynamic Kane women.
Baby: Or as they're known is psychiatric circles - my ticket to a vacation home in Barbados.
Erica: I can't believe you lied to me about this.
Bianca: Technically I didn't lie. I never told you I wasn't pregnant. I just never told you that I was.
Baby: Sort of like how you never told Uncle Jack that Greenlee wasn't his daughter, you just never told him that she was.
Erica: How could you keep something like this a secret?
Bianca: When it was just Maggie and Kendall things were easy. But after Ryan found out it got more complicated.
Baby: Then the pizza delivery guy and the dry cleaner found out but they were really supportive - not to mention the lady at the drive through window at McDonalds.
Erica: What were you going to do?
Bianca: I was going to leave town and come back with a baby that I supposedly adopted overseas.
Erica: Please. That's the silliest storyline I've ever heard of - and I've been on this show since the beginning.
Jack: Hi everyone. What's going on here?
Bianca: I just told mom some difficult news.
Erica: And I'm going out to the kitchen to cook something. I'll be right back.
Jack: So how did she take it?
Baby: She's in there cooking something. Obviously she's gone off the deep end.
Bianca: I'm worried about her Uncle Jack. Will you stay with her?
Jack: Of course. Just let me hide the letter opener.
Erica: Jack, you won't believe what Bianca just told me.
Jack: Bianca who?
Erica: Oh my God! You knew didn't you?
Jack: What tipped you off?

David held Adam at gunpoint.
Adam: What are you doing with that gun?
David: You mean the gun Erica used and you ended up with the night Michael was murdered?
Adam: Wow, nice job. Two major clues dropped in only one sentence. But you won't shoot me.
David: Why not? I might get more screen time if I were on trial for murder.
Adam: I don't think so. The audience won't put up with another murder mystery so soon.
Tad: Aha! Now I have the gun.
Adam: Tad. Thank God you're here! Now who ever thought I'd say something like that.
Tad: You spoke too soon. I'm holding you both as my prisoner and I'm callling the police.
David: Imagine, Tad Martin holding me and Adam Chandler hostage.:::sniff sniff::::I'm finally in the "in-crowd".
Officer Sean: What seems to be going on here?
Tad: One of these men shot Michael Cambias.
Adam: Not us. He has the gun.
David: Yeah. He looks like the murderer to me.
Tad: David and Adam teaming up to pick on me:::sniff sniff::::This is the most fun I've had in ages.
Adam: :::sniff sniff:::Me too. I love you guys.

Dr. Newbie came to see Edmund.
Edmund: Do you have news for me?
Dr. Newbie: Yes, quite a lot actually. Kendall broke up with Ryan, Jack let Greenlee have it with both barrels and Bianca finally told Erica the truth about the baby.
Edmund: I mean about my injuries.
Dr. Newbie : Oh that. I think I can cure your paralysis. You'll need lots of rest afterwards but hey, it's not like you're on much anyway.
Maria: I need to talk to my husband alone.
Dr. Newbie : Fine. I want to rewatch the David, Tad, and Adam on Soapnet.
Maria: Edmund, I don't want you to have the surgery. I'm sure that nasty paralysis thing will get better. It's just like ringworm - annoying while it lasts but it goes away eventually.
Edmund: If you're sure?
Maria: Trust me.

Later Ryan found Maria in the hall.
Maria: ::sob sob::::
Ryan: So you saw the breakup scene with Kendall? Heartbreaking wasn't it? Not to mention the scenes with Bianca and Erica -now that's family drama.
Maria: I'm not crying about that. I'm crying about Edmund.
Ryan: Is he still in the hospital? I thought he must be well since you guys haven't been on in so long.
Maria: ::sob sob::::Did you have to remind me?:::sob sob::::Oh Ryan, I lied to Edmund. I told him he would get better without surgery but he won't.
Ryan: That's all right. Sometimes you keep things from the people you love but hopefully it doesn't change the way they feel about you.
Maria: Really? So you think Edmund will understand why I lied to him?
Ryan: You and Edmund? I dont' know. I was actually thinking about what Erica will do when she finds out Jack knew about the baby. Is this great soap opera or what?
Maria: :::sob sob:::::


Ironic? You dare call me...ironic?

David pretending to be Lena


Greenlee: I'm just curious to find out how much of an outsider that I really am. For example, reggie, your other child -- did he know? Come on, dad. Moment of truth. It's about time, don't you think?
Jack: Yes, reggie knew that bianca was pregnant from the rape, but he thought she'd terminated.
Greenlee: And david.
Jack: No, no, david's bianca's doctor, so what do you think?
Greenlee: We all know about my very, very best friend, ryan. And maggie, lena -- it's a pretty good guess to assume that they were all allowed in your little club.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Greenlee surmises that Lena knew about Bianca's pregnancy]

Jack: I'll tell you what -- if you just want to stand around here and assign blame to anybody but yourself, you go right ahead. I have things I need to do.
Greenlee: I'm sure whatever it is, it's way more important than i am.
Jack: You know what, greenlee? Unconditional love is for puppies. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go tell erica that her other daughter's pregnant!
Greenlee: Your precious little erica wasn't allowed to know that her very favorite daughter was with child? At least i'm in good company. Anyone else left in the dark, other than the prosecution?
Jack: Is that so important?
Greenlee: I'm just curious to find out how much of an outsider that I really am. For example, reggie, your other child -- did he know? Come on, dad. Moment of truth. It's about time, don't you think?
Jack: Yes, reggie knew that bianca was pregnant from the rape, but he thought she'd terminated.
Greenlee: And david.
Jack: No, no, david's bianca's doctor, so what do you think?
Greenlee: We all know about my very, very best friend, ryan. And maggie, lena -- it's a pretty good guess to assume that they were all allowed in your little club.
Jack: Is that what really matters to you?
Greenlee: What matters is i stood outside the courtroom and begged for someone to tell me why it was perfectly ok for kendall to lie and cheat. And you know what my answer was? "Shut up, greenlee." "None of your business, greenlee." "Go away, little girl, so the adults can take care of the important stuff." You want to know what my favorite one was? "You're a pariah, greenlee. Just leave town." That little gem is courtesy of my future stepmother. What a welcome to the family.
Jack: Why the hell would anybody tell you anything? I mean, certainly you can't be trusted with anything as far as bianca goes or as far as kendall's concerned. I wasn't going to tell you a damn thing and give you ammunition for the next time you go gunning for erica.
Greenlee: So you just decided to keep me out of the loop?
Jack: You bet!
Greenlee: Who says blood is thicker than water? Not with this clan. I am sure as hell nobody's cousin, I'm nobody's sister, and I'm certainly nobody's daughter.
Jack: This is not about full disclosure. This is about trust, greenlee!
Greenlee: Here's what you don't get. If you trusted me with the truth about bianca, none of this would be happening. I'm willing to take the responsibility, dad, but you sure as hell need to take your share of the blame.


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