Whoosh! Tired of delivering pizzas, Lena tries out sandwiches
Bianca checks out Lena's coat and
Lena skedaddles to parts unknown...again

Lena Kundera

February 10, 2004

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 02/17/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone


Lena visits Bianca to celebrate Bianca's birthday; Bianca recognizes Lena's coat from the night of Michael's murder; Maggie returns, Lena leaves, and Maggie tells Bianca to ignore that she kissed Bianca because now she's sleeping with Jamie


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Bianca is unnerved when she sees Lena wearing the same coat that she saw in her foggy memory of the night of the murder. Maggie returns home and tries to dismiss the kiss as nothing when Bianca questions her.

From About All My Children

Bianca awakens with a cry and flashes back to seeing a black coat and a feminine hand holding a gun on the night Michael was killed. Lena comes to the door with a breakfast bag and holds it out to Bianca, who is jolted at the sight of her black-clad arm. She asks if her coat is new, and Lena says no, she just hasn't worn it in ages. As Lena sets out the coffee and juice, Bianca says she's just trying to think if she's seen it before, and Lena shrugs she hasn't worn it since last spring-what's with the questions about the coat? Bianca says she's not fully awake yet, and Lena tells her to get dressed because they're going out to celebrate. Bianca wonders if they're celebrating her sister's imminent death sentence, or her mother's impending breakdown? She agrees she had to tell Erica about her pregnancy; she kind of figured it out after Kendall passed that DNA test. All that hard work and scheming that Kendall, Ryan and David did was all for nothing! Her baby, her mother, Kendall-everyone she wanted to protect, "What have I done?" Lena touches her hand, and Bianca again thinks about the black coat.

Lena tells Bianca to cover her eyes, and comes out with a candle in a cupcake. Bianca exclaims that's what she wanted to celebrate! Lena knows it may not seem like a very happy birthday, but it can still be a wonderful year. Bianca makes a wish and blows out the candle as she sighs she used to believe they would actually come true. Lena thinks this one will. Kendall will be acquitted, her mother will come around about the baby, and her little treasure will be born and grow up happy. That's all Bianca wants, and hugs Lena as she says she would give her life for it. Maggie comes home and asks if everything is okay? Bianca wonders where she was last night? Maggie's sorry, saying she passed out at the library, "And Happy Birthday! Did you make any plans?" When Bianca goes to answer the phone, Lena says she's so glad Maggie is home, "Bianca needs you." Asked for what, Lena relates the events of yesterday where Greenlee exposed Kendall's fake pregnancy, and Bianca confessed to Erica that she's pregnant. Maggie groans, "Welcome to Hell!" Bianca ends her call with Myrtle. Lena suggests she fill Maggie in on things, and she'll call her later. She leaves, and Maggie asks, "Is there anything I can do?" Bianca says she can sit down and talk to her, "You kissed me, and then you ran away. You want to tell me what that was about?" Maggie says it was weird and she regrets it. It was dumb and it happened, and she's sorry she took it the wrong way. Bianca doesn't think she did. Maggie repeats it was an incredibly stupid mistake, and will never happen again. When Bianca says she doesn't want to pressure her, Maggie agrees, "Then don't." Bianca says she made everything worse for everyone with her lies, and tells Maggie not to put it off. Maggie admits she didn't spend the night at the library, she spent it with Jamie. She really, really likes him, and doesn't want Bianca to make a big thing out of this kiss, because she finally found what she was looking for! She has to go to class, and will call her later. Bianca relights her birthday candle and blows it out again as someone knocks on the door. She thinks aloud that maybe it's the second wish that will come true, and opens the door, expecting it to be Maggie, but her caller is Greenlee....

From Soap Slut

Over at Biancaís, Lena arrives bearing breakfast. Binks takes note of Lenaís black coat (particularly the sleeve) because of her recent dream memory about one just like it. When asked, Lena replies that itís not a new coat, she just hasnít worn it in a while. Naggie arrives home and pretended she didnít know anything about the court news that Bianca and Lena tell her. After Lena leaves, Bianca wants to discuss the smackdown Naggie laid on her but Nags quickly waves it off as an inconsequential mistake. She tells Bianca where she was all night, then skedaddles because she has class.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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  • Greenlee tries to piece Kendall back together.
  • Bianca flashes to her Zapruder.
  • Lena flashes her ring.
  • Erica flashes back.
  • Iím still sick, so the recap is quite feeble: sorry Peeps.

The Set-Up Ė At Fusion, Greenlee dreams of Kendallís execution. Oh, so you feel guilty now? Boohoo.

At Calamityís, Bianca wakes and remembers yet another Blue Zapruder film strip. This time, itís a coat, a gun, a purse and someoneís flippy haircut shadowed behind a plant.

Lena arrives bearing brown paper bag gifts, but Biancaís attention is riveted to her coat. Because itís the coat! From the Zapruder! Lena! Itís her coat! Lenaís coat! It was there! That night! On the hand! With the gun! The coat!

At Tadís, Brooke is still stuck in the My Son Jamie story hell.

At the county jail, Erica arrives to bail out Tad: one can only hope this has nothing to do with, erm, raincoats.

In Jar-Jar Boobs Land - just kidding: Iím still not recapping this crap.

Calamity Was Never Cold Ė Lena tells Bianca that her coat has been in her closet since the previous Spring, wonders why sheís so interested in it and then tells her to get dressed.

Lena: "Weíre celebrating."

Celebrating what, that you made it into the apartment without tripping over Maggie?

Bianca tells Lena that Erica now knows the truth about VolderBaby and, when Lena places her hand on Biancaís, she stares at the non-commitment commitment ring.

Thatís significant, so Iím sure the next Lianca scene wonít start from this point.

Fusion Ė Greenleeís ecstatic to see Simone and Mia walk into the office because she canít bare to be alone with her sucky self, but she still tries to justify what she did.

Greenlee: "I thought she was faking her pregnancy to steal Fusion from us."
Simone: "So strip her in private."

But all her private time is booked! Ah, Kinks.

Mia: "Not in front of a Judge and jury."

Et tu, Village Idiot?

Tadís Fraternal Order Ė Jamie tells his mother the reason he and Maggie were arrested.

Maggie: "Ah - Iím gonna leave."

Itís good to know that your cowardice extends to heterosexual situations, too. Whatís left for you then, assaulting a corpse?

Brooke: "Look, Iím trying to look on the bright side: Maggie seems to be a nice, normal girl."

Compared to whom, Britney Spears? Sorry, Britney: I know thereís more to you thanÖwell: thereís more to you.

Fusion Ė "Boohoo nobody loves me, wah, wah, wah I need to fix things with Kendall, boohoo Iím a horrible person." Blah, blah whatevercakes.

Greenlee, I thought you were supposed to fall into a mine shaft: when is that going to happen, hum?

The Park Ė Erica takes Tad to the boathouse and tells him everything she remembers about the night Michael was killed: she and David went to Michaelís condo and, while she distracted Michael, David poured the castration drug into the scotch. When Michael saw the flask, he and David got into a fistfight; during the altercation, Michaelís gun fell to the floor: Erica picked it up and was about to shoot him but David stopped her. Erica remembers walking out of the condo and sitting on a bench a few hours later but not how she made it to the park or what happened in the intervening hours.

Oh, Erica: the flashback of nothing was worth it just to watch you hold on to your wrist. Who taught you how to hold a gun, Liberace?

Calamity Didnít Cook Ė Lena remembered that itís Biancaís birthday: she lights a candle on a cupcake and waits for Bianca to make a wish. They hug, but the FCC has gotten to ABC, too, so Maggie walks in and the phone rings.

Lena: "Iím glad youíre here: Bianca needs you."
Maggie: "For what?"


Lena fills Maggie in on whatís happened in the courtroom and with Erica and then leaves.

Bianca: "Maggie, you kissed me."
Maggie: "Yeah, and it was weird and I regret it."

But do you regret it like Justin regrets Janetís breast reveal or do you regret it like Iíll regret knocking your teeth out with my shovel? Oh, wait: thereís no regret in either of those cases.

Bianca: "But why did you do it?"
Maggie: "Because you Ė you have been so stressed out with the pregnancy and the trial and Ė it was dumb."

Oh, so Bianca was needy and emotional and thatís why you kissed her? You stupid tool: do something useful and buy yourself a muzzle.

When Bianca presses her for the truth, Maggie finally admits she spent the night with Jamie.

Maggie: "Thatís why I donít want you to make a big thing out of this kiss, because I finally found what Iím looking for and itís with him."

You mean you wanted to bleach out The Gay Cooties and got the first guy to do it for you, right Maggie? Why confuse one person when you can fuck over two?

Bianca looks furious and, once again, this is where the Retcon 32 and the rest of the world diverge: the Retcon 32 True Believers think Bianca is angry because she has feelings for Maggie and was just brushed off - and the moon? Itís made of cheese - while the rest of us understand that Bianca is seething because she knows Maggie had sex with Jamie to prove to herself that sheís either not gay or aware that she is but would rather screw the first person standing than face the truth. I donít know where this story is going, whether Maggie will realize sheís bi and has feelings for Bianca or put her purported journey to rest and settle on penis love: Iím more interested in Donald Trumpís amazing comb over than Iíll ever be in Maggieís journey of self-whatevercakes but, as a human being Ė and a gay one at that Ė this whole gay=shame thing is enough to make me root for anyone, including a man, to catch Biancaís attention rather than seeing her lose her remaining ounce of self-respect and entertain the thought of being with Maggie.

The Last Scenes Ė At Tadís, Brooke leaves the bloodbath to Liza and Krystal.

At the boathouse, Erica asks Tad to retrace her steps the night Michael died and admits she has two daughters.

At Calamityís, Bianca wishes for Maggie but gets Greenlee instead. BAMmers stroke out, but for all the wrong reasons.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Greenlee has a plan; Tad complains; Ryan wants Kendall to wear the engagement ring.


I ... adore Gamer!Lena. ... Lena could walk away and Bianca in not ready to be romantic with anyone. However, ... itís frustrating to see Bianca have emotionally in-depth conversations with everyone else in Pie Balley [Pine Valley], except Lena. The writers currently only see Lena as Bianca's romantic interest and since Bianca is not ready to engage in a relationship, she has been marginalized. Why don't they get Lena something else to do in the meantime? I'd even accept her in the Jar Jar Boobe [JR and Babe] storyline if it meant she could interact with Adam and Mary.

Black Knight
... I'm fine with how Bianca has been lately, it's the writing that I think is the issue. There have certainly been plenty of opportunities for Lianca to have nice in-depth chats that we could hear--they seemed to be conversing just fine in the background for most of the NYE party, for instance, but we got to hear about two sentences of it. I blame the writers for not showing us the Lianca interaction that I do feel is taking place, and I also blame the writers for not bothering to round Lena out by giving her something else to do. I know that McTrash [Mctavish] can only juggle about two stories at once, so I, in my eternal optimism, believe that we'll see Lena and Lianca move up to the forefront again once the trial/murder is wrapped up. But it certainly sucks for those who watch only for Lena to have to wait for her to get off the backburner.

Black Knight
The thing is, Lena seems fine--perfectly happy, really. If Lena had problems of her own and Bianca was ignoring them in favor of everything else, then I'd have a problem with it. Now when Bianca found out Lena was in the hospital, she went into Lena's room and talked to her and made sure she was okay. When Lena ended up in jail, Bianca got a promise from Kendall that she would get Lena a defense dream team, went to see Lena in jail, refused to go away and forget about Lena and "be happy" like Lena was urging her to do, and went to pick Lena up from jail as soon as she heard that Lena had been released. (Of course, I remember Olga's board trashing Bianca that day because she was interrupted as she was running out the door and took five minutes to give her brother an alibi for murder. How evil of Bianca.) She made sure to tell Lena she didn't blame her for Voldemort, and she's kept all the specifically-hurtful-to-Lena details of Voldemort secret.

Right now, Lena just really doesn't have any issues going on. Yes, she's not officially together with Bianca, but she can see that that's mostly just a formality, an issue of time really. She knows all she has to do is wait, and she doesn't seem impatient or unhappy about it. She was unhappy before because she was never getting to see Bianca, but now she's got drop-in privileges, has been included in all three of the last major holidays, and sees Bianca a lot. She seems fine with how their relationship is, very confident actually. (They'd gotten to the point, after all, where Bianca was just about ready to ask Lena to go away with her for good. Obviously things were going well. Mostly offscreen, which is the real problem here.) I remember when she threatened Naggie with taking Bianca away so that Naggie wouldn't see her as much, or ever again. In short, Gamer!Lena, TM some brilliant poster I've forgotten. I just don't see the poor put-upon Lena that some on Olga's board do; I see a reformed corporate shark who's in pretty good shape and knows she's getting what she wants.

Black Knight
Both Aidan and Lena are being written as supportive and loving, Ryan and Naggie as selfish jerks. Hmm, maybe the latter two can hook up and get off my screen.

Personally, I think a lot of that perception comes from projection of the Lena fan's misery at her lack of screen time and too much fan fiction. I could be wrong, though.

I think Lena has plenty of issues, actually, but we don't get to see them and Lena would rather keep Greenlee company in the mineshaft than let Bianca know she has them. She tried it once when she mentioned she, too, could not sleep at night, but Bianca was too focused on the Zapruder to give a d***.

Black Knight
First, I doubt that, with Naggie there, Lena was actually trying to open up a discussion of her issues. And second, Bianca had already made clear that this was a dream about Kendall that she was trying to figure out in order to help Kendall out, so it's a good thing for my opinion of Lena that I actually don't think she was trying to divert the conversation to make it All About Herself, seeing as how Kendall's murder trial trumps Lena's residual guilt over whateva. Olga's delivery came across as a world-weary "I f***** too many people in my past and I feel bad about it", not anything really deep-seated. She is hiding the suicide attempt from Bianca, certainly, Bianca's made clear that she doesn't blame Lena for anything and that she would like a future with Lena, and on the whole Lena looks like one of the precious few reasonably-happy PV citizens to me, compared to the crap everyone else is going through. She knows she's sitting pretty and that she's about to get what she wants. Good for her. Like Mystic said, the day I accept the interpretation of Lena common on Olga's board is the day I turn in my Lianca card. Blech.

I knew you were going to say that! Hee. Ok, so - yes, of course Lena was not trying to make the convo about her and of course that was the right thing to do. Lena as a well-adjusted resident of Pie Balley? I doubt it, but we'll never know. I wonder just what those sessions with the therapist are uncovering and I am willing to bet that, whatever it is, it goes far, far beyond the suicide stuff.

As far as the interpretation of Lena on the boards - ITA with you there, too. I don't go quite as far as you and some others here with regards to how Lena "knows she's sitting pretty and that she's about to get what she wants" because I think Lena is far more uncertain about things than she seems, but that's probably closer to the truth than not.

Either way, I've given my theory lots of thought. Fan fiction seems the likeliest culprit just because in fan fic, Lena has the Worst! Life! Ever! No matter what anyone else has been through, it's small in comparison to the sheer amount of tragedy Lena has faced. And as such, it easily trumps little inconveniences like almost dying semi-frequently, being born out of wedlock, being kidnapped twice, almost being molested, having your mother screw over your beloved father with your beloved uncle, being a pyro, being anorexic, getting blackmailed by your best friend's GF, having everyone you care about leave/dump you/fuck with your head/die, being raped, etc, all before turning twenty. Hee! Yet another pleasant e-mail 'defending' Lena has made me extra bitter tonight. Why do people pick on me? Seriously, I do think fan fic feeds into the mind frame of Lena's victim status, but mainly I think lack of screen time and just a marginal amount of knowledge about Lena's history probably is the main culprit. I still say her fabulous amoral self is just simmering under the surface.

Now that you bring fic into it, I'm trying to come up with one story that doesn't describe Lena the same way Uber Xena always found a way for a long lost, dead brother - and I can't. There's Lirin's fic, of course, which has Lena using hypnotism to control the whole town but, other than that...

I think someone misinterpreted my posts as anti-Lena, which was never my intent. I *like* Lena, just not the popular version of her that's bandied about. I remember once we talked about a group culture and how it forms. Suddenly, everyone thinks the same way and feels the need to defend that one way as right. That's happened with the Lianca fan base to a certain extent. You absolutely have to be 90% a Lena fan and 10% percent a Bianca fan (and that's only because you need Bianca for Olga's job security and to have a girl for Lena to shag, of course.) Since that's not my way of looking at it, I find myself getting the occasional irate email. No big.


This parody is by LizzieT.

It was morning in Pine Valley.
At the Chandler Mansion......
Babe: What are you doing taking money out of the safe?
JR: I'm going to bail my father out of jail.
Babe: Why? All he does is try to break up our marriage.
JR: I know that. But I'm hoping that if I start siding with him over you the audience might start to like me a little. Right now I'm barely ahead of the Twitcher on the popularity scale.
Babe: What am I going to do Mama? I seem to be losing JR.
Krystal: Just sit down and you and your mama will have a little talk dripping with down home trashy wisdom.
Lizzie: You two go right ahead. I could use a nap.
Babe: No wait! I'm stealing money from the safe. Pay attention!
Krystal: And I'm going to talk to my Baby Doll about making Tad happy so he'll stop making her sad.

At Tad's house....
Brooke: Jamie, thank God you're alive! Why don't you ever call me when you're going to be out all night?
Jamie: I was busy.
Maggie: Hey Jamie, can I have this shirt? It's kind of big but it's still better than most of my wardrobe.
Brooke: Maggie, you, here, dressed in that! Jamie must be out of his mind.
Jamie: Look at the bright side Mom. At least she's not Babe.
Brooke: I guess you're right. If only they'd cast a nice girl for you. I wonder if Amanda Dillon has been SORAS'D off camera?

At Fusion......
Greenlee: Mia, Simone, I'm so glad to see you. I need my friends right now.
Simone: Eww, ugh, icky, pooh. Don't touch me.
Mia: Really. You've sunk so far you even make me look borderline acceptable.
Greenlee: But we're the Fusion Girls. I know our storyline was silly and could be irritating but I thought we could get through anything together. We're like sisters.
Mia: Is that why you treated Kendall like Liza treated me when she threw me out of the window?
Simone: Face it Greenlee. When Mia and I can sit in judgement on you and not even look hypocritical you've gone too far.

At Bianca's.....
Lena: Good morning Bianca. I brought you some orange juice.
Baby: What? No cocoa? No Krispy Kremes?
Bianca: That coat! I seem to remember something about your coat:::: and the night of the murder.:::::
Lena: My coat?
Baby: Great. First Grandma's sleeve was the murder suspect, now it's Auntie Lena's coat. Personally I think you should look into Maggie's carpet square. I've always had a bad feeling about it.
Lena: Now close your eyes and make a wish. Happy Birthday!
Bianca: Ohhhh, how sweet.
Baby: That's it? A cupcake and a candle? I can tell you right now I'm expecting a lot more of a blow out when my birthday rolls around - like renting out DisneyWorld for the day.
Maggie: I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
Lena: I'm glad you're here Maggie. After all that's happened Bianca needs you.
Maggie: What happened?
Lena: You mean you missed the big reveal in the courtroom and the dramatic scenes where Erica found out about the baby?
Maggie: Sorry. I got stuck over in Jamie's storyline and missed out on all the action.
Baby: That's not what I heard.
Bianca: Maggie, we need to talk. You kissed me.
Maggie: I know. But it didn't mean anything. Entertainment Tonight didn't even bother to cover it. Besides, I may have kissed you but I boinked Jamie.
Baby: And a boink trumps a kiss so Jamie it is.

At the jail....
Guard: Someone is here to bail one of you out.
Erica: Hello boys. Which one of you will I choose? You know, this seems sort of like a twisted version of The Dating Game.
Adam: I'm the obvious choice Erica. After all I'm your favorite ex-husband.
Erica: Sorry. But you are in the top 5.
David: It's me isn't it? After all we've meant to each other I knew you'd come for me.
Erica: Wrong! I just found out that you've been keeping secrets from me. I'm bailing Tad out.
Adam: You can't do that. The Fan Fantasy thing with the two of you was last February.
David: Whatever you do, don't tell him about....you know.
Adam: Or ....you know.
Erica: But the problem is.....I don't know. Come on Tad.
David: It looks like it's just the two of us now.
Guard: No. David's been bailed out too.
Adam: Who would bail him out?
Guard: The gang down at the Backburner Cafe took up a collection. Even the waitresses chipped in their tips.
JR: Don't worry Dad. I've paid your bail.
Adam: You did?
JR: Yes. No matter what problems we've had you're still my father.
Adam: Trying to win over the audience huh?
JR: You know it.

David went to see Greenlee.
Greenlee: Why are you here?
David: To see how you are. Also to remind the audience that every character is redeemable no matter what awful things they've done.
Greenlee: I'm so sorry for what I've done. But I'm still going to whine about how mistreated I've been. I don't want the audience to think I'm groveling to win them back.
David: I don't think there's much chance of that. I did want to tell you I may have to leave town.
Greenlee: Why?
David: I'm not sure. Probably just to insert a "David looks guilty" moment into what's basically an "Erica looks guilty" day.

At the boathouse...
Tad: Why did we come here to talk?
Erica: I thought we'd be safe here from Liza and that Krystal person.
Tad: Good thinking. So what's the problem?
Erica: I want to tell you about the night Michael was murdered. David and I went to the condo to slip him the drug to make sure Little Mikey never reared his ugly head again. I was going to distract him while David drugged the Scotch.
Tad: Hmmm. Your flashback went from black and white outside the condo to color when you went inside.
Erica: Do you think that's important?
Tad: Probably not. But it reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. Go on.
Erica: Munchkin...I mean Michael...was his usual repulsive self. There was a fight scene - a well staged one I might add - and David knocked him out. I picked up the gun and got ready to pull the trigger.
Tad: So you killed Michael? I can't believe they're wrapping this whole thing up on a Tuesday.
Erica: I don't know if I killed him or not. I remember running out of the condo, then I don't remember anything for the next several hours.
Tad: You mean you have amnesia?
Erica: Yes. Amnesia in Pine Valley - it boggles the mind doesn't it? Anyway, I want you to help me find out what I did in those missing hours.
Tad: Wouldn't it be better to go to a psychiatrist and have him help you recover the memories you've supressed?
Erica: If you don't help me with this you'll have more time to spend with Liza and Krystal.
Tad: I'll do anything I can to help you Erica.

At Tad's house.....
Liza: I'm here to see Tad. Where is my sweet baboo?
Brooke: Liza, you, here, talking like this? Tad must be out of his mind.
Liza: Tad is mine, mine, all mine!
Krystal: Except for the times he's been mine - sometimes minutes after he's been someone elses.
Brooke: Suddenly I have this craving for penicillin. I'll see you all later.
Liza: What are you saying? Tad is mine. Your only purpose is to make me look more acceptable to the audience.
Krystal: I think it's more your only purpose is to make me look more acceptable to the audience. Face it Liza. Tad's boinking you, me and Simone. Isn't that just every woman's fantasy - to be one of the harem?
Simone: Ewww, ugghhhh, ickkkyyy pooooohhh! Can you believe I'm the voice of morality in this storyline?


What an arm!

Hmmm, now that you thought about it, Bianca, the coat does look similar to that other one

The only thing that will really kill me is if William DeVry ever gets a regular job

You know it's a good day when someone hallucinates, fantasizes, daydreams, flashbacks, or otherwise conjures up the deader than dead Michael Cambias

So, how long do you think it will take Maggie to get out of the locked closet?

The cupcake market goes skyhigh on birthdays in Pine Valley


Bianca: Your -- your coat -- is it new?

Lena: Bianca, what's with the coat?

Lena: Maggie, I'm so glad you're home. Bianca needs you.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Bianca thinks she recognizes Lena's coat]

Bianca: How can you sleep?
Greenlee: Bianca. What's wrong?
Bianca: Sleeping it off, Greenlee? Were you out all night celebrating the execution?
Greenlee: Execution? Not kendall.
Bianca: It's already done. They just administered lethal injection. My sister's dead. Thanks to you, Kendall's dead.
[amc040210a-inc2 starts]
[Bianca gasps and wakes up from nightmare]
[knock on door]
Lena: Hi.
Bianca: Hi.
Lena: Oh, I woke you.
Bianca: Oh, no. I was awake. I -- I was too lazy to get up.
Lena: Here. I brought you something.

***** (clip b) [Lena tells Bianca she's taking her out to celebrate]

[amc040210b starts]
Lena: It won't bite you.
Bianca: Your -- your coat -- is it new?
Lena: No, I just haven't worn it in ages. Here, I got one O.J. For you and one coffee for me.
Bianca: I'm just trying to remember if I've ever seen it before.
Lena: Oh, it's been in my closet since last spring.
Bianca: Are you sure?
Lena: Bianca, what's with the coat? You hate it, do you love it, what?
Bianca: No, I'm, I'm just -- I'm not fully awake yet.
Lena: Ok, well, drink up your juice because I want you to get dressed. I'm taking you out. We're celebrating.
Bianca: What are we celebrating? My sister's imminent death sentence or my mother's impending breakdown?
Lena: You told Erica?
Bianca: Yeah, that I'm pregnant with Michael Cambias' child. I had to. She kind of figured it out because Kendall had passed that D.N.A. Test. All that hard work and scheming that Kendall and Ryan and David did, all for nothing.
Lena: Bianca, I know that it doesn't look good right now -- but --
bianca: No, it doesn't. It looks the worst it's ever looked. Oh, my god, Lena, my -- my baby, my mother, Kendall, everyone that I've wanted to protect -- what have I done?

***** (clip c) [Lena celebrates Bianca's birthday and then leaves]

[amc040210c-inc1 starts]
Lena: Ok, close your eyes.
Bianca: I'm almost afraid to.
Lena: It's perfectly safe. Open them.
Bianca: Lena! That's what you wanted to celebrate.
Lena: Look, I know it doesn't seem like a very happy birthday, but, you know, it can still be a wonderful year. So, come on. Make a wish and blow out the candle.
Bianca: I used to believe that they would actually come true.
Lena: This one will. You'll see. Kendall will be acquitted, and your mother will come around about the baby, and your little treasure will be born healthy and grow up happy.
Bianca: That's all that I want. I would give anything for that. I would give my life.
[Maggie enters]
Maggie: Is everything ok?
Lena: Good morning, maggie.
Bianca: Where were you last night?
Maggie: I'm sorry. I passed out at the library. Happy birthday. Did you make any plans?
[Phone rings]
Lena: Maggie, I'm so glad you're home. Bianca needs you.
Bianca: [On phone] Hello?
Maggie: For what?
Lena: You don't know? Greenlee was all over Kendall yesterday in court, calling her a cheat and a liar. She tore off all her clothes so everybody could see the pregnancy was a fake.
Maggie: Welcome to Hell.
Lena: And then Bianca confessed to Erica that she's the one who's pregnant.
Bianca: [On phone] Yes, I would love to. Thanks for calling, Myrtle. I love you, too.
Lena: Bianca, why don't you fill Maggie in on things, and I'll call you later, ok?
Bianca: Thank you. Yes. That's a good idea.
[Lena leaves]
Maggie: Ahem. [amc040210c-inc1 ends] She just told me about the drama -- Kendall, Greenlee, and you and your mom. Is there anything I can do?
Bianca: Well, yeah, you could sit down and talk to me.
Maggie: How is Kendall doing?
Bianca: We'll get to that. Maggie, you kissed me and then you ran away. You want to tell me what that was about?

***** (clip d) [Maggie tells Bianca she's a chip off Frankie's block (no Lena)]

Bianca: Maggie, you kissed me.
Maggie: Yeah, and it was weird, and i regret it.
Bianca: But why did you do it?
Maggie: Because I -- because you -- you know, you've been so stressed out about the pregnancy and the trial and -- it was dumb, and it happened, and I'm sorry that you took it the wrong way.
Bianca: I don't think I did.
Maggie: It was an incredibly stupid mistake, and it will never happen again.
Bianca: Maggie, I don't want to pressure you, but --
maggie: Well, then don't, ok? Look, I have to get ready for class. I haven't changed --
bianca: No, maggie, wait. For months i have lied and evaded and pushed away the people that I love most, and it was a mistake. Don't do the same thing with me.
Maggie: But this isn't the same thing.
Bianca: Maggie, I just made everything worse for everyone with all of my lies. Please, just tell me the truth. Don't -- don't put it off.
Maggie: I didn't spend the night at the library. Ok, I spent it with jamie.
Bianca: You spent it with jamie?
Maggie: Yeah. And I really, really like him. And that's why i don't want you to make a big thing out of this kiss, because I finally found what i'm looking for, and it's with him. I have to go to class, all right? I'll call you later.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030210a-inc2.mov (5m; 0:44) Bianca thinks she recognizes Lena's coat
amc030210b.mov (9.2m; 1:21) Lena tells Bianca she's taking her out to celebrate
amc030210c-inc1.mov (14m; 2:04) Lena celebrates Bianca's birthday and then leaves

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