Whoosh! Kinks tells Laggie to hit the road since they are no longer needed
Lena walks and talks...barely one sentence

Lena Kundera

February 23, 2004

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 02/25/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Kendall Hart
Maggie Stone


Lena asks Bianca if she's alright. That's it. Oh, and Lena appears out of focus on "Next on AMC" where she reacts to Bianca's confession.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Nada. Nothing. No mention of our Lena.

From About All My Children

Maggie and Lena ask Bianca if she's all right? "Later," she tells them, as court reconvenes. Judge Lampert rules that Miss Kane's prejudicial confession leaves her no recourse but to grant the motion for mistrial. The jury is dismissed, and the judge tells Kendall not to leave town; she will expect Erica and her counsel in her chambers first thing in the morning. Jack hugs Livia as Kendall hugs Erica and Bianca, and asks what happens now? Bianca tells her sister this means she's in the clear, and she's got her life back! Kendall looks at Ryan, and he smiles at her.

From Soap Slut

No Lena mention. Alack for the pity.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • Opal curses her lack of powers.
  • Erica doesnít do diners.
  • Bianca is stuck in a loop.
  • Lena speaks.
  • Todayís Episode: Bianca confesses and 43 minutes of filler.

The Set-Up Ė At the courthouse, Ryan is a horseís *ss.

In the Shaft of Self-Pity, Greenlee grows a year older.

In the witness room, Bianca sees herself shooting *sshat and confesses. Again. Because repetition is good. Because repetition is good. Because repetition is good.

At the courthouse, Ryan continues to share a psychotic connection with Greenlee, but he doesnít look shocked: he looks constipated.

The Witness Room Ė Bianca canít believe she "forgot" shooting Michael, but I can because this was the only way McTool could try and surprise everyone with the!big!revelation! Except that she didnít.

Kendall canít decide what to call her mom, Erica or mother, so she settles on Floats With Hair.

Erica: "I donít understand: are we helping each other or are we tearing each other apart?"

That depends: is lipstick involved and are you on a hot air balloon?

The Shaft Of Self-Pity Ė "Boohoo: why do I get pitchforks and torches instead of presents for my birthday? Daddy, you didnít forget about me! Because me is I! And I am me! And I am a princess and daddy loves me. Wait: if I am a princess and daddy loves me, why isnít he looking for me? Boohoo."

The Witness Room Ė Erica declares that Michael stole time from her and Bianca the night of the murder and asks Kendall to give it back to them.

Erica: "Please donít let us be a house divided by lies and secrets. Please: as much as we want to protect each other, now is the time for the truth to come out. Itís our only hope for the future."

That and VolderBaby - because children? Theyíre our future.

The Hospital Ė Brooke brings paper and bad news: all the trees are gone and Edmund may never walk again. Oh, and he may die, but thatís the good news.

The Shaft of Self-Pity Ė "Boohoo, Iíve fallen into a mineshaft and all Iíve gotten is an orange balloon that clashes with my coat. Sniffity sniff, the shaft is my grave and I donít even have any cake. Maybe if I twist this ring a little harder Iíll get to imagine Kendall again. Boohoo, I want a cupcake. And Kendall in a slip. A black one. That I can rip off. Boohoo!"

The Courtroom Ė Maggie and Lena walk toward Bianca and ask her about Ericaís confession.

Lena: "Are you all right?"

Well, at least she got to speak today. Next week: Lena knits.

The Last Scenes Ė In the Shaft of Self-Pity, Greenlee plays rock, paper, scissors.

At the courthouse, Judge Lampert declares a mistrial; Bianca stops her from leaving the bench and confesses to the murder. Myrtleís hair is horrified.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Bianca confesses to the murder and asks to be punished; Maria orders Brooke to stay away from Edmund; Greenlee sees herself.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Maria and Anita went to a bar.
Anita: So this is nightlife in Pine Valley.
Maria: Yes. It's not very exciting - sort of like this storyline.
Anita: Are you worried about Edmund?
Maria: Yes. He wants to have this surgery that could cure his paralysis but it could kill him. If you talk to him would you encourage him not to have it?
Anita: I guess so. They must have brought my character back for some reason and I don't think it was an overwhelming demand by the fans.

Brooke visited Edmund.
Edmund: So what did you find out about the surgery?
Brooke: I found out that paralysis is never permanent on a soap so you have a good shot at walking again.
Edmund: That's wonderful.
Brooke: But there's bad news too. Lots of soaps are unloading their older cast members so the idea that you might die in surgery is a very real possiblity.
Edmund: I'll take the risk. I'm a beloved cast member who surely couldn't be written out.
Brooke: Yeah. That's what half the serial killer victims over on Day's thought too.

Greenlee was STILL in the mine shaft.
Mine shaft: ::::sob::::How long can this go on?:::sob::::
Greenlee: Great. It's my birthday but does anyone come to celebrate with me?
Mary: I'm here.
Greenlee: Mommy! What did you bring me?
Mary: A coat to keep you warm my precious. I can't tell you what you mean to me.
Greenlee: Really?
Mary: Yes. You're so rotten you actually make me look like a decent person.
Greenlee: Hey, this isn't what I want from a fantasy.
Jack: How about me?
Greenlee: Daddy! You miss me don't you? You'd grieve if I never came back.
Jack: You bet. Why when Erica wanted to schedule our wedding for next Saturday afternoon I told her I couldn't do that while my little girl was missing.
Greenlee: Really?
Jack: Really. I scheduled it for Saturday night instead. That would give them another couple of hours to find you.
Greenlee: This still isn't going my way.
Mia: We brought you something.
Simone: Free samples of make up from our company.
Mia: After all, it's the thought that counts.
Simone: Now I'm off to my storyline with Tad.
Mia: I don't have a storyline but I'm off too. I don't want your unpopularity to rub off on me.
Greenlee: All right. This is getting ridiculous.
Ryan: I'll say. The audience sure isn't amused.
Greenlee: What?
Ryan: This psychic connection thing that we have. It's starting to annoy them even more than the Babe storyline.
Greenlee: How about that? My big redemption storyline and I'm still losing ground. I'm going to be here forever - I just know it. No one's ever going to come rescue me.
Mine Shaft: :::sob:::Please, someone find her. I can't take much more of this:::sob::::

The courthouse was the center of action.
Opal: I don't believe it. You two precious old coots made up that story about dyed eyebrows to save my best gal pal's hide. Isn't that just sweeter than molasses in September? Does this mean you aren't villains anymore?
Palmer: Bite me.

Mary: Ryan, have you seen Greenlee?
Ryan: No. But I've had unexplained hot flashes and finger pain.
Mary: :::yawn::::Probably some lame psychic connection storyline.

Mary: Jack, have you seen Greenlee?
Jack: Sorry. I've been FF through the whole mine shaft/psychic connection storyline.

Ryan: David, have you seen Greenlee?
David: Sorry. I've been FF throughout the whole mine shaft/psychic connection storyline.

But the real drama was in the witness room.
Bianca: I did it. I shot Michael.
Kendall: No. I shot Michael. You're just trying to copy me.
Bianca: Am not.
Kendall: Are too.
Erica: Girls, don't fight. I shot Michael.
Bianca: But I remember shooting him. I remember pulling the trigger on the gun
Erica: I remember pulling the trigger on the gun too. I'm sure I shot Michael. I'd stake my life on it.
Tad: Erica, I have a witness that can prove you didn't shoot Michael.
Witness: Hello Ms. Kane. Remember me?
Erica: Sorry. I have a touch of amnesia.
Witness. I've heard that's going around again. I saw you the night Michael Cambias was murdered. You came in to the diner where I work. You seemed out of it so I put you in a booth and brought you some waffles.
Baby: Waffles? With syrup? She must have really been out of it!
Erica: What time did you see me?
Witness: At the exact moment that Michael Cambias was murdered.
Tad: So you see, you didn't do it.
Erica: Rats.
Bianca: I told you. I did it. You never listen to me when I confess to murder.
Erica: Kendall, you're the only one that knows what really happened. You'll have to tell us.
Baby: So Auntie Kendall is the stable one in the bunch. Not a comforting thought if you ask me.
Kendall: Yes Bianca. You did it. I never wanted you to know. Reggie and I covered up the murder and when you didn't remember what happened we swore that we would keep you from ever finding out.
Baby: Talk about family loyalty. Looks like our family is more like the Soprano's than the Brady Bunch.
Tad: The judge is ready to make a ruling on the mistrial.
Bianca: What should I do?
Kendall: Keep quiet.
Erica: Listen to your sister.
Jack: Don't say anything. The audience is tired of the case anyway. Just let it go.
Baby: I have a bad feeling about this.
Judge: I have no choice but to declare a mistrial in the case. Juror's you're dismissed.
Juror 1: Bye guys. See you at the next trial.
Juror 2: I'm headed for the Backburner Cafe. It's karaoke night.
Juror 3: I think I'll check out the boathouse. I wonder if anyone goes there anymore.
Bianca: Wait! Your Honor I have to confess. I killed Michael Cambias.
Baby: I knew it. I'm going to be born in jail aren't I? I just hope they don't have little orange coveralls for me to wear. That goes totally against my fashion sense.


Bianca shot the sheriff, but did not shoot the deputy.

Lena finds herself in a Twilight Zone episode where she gets stuck in traffic for two weeks
and literally fades from view while Bianca tries to say the word gerbil very slowly.


Lena: Are you all right?


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena asks Bianca if she's alright]

Reporter: Ms. Hart! Ms. Hart!
Second reporter: Kendall! Kendall!
[Reporters shout]
[amc040223a-inc2 starts]
maggie: What's the deal with your mother?
Lena: Are you all right?
Bianca: Later, ok?
Bailiff: All rise.
Judge: Be seated

***** (clip b) [Next on AMC: Lena reacts to Bianca's confession]

On the next "all my children" --
bianca: I shot michael cambias and I have to pay for what i did.
[LENA in background, confused, concerned]
Maria: Don't come near my husband again! Do you understand me?
Greenlee: I'm running out of people to hallucinate, so i made me with bad hair. This is the end, isn't it?


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040223a-inc2.mov (1.7m; 0:15) Lena asks Bianca if she's alright

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