Whoosh! Quick! Comfort me before the director notices!
Lena comforts Bianca
after Bianca's confession

Lena Kundera

February 24, 2004

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 02/28/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Kendall Hart
Maggie Stone


Lena says "I lahv you" to Bianca for the 13th time (first time this year and the last time the Lenameister said it, it was in October -- and Bianca's full frontal expressions of love to Lena? STILL ZERO!); Lena is all worried when Bianca starts on her confession jag, but is eventually filled with pride by her woman's courage; Maggie asks Lena out for a drink but Lena politely blows her off; Lena and Bianca have a hug


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No Lena (natch) but not even any mention of Bianca confessing to everyone and their brother. Weird, eh?

From About All My Children

Bianca tells the group some of them didn't believe Kendall, but it wasn't all a lie. Kendall helps her take off her coat, and Bianca stands before them as she says Michael Cambias did leave behind a child, but it was never Kendall's, "The baby's mine." Erica looks on expressionlessly, but Lena beams at Bianca with pride. Bianca explains that she's not proud of what she did; maybe that's why her mind tried to make it go away. It may be a surprise to some of them, but she's going to be a mother, and loves her daughter so much already! After everything they have all done, she's sure she feels all the love they've shown her. She promises she'll be loved and protected; she won't have to grow up sad or alone or ashamed. Erica looks down as Bianca says they'll teach her not to run away from the truth and the things that hurt them, because her mother didn't. When she says she believes that love will get her and her baby through this, Reggie is the first to come up and embrace her. Lena is next, and says she loves her. Maggie expresses her pride as she hugs her, and Bianca walks out into the group of people who support her. She pauses to touch Palmer's hand and gives Myrtle a small smile before going up to thank David and Ryan for everything they've done for her; she hugs both men. The judge repeats that the case against her sister is over; where the prosecution goes is their call. She offers her chambers for all parties to discuss this, and Bianca turns back to look at her friends and supporters. David assures her they'll all be here for her, with her all the way. Bianca looks into all their faces before going into the judge's chambers...

Maggie interrupts Lena's pacing to say that she's so sorry-she never should have accused her like that! Lena wishes aloud she had killed him, but Maggie insists Bianca is going to be okay-she must not have had a choice. She suggests they talk about this, but Lena tells her she needs to be alone, and leaves the courtroom...

Bianca comes out into the courtroom, and tells her friends no charges will be filed-they believe it was self-defense. Maggie watches from a distance as Lena embraces her. Ryan wordlessly kisses Bianca on the cheek before leaving the courtroom. Kendall follows him out, and he smiles before turning away. She calls out his name, and Ryan turns back, but sees Greenlee in her place.

From Soap Slut

No Lena mention. Sniff.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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  • Greenlee meets herself.
  • Bianca remembers.
  • Lena stops Maggie mid-grovel.
  • Judge Lampert stops the Special Prosecutor mid-forehead.
  • Lena breathes again.

The Set-Up – At the hospital, Edmund moves his eyebrows.

In the Shaft of Self-Pity, Greenlee runs out of people to keep her company.

At the courthouse, Bianca doesn’t have enough sense to shut up and go home. Kendall and Erica helpfully shake their heads while Livia and Jack try to talk her out of admitting she killed *sshat one more time instead of hauling her 110 lbs. of glorious stupidity out of the courtroom.

The Courtroom – Judge Lampert patiently tries to explain to Bianca that she has already granted a mistrial in Kendall’s case – and, by ‘patiently,’ I mean as if Bianca were a 5-year old from Tanzania – but Bianca is too stubborn. Yes, by ‘stubborn’ I really mean stupid.

Bianca: "Please, your Honor: this room is supposed to be about justice, truth: I have the truth."

A courtroom is about laws, not justice, and the two are often mutually exclusive.

Bianca turns around, declares that she "owes" the truth to the whole town because it’s been a long time and there are questions and there is fear and everyone has "sacrificed so much."

Oh, god: this is going to be one of those slow-clap, everyone smiles in understanding scenes, isn’t it? There is nothing good about this – well, except for the big bug that just flew into Maggie’s open mouth.

Bianca: "Some of you didn’t believe Kendall, but it wasn’t all a lie. Michael Cambias did leave behind a child, but the child was never Kendall’s: the baby is mine."

I get it: Bianca is noble! And upstanding! And brave! Too bad it’s seven months too late for me to give a rat’s *ss about any of it.

Lena cries.

Oh, you bastards: I was just about to say that I’m off the baby train and now I can’t! I hate you and I fart in your general direction.

The Hospital – Chesty LaRue is angry with Brooke for having done what Edmund asked her to because only Doctors can make decisions, damn it, and Brooke had better stay away from her furry man. Brooke is too classy to sink that low to the ground and pick a fight and tries to calm her down instead.

Maria: "Forget the research, forget the favors, ok? Don’t come near my husband again. Do you understand me?"

Oh shut up Maria! And step away from Brooke who, aside from that stupid belt on her sweater, has done nothing wrong.

The Courthouse – Bianca’s still doing the self-serving thing; she announces she’s going to be a mother and VolderBaby will be loved and will never be sad or alone.

No word yet on whether the kid will have an ounce of dignity, self-respect and intelligence.

Lena hugs Bianca and tells her she loves her; Maggie hugs her, too, and tells Bianca she’s proud of her. Erica stays rooted in place.

Go hug your daughter, you soulless idiot!

It’s time for The Walk of Support and Bianca makes her way through the Pine Valley That Matters and allows them all to bathe in her Light of the Just and Righteous.

I get an ice pick and sculpt my face because that’s less painful.

Judge Lampert invites the prosecution, Bianca, Livia and Jack to join her in Chambers; Erica, Kendall and Reggie go there, too: apparently, Bianca’s chat has admitted them to the BAR. What’s next, Knighthood?

Maggie approaches Lena and apologizes for having accused her of killing *sshat but not for being a malicious little twit; Lena doesn’t seem to care and shifts her attention to Bianca, worried that something might happen to her.

Maggie: "Do you want to go outside and have a drink so we can talk about this?"

You’re insane, right? Maggie, Lena wants to have a drink with you about as much as I want you to trap Bianca in your web of self-f***cakes.

Lena: "I don’t want to talk, Maggie. I’m so worried about her: I need to be alone, I’m sorry."

Maggie watches Lena walk out of the courtroom with an interesting – what an oxymoron, huh? And on a moron, no less – smile on her face.

Stupid troll: I hope you fall into a mineshaft and share a psychic connection with an alligator or twenty.

In Chambers – Bianca tells Judge Lampert about the night she killed *sshat. After discovering she was pregnant, she decided to confront Michael; she grabbed Reggie’s gun, thinking it would make her feel safe enough to be in the same room with Michael, and went to his condo. Aaaannnd Blue Zapruder!

In the condo, Bianca tells *sshat she’s pregnant – which delights him – and asks him to leave town or, armed with the new proof, she’ll file rape charges against him again. *sshat none too subtly suggests there will be a repeat of what happened at Myrtle’s; Bianca takes out the gun and, after warning him to stop, shoots him.

Back in Chambers, Livia argues self-defense while Special Prosecutor Forehead argues premeditation and announces that he might file First Degree Murder charges.

All that forehead and so little brain: what a burden. Speaking of things that don’t make sense: since *sshat was killed in the middle of the living room, I expect McTool will explain why the blood spatter was on a wall nowhere near the spot where *sshat was shot.

MiniTarzan really wants Bianca’s *ss on a sling; Judge Lampert tells him to get his crayons out and shut up while both Kendall and Erica threaten to confess to the murder should charges be filed against Bianca.

Please god, no: there is only so much I Am Spartacus I can take from Walks With Flowers and Floats With Hair: either throw Loves With Schmoop into the mix or close this chapter now.

The Shaft of Self-Pity – Greenlee throws a rock at GreenleeBot and runs to stand under the rockslide. Boohoo that, Greenlee.

It occurs to me that Greenlee has been in the shaft for two Pine Valley days and I have been recapping her for seven: Greenlee, either let the rocks kill you or shut the f*** up and climb out.

In Chambers - Judge Lampert believes Bianca’s story and dissuades Special Prosecutor Forehead from filing any charges against her; Bianca is so relieved that she forgets the started the Speech of the Sanctimonious asking to pay for what she did.

Kendall genuflects before Bianca and tells her that she gives her and everyone else "hope."

Bianca: "Kendall, are we…Is it…?"

Yes, yes you are (together) and yes, it is (a relationship). Ah, Kinks.

The Last Scenes – At the hospital, Dr. Joe tells Chesty La Rue to go home because her lousy attitude is killing more morale than he is killing patients.

In the courtroom, Lena asks Bianca to tell her what happened in Chambers so that she "can breathe again" and makes it impossible for me to snark – and that is wrong.

At the penthouse, Jack finds out that Erica knows how to sip.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Ryan asks Kendall about Greenlee; Greenlee is safe; Bianca tells Maggie and Lena that she fears things are not over; Jack asks Erica whether they’re still going to get married.


"Do you want to have a drink?" Is Naggie now trying to date Lena?

I realize that this ep (the trial portion anyway) was brought to us by the makers of sap, but I still liked it in all its sappy glory. I adored the Lianca schmoop. I was 'awwwwing' at Lena's teary eyed shots. She's so domesticated and sweet. All of her heartfelt fretting just made me want to hug her. Love ya, girlfriend. Dug the Kinks/Reggie scenes. They're my favorite TV siblings ever. Kendall was the perfect GF once again (as was Lena). "She's not going anywhere without me!" Kendall you are so d*** cute. Jackson is a sweetheart. I so want an Uncle Jack, don't care that he's kinda useless

Shoo! Naggie Shoo! Hee, I love how dismissive Lena is of Naggie.

What was with Maggie's bizarro smile once Lena walked out of the coutroom?

Great reactions and scenework from Jack and Lena today too. That's so much harder than doing "the speech." they both looked so worried and fretful and then proud and still worried.

And Lena seemed to convey her total love for the reemergence of the (idealized)Bianca she fell for - The truthful and brave and courageous one.

Black Knight
Naggie was just weird today. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be some sort of damage control now that she realized that Lena wasn't going to be sent to jail for murder after all. Heh. Loved her grumpy look when Lianca were hugging. Give it up, Nags. Your b***-shirt is not working.

I especially liked Olga's acting while she was out of focus just over Eden's shoulder as Bianca talked to the judge. She puts so much into the tiniest background moments.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Things were tense at the hospital.
Maria: What's going on here?
Edmund: Brooke brought me some information on the surgery that I want to have.
Maria: Oh she did, did she? Brooke,I'd like to speak with you for a moment.
Brooke: Hmmm. Is it my imagination or is she getting more like Isabella every day.
Maria: How dare you give my husband hope that he might walk again? What kind of a monster are you?
Brooke: He asked me to do research on the surgery.
Maria: You're not fooling me. I know you're aiming for a Brooke/Edmund/Maria triangle. I read the soap press you know.
Brooke: You're wrong.
Maria: Security! Escort this woman from the building.
Guard: Why? What did she do?
Maria: She said I was wrong about something and questioned my judgement.
Guard: :::gasp::::Should I take her to the dungeon?
Maria: No, just dump her in the parking lot.
Joe: What's going on here? Why is Brooke being thrown out of the hospital.
Maria: None of your beeswax old man.
Joe: Maria, I think you're getting a little out of control.
Maria: Oh yeah? Security! Escort this man from the building.

Greenlee was STILL in the mine shaft.
Greenlee: Who else can I hallucinate about?
Greenlee2: What about me?
Mine Shaft: ::sob:::Two of them? I'm in Hell aren't I? :::sob::::
Greenlee: What are you - I mean I - doing here?
Greenlee2: I'm the only one left who's not FF through this storyline. So I'm here to show you - I mean me - the error of your - I mean my - ways. You - I mean I- had a troubled childhood which made you- I mean me - unable to trust. Then being left a widow further damaged your - I mean my - ability to relate to people. Finally your - I mean my - character was damaged so much that they put you - I mean me- in this hole in a last ditch attempt to win audience sympathy but so far it doesn't seem to be working.
Greenlee: I'm beginning to see why people find me so annoying. Now get out of here. ::tosses rock::::
Mine shaft: Augghhhhhh! I can't take it anymore! :::tosses rocks:::::
Greenlee: I'm being pelted by rocks and the mine shaft may close in at any moment. Surely by now the audience is feeling sorry for me. Mine shaft: Wanna bet::::tosses rocks::::::

Bianca startled the courtroom with her confession.
Bianca: I murdered Michael Cambias. All these months of storyline were my fault. All the lies, the secrecy, the backburnering of other characters not involved in the murder trial - it's all because of me.
Judge: Ms. Montgomery, I'd recommend that you don't say anything else.
Baby: Save your breath Your Honor. I feel one of those monolog things coming on.
Bianca: My sister did everything she could to protect me. Every one in town took part in the cover up whether they knew the truth or not. For some people it was the only screen time they got. For others, this storyline took precedence over other things that could have been happening to them. Two sweeps periods have come and gone and still the coverup dragged on. But it wasn't just me they were helping. It was my baby too. Yes, for the extras in the back of the room who don't already know, I'm going to have a baby. And this baby will be loved for herself and she won't be afraid of anything.
Baby: Except being born in a jail cell or inheriting certain family traits like confessing to murder.
Bianca: So I have to say thank you to everyone :::hugs Kendall:::Thank you Kendall::::hugs David:::Thank you David:::::::hugs Ryan:::Thank you Ryan.
Baby: Good thinking. We're almost at the back of the courtroom. Quick, make a break for it and head for the airport.
Bianca: I'm ready to talk to the prosecutor now. I want to confess some more.
Baby: :::sigh:::: She never learns.

Later in the judges chambers.
Bianca: I went to Michael's house that night to confront him. I took the gun to protect myself. He was his usual slimy awful self and I knew his contract was almost up so when he oozed his way toward me I shot him.
Jack: Obviously self defense Your Honor.
Livia: He'd already been written out for storyline purposes. Someone had to do it.
Alan: Wait a minute. I want to charge her with first degree murder and go to trial.
Judge: Are you nuts? Everyone in Pine Valley will hate you if you prosecute Bianca. Who do you think you are - Greenlee?
Baby: The judge is right. Just let it go.
Bianca: Alan is right. I should be punished for what I did.
Baby: Oy vey! I don't know why I bother.
Kendall: If you charge Bianca, I'll confess to murder.
Erica: So will I. I've confessed to murder before. I'll do it again.
Baby: I'll confess too once I learn how to talk.....What am I saying? I've gone over to the neurotic side.
Justin: I wanna press charges. I like trials. The vending machine in the courthouse has great candy.
Judge: Forget it. It's time for this storyline to be over. The audience doesn't want another trial. Alan, you were only on recurring and Justin, it's time for you to be written out. Case dismissed.
Bianca: Thank you Your Honor.
Kendall: It's finally over. We can go on to other storylines now.
Jack: Now everything will be all right and our whole family can live happily ever after. Isn't this great Erica?....Uh oh. So much for happily ever after.


It is amazing how many people watch just for a moment like this

Who wouldn't want to have drinks and chat with Lena?

I pledge allegiance to the writers of All My Children and to their storylines, one triangle over Bianca, indivisble, with lesbians and frustration for all

You can count on two things in Pine Valley,
(1) that the sun will shine no matter what and
(2) that the blossoming triangle will make an appearance
somewhere in town at least once a week


Lena: I love you.

Lena: Tell me so I can breathe again.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena watches as Bianca confesses to Michael's murder]

[amc040228a starts]
Bianca: My sister, Kendall, didn't commit the murder. I did.
Judge: Miss Montgomery, you have a fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. [Lena in the background] Now, if you will walk out with Jack and Livia, I'm sure that they will tell you all about it.
Livia: We're leaving right now, your honor.
Jack: Not another word, Bianca, please.
Livia: Carry her out if you have to.
Jack: Kendall is safe. You don't have to do this, please.
Bianca: I know what I'm saying and what I'm doing. I have to say this. You have to listen to me. You have to hear me. Don't you understand? It was me all along. I shot Michael Cambias and I have to pay for what I did.

***** (clip b) [Lena watches as Bianca reveals that she is pregnant with Michael's child]

[amc040224b-inc1 starts]
Judge: Miss Montgomery, I have granted a mistrial in the commonwealth's case against your sister. The time for reasonable doubt has come and gone. Be grateful and be quiet.
Bianca: I can understand that, your honor. This isn't about --
Judge: Anything you have to say is of no interest to me as it pertains to this case. However, I believe the prosecution would feel otherwise. I suggest that you consult with counsel before you say another word.
Bianca: Please, your honor. This place, this room is supposed to be about justice, truth. I have the truth and i can give it to you now. I owe it to you. [Lena is in the background] To all of you. It's been so long. All the questions and the fears -- I thought they'd never go away. And you have all sacrificed so much. You covered and you protected, and all this time I thought you were doing it for my sister. And I was so thankful and so proud. But you were doing it for me, too, for my mother and Kendall and me. You turned your lives upside down for us. All the fears and the risks -- all my fault. Oh, god. All the secret things you did, [amc040224b-inc1 ends] [amc040224-inc2 starts] things you never thought you could do. If I had known -- please believe me -- I am so sorry for everything I put you through, Kendall. I'm so sorry. Mom? Can you ever forgive me? Will you ever be able to forgive me?
[Kendell hugs Bianca; Lena in the back with her hand to her face, head down]
Bianca: You were never going to tell, were you? My god, Kendall, you could've -- nobody deserves that kind of love and sacrifice. Nobody. Everything you did, everything you did to protect us -- you don't need to protect us anymore. I can do something now to make things right for you, for all of you, and for my baby. Some of you didn't believe Kendall, but it wasn't all a lie. Michael Cambias did leave behind a child, but the child was never Kndall's. The baby's mine.
[Lena in tears, smiling proudly]

***** (clip c) [Lena tells Bianca she loves her for the 13th time; first time for 2004]

[amc040224c-inc1 starts]
Bianca: I'm not proud of what i did. Maybe that's why my mind tried to make it go away. But one thing has stayed with me the whole time. My baby. Some of you knew about her, and for the rest of you it may be a surprise, but i'm going to be a mother. And I love her so much already. And after everything you have all done, I'm sure that she feels all the love you've shown me. And I promise you that she's going to be loved and cherished and protected. She won't have to grow up sad or alone or ashamed. And I'll teach her -- we'll teach her -- not to run away from the truth and the things that hurt us because her mother didn't. [Lena looks] I told you at michael's funeral that you helped me understand how powerful love can be. Well, I believe that love will be the strength that gets me and my baby through this now.
[Reggie hugs Bianca]
Reggie: If all the mothers in the world were like you, Bianca --
[Lena hugs Bianca]
Lena: I love you.
Maggie: I'm so proud of you.
[Maggie hugs Bianca]
[amc040224c-inc1 ends]
[amc040228c-inc2 starts]
Bianca: You saved my baby so many times. I had no idea how many. Thank you.
Bianca: Everything you did for me --
ryan: I'd do it again and more if I could.
Judge: Miss montgomery? As i said before, the case against your sister is over. Where the prosecution goes with your revelation is their call. I'm sure that Mr. Singer would be happy to meet with you and your counsel in my chambers. Perhaps I can offer some guidance as to how to proceed?
Alan: Thank you, your honor.
Judge: Right. Now, before the media breaks in -- Miss Montgomery, Livia, Jackson, join us.
Kendall: She -- she's not going anywhere without me.
Reggie: True enough. Me, too. I'm going.
Jack: Let's go.
[Bianca goes over to Lena and Bianca; Bianca reaches her hand out to Lena; Lena takes her hand]
Bianca: Will -- will you --
David: We're all here, bianca. We're with you all the way.
[Bianca goes to the chambers]

***** (clip d) [Maggie apologizes to Lena and asks her out for a drink]

[amc040228d starts]
[Lena standing alone, pacing]
Maggie: Lena, I'm so sorry. I should've never accused you like that. I don't know what I was thinking.
Lena: I wish I had done it. I wish it were me in there. If anything happens to her --
Maggie: Bianca's going to be ok. Look, if she did kill Michael, she must have not had a choice. Do you want to go outside and have a drink so we can talk about this?
Lena: Look, I don't want to talk, Maggie. I just -- I'm so worried about her. I need to be alone, I'm sorry.
[Lena leaves]

***** (clip e) [Bianca explains what happened the night of Mike's death (no Lena)]

Bianca: The day you -- the court -- let michael go, I found out that i was pregnant with his child. You knew what he said -- that he never touched me -- but now i had the proof that he did, and I was too late. The charges had already been dismissed. I knew that I could press charges again, but it was so hard the first time -- looking at his face, listening to his lies, that smug look when he knew that he had beaten me. My mother -- how could I put her through that again? And then i realized there was another way. I could get michael out of town and I could repair some of the damage he had done. It would mean seeing him face to face. The idea made me sick. I was terrified. And then i saw reggie's gun on the table. And I thought maybe if i had it, it would make me feel safe enough to -- to see michael. If i knew it was in my purse, he would never have to see it. Maybe then i would feel protected enough to be in the same room with michael. I got up the courage and i went to michael's condo. It was a little before midnight. When he opened the door, he looked a little off-balance. I don't know who he had seen or what they had done to him. But I couldn't let it scare me off, not until I'd had my say.
Michael: Well, what do you know? A little past your bedtime, isn't it, pumpkin? Hmm. Oh, please don't tell me you're here to whine.
Bianca: This is important. You need to listen to me.
Michael: Uh-huh. And what if I say no, that i don't want to hear another word? What are you going to do about it then, sweetheart?
Bianca: I'm not going to let you win. I have all the proof i need now.
Michael: You know, you're a little slow on the uptake, sweetheart. I have already won.
Bianca: I'm pregnant.
Michael: Excuse me?
Bianca: You heard me. You raped me, and now I'm pregnant.
Michael: Oh, mikey jr. Mikey, mikey! You are one lucky devil, man. Oh!
Bianca: You have to leave now. You have to give back what you stole from my mother and my sister and everyone else and leave for good!
Michael: Abandon my friends and loved ones? Why would I want to do that?
Bianca: Because if you don't, I'll refile rape charges and this time I'll have all the proof I need.
Michael: You know, sweetheart, you really are good for a laugh.
Bianca: I mean it.
Michael: "I mean it, I mean it." My god, do you ever make yourself cringe?
Bianca: You're not going to get away with it. They're going to charge you and try you and convict you, and then they'll lock you up for good.
Michael: Oh, oh, oh, that's good! There's my little girl. There's all the fire and passion that i want. I mean, after all, you are the mother of my little child, hmm?
Bianca: This is not your child.
Michael: You know, I have to tell you, this day was going in the toilet, but you have made me the happiest of men, not to mention the richest, hmm? Right, little tiger?
Bianca: No --
michael: Right, little tiger, little baby?
Bianca: Don't you dare!
Michael: Don't I dare, don't I dare? Ooh! I dare. I dare that and a whole lot more. You know, bianca, let me explain it to you -- you are talking to a billionaire in a town among nickel-and-dimers. My father was two seconds away from cutting me out of his will, but let's just say he doesn't approve of my wicked ways. However, according to his codicil, he's perfectly happy if i pass those wicked genes on to someone else. My baby gets the bucks. Oh, yeah, that's right, peaches. My baby is going to make me rich, rich, rich, rich, rich!
Bianca: This is not your child. You will never see this child! You'll rot in jail first!
Michael: Oh, my gosh, the naivete of youth. Beautiful. Let me explain it to you this way, binky. It's your word against mine. You say I raped you, i say that we love each other and the sex was consensual, beautiful. It was a heartfelt moment between the two of us that made a baby.
Bianca: You're disgusting. They won't believe you.
Michael: Really? Well, why are you going to have this baby if you don't love his father? I'm touched, bianca, really. Yep, I knew we had this, you know, thing together. I just didn't know how deep it was. So you see, bianca, you are now carrying around the cambias fortune in that snuggled-up, cozy little tummy of yours. H***, I bet it even jiggles when you walk.
Bianca: You're a pig. Stop it. Shut up!
Michael: No, no, no, just -- just shut your mouth, bianca. Shut your mouth because we don't want our baby to hear his parents fighting. Now, you are going to do as you're told because you've already been bought and sold -- you and the heir apparent, of course.
Bianca: You don't own me, and you will never own this child.
Michael: Uh-uh-uh. My genes, bianca -- my genes, my blood, my money. Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. Ooh, look how scared you are. Oh, my god, look at your eyes -- they are sparkling and your cheeks are all flushed. You know, between you and me, this little kid is going to be one handsome devil, and I think that is reason to celebrate. What do you think, huh? You and me, a happy family, together at last, hmm?
Bianca: This is over, michael. They are going to lock you up for good, I swear it.
Michael: Whoa, whoa, whoa, we'll have none of that, honey. I think you are forgetting who wears the pants in this family, and I think you need a little reminder, hmm?
Bianca: Don't.
Michael: Don't -- don't what? Don't stop? Oh, sweetheart. You really know how to turn me on, don't you? You know, but this time don't make it so easy so we don't spoil our fun because you know how much we like our fun, don't we? Remember myrtle's? You know, I think we should do that again, except this time we'll take our time, make it last a little bit longer. What do you say, huh? Ooh, look who brought a little party favor, huh?
Bianca: You won't touch me. You won't do this to me or to my child.
Michael: My -- my baby, bianca. My baby. And as far as the two of you go, I will do what the h** I want to you again and again and again.
Bianca: Don't move!
Michael: Bianca --
bianca: If you move, I'll shoot. So help me god, I'll shoot!
Michael: Bianca, bianca, bianca, you are going to do as you're told for the rest of your life.
michael: Oh --

***** (clip f) [Lena is upset in the background]

Tad: You ok?
Simone: Oh, I feel horrible. Even worse now for all the stupid things that i've done. I mean, just to know what bianca is up against -- i mean, who has she even hurt, huh? Intentionally, i mean.
[Lena sitting by herself in background, arms crossed, looking concerned, upset]
Tad: They'll hear bianca's side of it. They'll make the right decision.
Simone: Yeah, and what if they don't?
Tad: Bianca's going to be ok.
Simone: Is that all you have for me? Because I'll be honest with you, it's just not enough.

***** (clip g) [Lena is happy that Bianca gets off for self defense]

[amc040224g starts]
Lena: Tell me so I can breathe again.
Bianca: They're not going to press charges. They believe that it was self-defense.
[Lena hug]

***** (clip h) [Next on AMC: Lena watches Bianca as she gets nervous]

On the next "all my children"
ryan: What do you know about greenlee? Do you know where she is?
Greenlee: Finally. I can't believe I'm safe.
[Lena Maggie, and Bianca in the courtroom]
Bianca: Something inside me is telling me that it's not over yet.
Jack: We are still getting married, aren't we?


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc040224a.mov (4.1m; 0:36) Lena watches as Bianca confesses to Michael's murder
amc040224b-inc1.mov (13.7m; 2:01) Lena watches as Bianca reveals that she is pregnant with Michael's child
amc040224b-inc2.mov (14.3m; 2:07) previous clip continued
amc040224c-inc1.mov (11.8m; 1:44) Lena tells Bianca she loves her for the 13th time; first time for 2004
amc040224c-inc2.mov (14m; 2:04) previous clip continued
amc040224d.mov (4.5m; 0:39) Maggie apologizes to Lena and asks her out for a drink
amc040224g.mov (3.9m; 0:35) Lena is happy that Bianca gets off for self defense

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