Whoosh! Come on, Liz, it's not that bad having to carry the gay storyline. You'll do fine after I am gone.
Lena comforts Maggie
at the news of Miranda's death

Lena Kundera

March 29, 2004

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 06/14/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Maggie Stone


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From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Maggie and Lena reach out to each other.

From About All My Children

Lena looks around at the somber faces and exclaims that Bianca's awake, "Why won't somebody…" She trails off when she sees the incubator, and asks what that is? Ryan says it's an incubator, to protect the baby while she was in the helicopter. Kendall speaks the words no one wants to say, "Bianca's baby is dead. Miranda is dead." When Lena cries that Bianca is awake and will be asking about her baby, Erica takes a step toward her daughter's room, but Kendall insists Bianca can't hear it from her, "She has to hear it from me."...

Maggie reaches out to comfort Lena, and the two cry in each other's arms...

Everyone in the waiting room hears the screams from Bianca's room. Jack breaks down, and takes the smashed incubator from the room; Greenlee follows him as he hurries from the waiting room. Reggie exclaims, "No, Hell no!" Maggie breaks down, and Lena comforts her, as Ryan does Erica. Krystal catches David's arm and says he knows what it's like. When David agrees he knows exactly, Krystal begs him to do something to help her, but David knows there's nothing he can do. He goes over to Erica and coldly says he doesn't have any answers; he doesn't know how or why, but somehow, someway, she got exactly what she was hoping for, "Tell me how it feels! I would love to know!" Ryan calls him a sick son of a bitch, and Aidan helps pull David away....

From Soap Slut

Poor, poor Lena has to be the duh-duh cabbagehead and express her perplexity that no one is happy upon hearing the news that Bianca’s awake. Of course, then she turns around and sees everyone’s dejected stares at the incubator and is all, “Oh.” It’s almost comical. At least, it’s the most comical thing that happens today...

There are several scenes of everyone in the waiting room coping with their grief. Lena is comforting Naggie with hugs and a kiss on the forehead. The hell? Naggie’s getting more action out of Lena than Bianca gets. No fair. Speaking of no fair, that’s what Reggie sulks to himself over by the door. Greenlee agrees with him but he doesn’t respond to her. He just stalks off....


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


The Set-Up – At the hospital, Lena is the odd one out. So is Olga at AMC because she refuses to lie. Anyway – Lena wonders why Ryan is holding a crappy cat carrier; Kendall lets her know that MiMo is dead and then prepares to tell Bianca the news because dads always get the shitty jobs.

In her room, Bianca remembers she gave birth and smiles at the thought of MiMo; when Kendall walks in, Bianca smiles at the thought of Kinks.

Babe’s Room – Jamie tells Babe he’s "proud" of her but, once J.R. comes in, he apologizes for being there and prepares to leave.

J.R.: "Family matters to her and you’re family."

"Just let me state for the record/We’re giving love in a family dose." Yeah, ok, you’re both gay and down with the BroYay.

Finding MiMo – Kendall tells Bianca she’s had surgery - though she doesn’t reveal the reason for it - and insists that she’s doing fine, just fine, she’s fine and, oh, she’s fine, FINE!

Bianca says the delivery was crazy - because there was a storm! And her water broke! During the storm! And she went into labor! And she was scared! And it hurt!

Bianca: "Kendall, don’t be sad. It was worth it, honestly, because everything turned out just fine."

Yeah, it turned out fine, JUST FINE!

Outside, Erica wants to make MiMo’s death all about her; Brooke asks Adam to take her home because "grief is too private" and, also, McTavish just could not think of any other reason to make her disappear.

Off in the corner where the people with no story live, Maggie quietly approaches Lena; Stretch turns around and folds herself in half to hug Midgy. I mean, Naggy. I mean, Barfy. I mean - oh, never mind.

In her room, Bianca keeps on talking. And talking.

Bianca: "It was brutal, like you have no idea how brutal. I was hurt and I thought it would never end. But then it did end and there she was. Miranda. So perfect, so beautiful and, for some reason, god let her be mine. I’m so lucky and so proud."

You want to ask about MiMo now or do you want to keep on throwing yourself a bravery parade?

Outside, Maggie tells Lena that Bianca used to "squeak" when MiMo kicked.

Maggie: "Being pregnant was perfect. And now it’s over."

It only lasts nine months, Maggie.

Back in Bianca’s room, Kendall steers the conversation away from MiMo; she begins by mentioning the helicopter and slowly works her way to the crash. Bianca asks about the pilot, worries about Babe and, finally, she asks about MiMo.

Bianca: "You have to take me to her."
Kendall: "Bianca, I can’t. I can’t take you to her. Listen. Bianca, Miranda is gone. She’s gone. She’s never going to be hurt. Never going to be hurt or scared ever again, ok? She’s with Mona now: she’s warm and she’s safe in Mona’s arms."

Yeah, Bianca: how selfish are you to want MiMo to have lived just so that she could have been hurt and scared? She’s better off dead! Thank god because, come on, god hates the fuck out of you, Bianca.

Outside, everyone can hear Bianca’s screams. Jack grabs the incubator and leaves, Erica remains catatonic and Maggie breaks down. Lena holds her, kisses her head and tells her the two of them "can’t stop now."

Lena: "We got this far: we have to help Bianca through this."
Maggie: "How? We can’t give her back her baby. We can’t do that, then we’re useless, absolutely hopeless."

But that describes your entire life, Maggie. Lena, get a tetanus shot.

Back in her room, Bianca refuses to believe that MiMo is with Mona because Mona is dead and MiMo is not and, in the cabin, Bianca promised her she’d always be safe and loved and that she’s never walk away and blah blahcakes where’s the baby blah, blah hysteriacakes.

Bianca: "I told her that I would never walk away and you can’t make me walk – you can’t make me walk away from her now."

You break my heart. Except that you don’t, you really don’t.

Greenlee’s Place – Reggie storms in and slams the door; Danielle, wearing one of Greenlee’s dresses – again – walks out to greet him.

I’m bored with you already: wear your own damn clothes.

Reggie: "And Bianca, we could hear it from the waiting room. And the sound she made. I mean, I know I heard it before. And if death has a sound, that’s it. But it’s not, its’ not done. Bianca has been dying and dying over and over and over again and I can’t do anything, can’t do anything to help her."

I love Reggie and I keep on forgetting to say it, so – there you have it.

Finding MiMo – Bianca wants MiMo and it’s loud dramatic and cryingcakes, but she sounds like the swans that gather on the water in front of my house when my neighbor makes her way onto my beach to feed them. Does death come with a rattle? Just wond’rin’.

Jar-Jar Boobe – J.R. tries to do the introspection thing and MiMo passes out. I fall asleep.

Tad finds Krystal outside Babe’s room and tells her the pilot was Paul; when she demands to know where he’s gone, Tad assures her that he’s "already been through his story and everything checks out."

Tad: Truth Sniffer Without A Clue.

OLTL – Get away from my show! AMC might suck – and it does, hard - but it’s my show and you’re encroaching with your my-husband-won’t-want-me-without-a-baby whine fest and your here’s-a-baby-nobody-wanted-and-now-it’s-yours crap. Go. Away. Shoo! And fuck off! And die!

The Last Scenes – Next to Ryan, Erica lies.

Erica: "Never, never in my darkest thoughts did I ever wish this on Bianca."

Oh, so the woman cussing out god for not showing Bianca "mercy" and causing a miscarriage when she was eight months pregnant was not you? Shut up, Erica.

Outside, Jack first throws the incubator in the trash and then gets it out again to cry over it. Ouchy: I’ve made it through the entire episode laughing my ass off, but now you’re going to make me sniff, Uncle Daddy.

In the nursery – of, fuck this: J.R., that’s not your baby! It’s MiMo, damn it.

In the Grief Room, Kendall holds Bianca while she cries – and then Erica walks in. Erica, you ass: get out! Don’t interrupt them: do you have a suicide wish?

TOMORROW ON AMC: Greenlee finds Danielle; Aidan challenges Ryan; Bianca shuns Erica.


This parody is by LizzieT.



Don't even think it, mister!

Lianca is dead...long live Kinks!


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a)

Lena: Kendall, Erica, Bianca's awake. Why won't somebody -- what's that?
Ryan: It's an incubator. It was for the baby. She was in it, to protect her when she was in the helicopter.
Lena: So, where's --
Kendall: Bianca's baby is dead. Miranda -- Miranda's dead.
Lena: Bianca's awake. She'll want her baby. She -- she'll be asking --
[Lena looking stunned. Erica moves over]
Kendall: Stop. Stop.
Erica: (garbled)
Kendall: No. no. She can't hear it from you. She has to hear it from me.

***** (clip b)

[Lena and Maggie wordlessly meet and hug each other while crying]

***** (clip c)

Maggie: [To Lena] Bianca used to squeak when the baby kicked. I'd run over and she'd let me feel it. It was incredible. Being pregnant was perfect, and now it's over. It can't just be over.

***** (clip d)

In the lobby
[A glimpse of Lena]
All hear Bianca screaming: No, Kendall...
[everyone upset]
Lena: [comforts Maggie, arms around her, kisses her on the head] Come on, we can't stop now. We got this far. We have to get Bianca through this.
Maggie: How? We can't give her back her baby. If we can't do that, then we're useless. We're absolutely hopeless.

***** (clip e)

Lena standing by Maggie
All hear Bianca screaming: Miranda! Miranda!
Lena covers her mouth.

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