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Lena Kundera

April 02, 2004

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From About All My Children

Bianca dreams of her joy at holding Miranda in her arms. She hears a baby's cry and wakes up to find Lena and Maggie sleeping in nearby chairs. She smiles as she tells them she was just dreaming about Miranda and the first time she held her, and needs to hold her again, "Will you bring her to me?" Lena and Maggie exchange glances as Bianca repeats, "Bring me my baby." p>Outside in the hallway, Greenlee says she has to see Bianca, which Kendall proclaims will happen right after she kills her! Krystal and Anita come up with the baby, and Bianca exclaims, "Oh, it's her-that's my baby!" She says she's crying, and again asks them to bring her her baby. Lena kneels down as she gently says her baby's not here, but Bianca insists she is, "She's right outside-I can hear her out there!" ...

Bianca says Miranda stopped crying. Lena tells her that's not Miranda, but Bianca insists she knows Miranda's cry. Lena gently asks if she remembers how she got here? Bianca says she does. She gave birth in a cabin and lost too much blood, and help came, the rescue chopperÖ A stunned look comes over her face as she remembers that Miranda's gone, and cries that her baby's gone, "But she feels so close!" Kendall looks through the window as Lena takes Bianca in her arms...

Bianca tells Kendall she heard a baby, and felt so sure it was Miranda! She desperately says she could still be alive-there was an earthquake, and they were pulling out survivors days later! Kendall begs her not to do this to herself, but Bianca says somebody could have found her and brought her home and reported it to the police! If Miranda's really gone, then why does she still feel her so near? Lena says she'll always be a part of her, and Bianca asks whose baby she heard crying? Kendall says it was Babe's, and Bianca remembers her saying Babe gave birth to a little girl right after she did. Kendall tells her the baby's name is Bess. Bianca says Babe must be on Cloud Nine, but sees the look that passes between Lena and Kendall. She asks if Babe and the baby are okay, "Please tell me they're both all right!"...

Maggie looks out in the hallway before going back in the room and telling Lena that Bianca's very lucky to have her; she was very gentle when she couldn't remember what happened. She sighs that she hates this because she doesn't want to break down in front of her. Lena advises her to do all the crying she needs, but to do it before Bianca comes back. If she comes back in here and finds them crying their eyes out, she'll want to take care of them-that's what she does. Maggie wants to be strong, the way Lena is with her. Lena sighs that last night she cried herself to sleep, and cried some more when she woke up. She'll shed many more tears for Bianca and her baby, but she'll do it in private. When she's with Bianca, she's going to be the pillow where she can rest her head, a warm hand when she needs to hold one, silent comfort when there are no words. She'll be whatever Bianca needs her to be. And Maggie will, too. Maggie sighs she just keeps seeing her face when she remembered her baby was gone, and it was like seeing her die all over again-she can't handle that! Lena hugs Maggie in comfort to both of them...

From Soap Slut

Bianca awakens in her room (with Lena camped out at her bedside and Naggie on the couch) having completely forgotten the horrible news about Mimo. She wants her baby. Lena and Naggie exchange looks. Lena asks if Bianca recalls what happened. Bianca runs through that nightís events and then remembers about the helicopter accident. But then Bianca hears Bessimo crying and is convinced that she hears her baby. Kendall comes in to an agitated Bianca and tells her that itís Boobeís baby crying outside. Bianca rationalizes that she must have heard Bessimo crying while she was unconscious...


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • Laggie trumps Lianca.
  • Adam charts MiMoís future.
  • Erica is Erica, Erica Kane.
  • The knife twists.
  • And then it jabs.
  • The bed is naked.

The Set-Up Ė In her room, Bianca wakes up thinking about the first time she held MiMo; Lena is asleep on the chair next to her bed and Maggie is stretched out on the couch.

Oh, come on: why pretend? We all know what youíve been doing in the utility closet.

Bianca: "I need to hold her again: will you bring her to me? Bring me my baby."

Uh-oh: way to wake up on the anvilicious side of the bed, Bianca.

Lena turns to Maggie for inspiration and help but gets nothing Ė and thatís good because some things should remain constant.

Krystal and Anita wheel Not!Bess to Babeís room; she cries, Bianca hears it and thinks itís MiMo Ė because it is.

At Ericaís penthouse, Uncle Daddy finds Ericaís note. That Erica: sheís so thoughtful when she makes sure to freak out everyone with a perfectly crafted, psychotic note.

Biancaís Room Ė Bianca keeps asking for MiMo; Maggie folds her arms across her chest because, nu-huh, sheís ainít talking about no dead baby (thatís for you, Jen, because I know it freaks you out when I do that); Lena takes Biancaís hand, sits next to her and takes the job no one wants, not even immigrants: Iím sure that will make Lou Dobbs dance a jig or ten.

Lena: "Bianca, sweetheart: your baby is not here."
Bianca: "Yes she is, sheís right outside: I can hear her out there. [Ö] Oh, she stopped crying."
Lena: "Bianca, thatís not Miranda."
Bianca: "Yes it is Miranda: I know Mirandaís cry."

Lena gently tries to jog Biancaís memory by asking her whether she remembers how she made it to the hospital and, when Bianca makes it to the part about the chopper, she also remembers MiMo is gone. Maggie hides her face so she can cry and we wonít notice she, in fact, canít cry worth a damn; Lena tries to hold it in and embraces Bianca.

Bianca: "But she feels so close!"

Thatís because sheís right outside the door. God, this story sucks three ways to Sunday and rolls all the way back to Saturday and no, not because itís tragic, but because weíll get months and months of people thinking Bianca is nuts for believing MiMo is alive. Yeah, I canít wait until that starts to happen. [/sarcasmcakes]

Babeís Room - Babe, who is still delirious, remembers arguing with Paul about the incubator and refers to her baby as a Ďhe.í

Good to know Paulís lecture has really sunk in.

J.R. holds Not!Bess and translates every one of her gurgles for Babe, everything from "donít cry, mommy" to "one day you can teach me how to tie my shoes," but what sheís really saying is "why is this ass holding me and talking like an imbecile?"

Biancaís Room Ė On the couch, Lena and Maggie listen while Kendall tells Bianca that Babe has an infection but "sheís going to be ok."

Look how close theyíre sitting: the hell? Whenís the last time Bianca and Lena got to sit that close? Oh, I know: last July on the Weather Channel Park Bench. Actually, I was telling my girlfriend that I could get behind a Lena/Maggie pairing, but she thinks Iím insane.

Nida: "God, thatís nauseating. Youíve gone over the deep end, jumped back over again and thatís fucked up. Donít you think Lena deserves someone older than 12?"
Me: "Yeah, but if I were to admit that, then I couldnít possibly object to BAM, could I? Oh, wait: yes, yes I could. Still, Lena might deserve that, but Bianca doesnít deserve anyone over the age of seven."
Nida: "Donít be an ass."
Me: "OK, fine: eleven, but thatís as far as Iíll go!"
Nida: "Can you imagine Lena and Maggie is bed together?"
Me: "[Silence] Do I have to?"
Nida: "Iím so close to using the word Ďretardedí and you know how much I hate that."
Me: "But it could be interesting! Not to mention the fun factor in having Maggie realize sheís bi and go for someone other than Bianca: I support Laggie on that point alone."
Nida: "I canít even imagine that face doing anything."
Me: "Thatís so dirty, honey."

Random Corridor Ė Greenlee asks Ryan to give Bianca a necklace Leo gave her so that she can always be reminded that Leo is watching over MiMo.

Neither Leo nor MiMo are dead, Greenlee. Or is Leo supposed to come back as a ghost? Whatevercakes.

Getting a call from the Cambias Industries attorney sends Ryan into a renewed fit of self-pity Ďcause he doesnít have enough mattresses under which to hide all the money. Greenlee reminds him that Alexander chose him for a reason and he should accept the responsibility.

Ryan: "What about Bianca? Sheís going to be left with nothing."

That old song and dance again? Bianca is not penniless, damn it!

Biancaís Room Ė Now that Bianca is in Babeís room for more knife-twisting, Maggie and Lena are finally alone.

Maggie: "Lena, Bianca is really lucky to have you."

Yeah, and everyone knows that except for Bianca.

Maggie: "You were very gentle when you told her. [Ö] I hate this because I donít want to break down in front of her."

No worries, Maggie: she couldnít draw a tear out of you if she were poking your eyes with a needle.

Lena: "You wonít. Youíll do all the crying you need but youíll do it before Bianca comes back because you know what will happen: if she comes back in here and she finds us crying our eyes out, you know what sheíll do. Sheíll want to take care of us, thatís what she does."

Thatís a brilliant analysis, Lena: too bad it applies to a Bianca that no longer exists.

Maggie: "I know, but I want to be strong the way that you are with her."

Someone please hand me a muzzle before I say something thatíll make me feel really, really good but thatís in horribly bad taste.

Lena snorts - but not because, like me, she finds the idea of a strong, grown-up Maggie a laughable notion: she snorts because sheís been putting up a front.

Lena: "Last night, I cried myself to sleep and, when I woke up, I cried some more when you two were asleep. Iíll shed many more tears for Bianca and for her baby, but Iíll do it in private. When Iím with Bianca, Iím going to be the pillow where she can rest her head, Iím going to be a warm hand when she needs to hold one, silent comfort when there are no words. Sometimes she might not even know that Iím there, but thatís ok because Iíll know: Iíll be whatever Bianca needs me to be Ė and so will you, Maggie."

I can only say this: big trees, tiny holes. These are Lenaís last scenes and she gets to have the heart-to-heart with Maggie? You bastards. Iím going to make you cry out for you mamas: just wait and see.

Maggie: "I hope. I just keep on seeing her face when she remembered that her baby was gone and I canít just keep on seeing her die all over again. I canít handle that, Lena."

As opposed to what you can handle? What would that be, Maggie: getting dressed in the dark?

Lena pulls Maggie into a hug and they both get lost in the BackShagging.

Babeís Room Ė Babe has a new knife to twist in Biancaís gut.

Babe: "Promise me: if I donít make it, if I die, promise me that youíll help J.R. and be a mama to my baby and just love her like sheís your own."

Man, god really hates the crap out of you, Bianca.

Babe: "Bianca, promise me: if I donít make it, will you be a mama to my baby?"

Please: ask her one more time just so Bianca can identify the blade in her heart.

The Last Scenes Ė In the corridor, Kendall wonít allow Ryan to hug her girlfister for more than .4 seconds.

J.R. tells Babe he wonít "let" her die. His chin quivers, but he only looks constipated to me.

NEXT WEEK ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Tad thinks Jack should let Erica go; Greenlee and Bobby begin to like each other; Bianca sees MiMo.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Krystal came to the nursery.
Adam: What do you think you're doing?
Krystal: I'm taking Bess to see Babe.
Miranda: Great idea. Expose the newborn to serious infection. That place is probably crawling with bacteria.
Krystal: Here we go Bess, down the hall to see your mommy.
Miranda: Again with the Bess stuff. Maybe I should be called Bess Who Is Really Miranda.....Nah, they might shorten it to BWIRM and that sounds to much like worm.....Hey, Auntie Kendall, it's me! Help! Ryan! You always want to be the hero. Do something! Heck, I'll even take Greenlee at this point! Save me!
Krystal: Here she is. Here's your baby girl baby doll.
Babe: Baby.....My baby::::He's got to lose the pink hat or the other kids in the nursery will beat him up::::::
JR: Let me bring her closer where you can see her.
Miranda: Right. Make sure I'm close enough where all that bacteria can get a good grip on me.
Babe: My baby.....it's all blurry.....just like Bette Davis in Dark Victory.....it's getting darker by the minute....strange, I can still feel the sun on my skin.
Krystal: What's wrong with her?
Anita: It's the fever. I know David Hayward saves lives but so far he hasn't done her much good. I wonder if he's slipping.
JR: You have to get well Babe. Listen. Bess is trying to talk to you.
Miranda: I certainly am. I'm saying "Get me out of here!"
JR: She's saying "Get better soon mommy so you can sing to me about the pretty horses".
Miranda: Are you going for sentiment here or are you just clinically insane?
Krystal: I'll take her back to the nursery now.
Miranda: That's right. And make sure you don't pass my real mom in the hall. God forbid this babyswitch story wrap up anytime soon.

Greenlee and Ryan talked in the sun room.
Greenlee: Kendall was right. I shouldn't have come to see Bianca. But I want her to have this.
Ryan: Leo's necklace?
Greenlee: Yes. I have so many happy memories of Leo. Bianca needs something happy too. Maybe when she looks at this neckace she'll know that Leo is taking care of her baby for her.
Ryan: In a Las Vegas casino? What kind of place is that for a baby?
Greenlee: Work with me here Ryan. My Greenlee=Good campaign is in full swing and this gesture just might do the trick.
Ryan: Did you know the lawyers from the Cambias estate want me to take over?
Greenlee: I'm not surprised. You're a brilliant businessman and a fine human being. I believe in you Ryan. I believe in you completely. Besides you can set up so many charities in Miranda's name that she'll live on forever.....OK, did you get just the slightest glimpse of a halo there because I could have sworn one appeared just for a moment.

Jack talked to Kendall.
Jack: Have you seen Erica?
Kendall: Erica who?
Jack: I know you're angry with her but read this note. Kendall: Dear Jack, Whatever you do don't try to find me - which of course translates into you'd better come find me or I'll never let you hear the end of how you you abandoned me. I had to get away from Pine Valley. There can only be one redemption story at a time and right now it's Greenlee's turn. Snaps to her on the Greenlee=Good buttons by the way. Remember, don't try to find me. I mean it. Really. I swear. If you try to find me it's at your own peril.
Kendall: You're going to try to find her arent' you?
Jack: Of course.

Bianca went to see Babe.
Babe: Bianca....promise me....
Bianca: Anything Babe.
Babe: Be kind to Captain Butler....oh wait, that was last week.....if I die will you look after my baby? Be a mother to her just like she was your own....promise me......I gave him to you once before remember....when the Yankees were burning Atlanta.....
JR: She's a little out of it. She was channeling Bette Davis earlier.
Bianca: You're going to be fine Babe. You're not going to die. Those message board people will come around, you'll see.
Babe: And with God as my witness, I'll never be skanky again.

Down the hall.....
Tad: You don't care about Babe at all do you? She's just like Dixie was to you - once she had the baby you'll toss her aside like yesterday's garbage.
Adam: And your point is?
Tad: You're heartless.
Adam: Thank you. I try. Oh look, there's my little Bess now. Say hello to Grandpa Bess.
Miranda: OK, how about BessMiranda? No, they might shorten it to BM. Bad choice.
Tad: I wont' let you ruin this child's life.
Adam: And I won't let you interfere between me and my grandaughter.
Miranda: Just a couple of days old and already the men are fighting over me. If that doesn't show someone I'm really a Kane woman, what will?
Krystal: Here Tad, put on this surgical gown and you can hold her.
Miranda: Sure, now you worry about germs.
Tad: I can't wait to start spoiling her.
Krystal: Me either.
Miranda: I don't care what the two of you do. I'll never accept this . Never never never!
Tad: I'm going to buy out the biggest toy store in town
Krystal: I was thinking about unlimited ice cream for the rest of her life.
Miranda: Toys and ice cream? As much as I want? .....I guess I could make the best of a bad situation.
Tad: She's so beautiful.
Miranda: You're not so bad yourself big boy.
Tad: Even if she does look like Winston Churchill.
Miranda: What! Winston Churchill? I don't think I like you after all.
Tad: Now I'll just put her on my shoulder and get her to burp.
Miranda: Please. A Kane woman never burps. What's wrong with you people?



Bianca surveys her three choices in life


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a)

[Bianca dreaming about holding Miranda]
Bianca's voice: Hey, little Miranda! Hi! Hey, there, it's Mommy.
[Miranda cries]
Bianca: Oh, Lena.
[Lena wakes up from sleeping in chair by the bed; Maggie on the couch; both get up]
Lena: Hmm?
Bianca: Maggie. I was just dreaming about Miranda, about the first time I held her. I need to hold her again. Will you bring her to me? Bring me my baby.
[Lena looking worried]
Greenlee: I have to see Bianca.
Kendall: Oh, yeah, that'll happen, right after you kill me.
[Bess cries as Krystal wheels her past Bianca's room]
Bianca: Oh, it's her. That's my baby.

***** (clip b)

[Bess cries]
[Lena standing by Bianca]
Bianca: She's crying. Please bring her to me.
Please, bring me my baby.
Lena: [sits, holds Bianca's hand] Bianca, sweetheart, your baby is not here.
Bianca: Yes, she is. She's right outside. I can hear her out there.
Krystal: That's right. This is no time for tears. Oh, I'm taking you to see your mama. Yes, I am. Yes, I am.
Bianca: Oh. Miranda stopped crying.
[Lena with tears in her eyes]
Lena: Bianca? It's not Miranda.
Bianca: Yes, it is Miranda. I know Miranda's cry.
[Maggie gets up, sits on couch]
Lena: Sweetheart, do you remember how you got here?
Bianca: Yes. I gave birth in the cabin, and I lost too much blood, and help came -- the rescue chopper. Oh, my God. Oh. Miranda's gone. My baby's gone. But she feels so close.
[Lena pulls her into a hug, comforting her]

***** (clip c)

Greenlee: Kendall, I didn't come here to make a scene or cause trouble.
Kendall: Well, I told you Bianca is off-limits.
Greenlee: I won't stay long -- just long enough to tell her how sorry I am about the baby.
Kendall: No, you don't get it, Greenlee. The last thing my sister needs is your sympathy. Oh, you're awake.
[Lena standing over bed again]
Bianca: Kendall, I heard a baby and I felt so sure it was Miranda.
Kendall: Bianca, I would give anything if it had been.
Bianca: But she could still be alive. I mean, they had that earthquake and they were pulling out survivors days later.
Kendall: No, Bianca, don't do this to yourself.
Bianca: But, Kendall, they don't know. Somebody could've found her and brought her home and -- and reported it to the police.
Kendall: No. I'm sorry.
Bianca: I don't understand. If Miranda is still -- if Miranda is really gone, then why do I still feel her so near me?
Lena: She'll always be a part of you, Bianca.
[Lena teary eyed]
Bianca: Well, then whose baby did I hear crying?
Kendall: It's Babe's.
Bianca: Oh. Right. You said that Babe gave birth right after I did -- to a little girl.
Kendall: Her name is Bess.
Bianca: Babe must be on cloud nine. [Lena and Kendall exchange looks] What? Kendall, Babe is ok, right? Babe and the baby? Please tell me they're both all right.

***** (clip d)

Kendall: Babe has an infection, and it's affecting her heart.
[Lena and Maggie sitting together on couch]
Bianca: Oh, my God.
Kendall: Listen to me -- she's going to be ok. Ok? David's in charge of her treatment, they're mega-dosing her with antibiotics. Babe is going to be fine.
Bianca: And the baby? Little Bess?
Kendall: She's come through all of this like a champ.
Bianca: Thank God. You know, Babe was so strong for me in that cabin. I was so scared, and the baby was coming, and Babe just stepped right up like she had delivered a hundred babies.
Kendall: Well, she's the one you want in your corner at crunch time.
Bianca: Yeah, well, now it's my turn to come through for her. Take me to her room, Kendall. I want to see her.

***** (clip e)

Kendall: I don't know about this, Bianca. Are you sure you're ok?
Bianca: Yes.
Kendall: I mean, you really don't have to do this right now.
Bianca: Yes, I do.
Kendall: You know what? Honestly, you really shouldn't even be out of bed.
Bianca: The nurses say it's good for me to be up and moving around.
Kendall: Yeah, but listen, Babe's fighting a fever. I mean, she might not even be up for visitors.
Bianca: No one but Babe understands what we shared in that cabin. She was a hero to me and to my baby. And I need to thank her. I need to go in there and I need to ask her everything that she remembers about Miranda and that night so that it's set in my head before it all fades away like a dream. It's ok, Kendall. You can just leave me here.
Kendall: Let me go in with you.
Bianca: No, no. I want to talk to Babe alone.
Kendall: Ok.
J.R.: Bianca.
Bianca: Hey.
J.R.: Hey, how are you?
Bianca: I'm ok. How's Babe?
Anita: Her temperature's 103.4. I'm going to order a cooling blanket.
Bianca: Kendall said that Babe has an infection that's gone to her heart.
J.R.: That's because she's nothing but heart. And that's why she's going to make it. Bianca, you -- you have to know how sorry I am.
Bianca: I do know. Thank you.
J.R.: So much has happened these past few days, and it's hard to take it all in.
Bianca: I know. Listen, J.R., I really need to talk to Babe.
J.R.: Well, if it's something that could wait --
Bianca: No, no, this can't wait.
J.R.: Until you two are stronger.
Bianca: No, we're as strong as we need to be. Please, J.R. I really need to talk to her.
J.R.: Ok.
Babe: Bianca?
Bianca: Hey.
Babe: I was so scared I was going to lose you.
Bianca: No. You're not going to lose me.
Babe: The doctors got you all fixed up?
Bianca: Mm-hmm.
Babe: You going to be ok?
Bianca: That's what they say.
Babe: Hmm. That's one load off my mind. Now tell me -- how's that precious baby of yours?

***** (clip f)

[Maggie looking out into hall; goes back in Bianca's room where Lena is straightening the bed]
Maggie: Lena, Bianca's really lucky to have you. You were very gentle when you told her, when she couldn't remember what happened, and -- I hate this because I don't want to break down in front of her.
Lena: You won't. You'll do all the crying you need, but you'll do it before Bianca comes back because you know what'll happen if she comes back in here and she finds us crying our eyes out. You know what she'll do. She'll want to take care of us. That's what she does.
Maggie: I know, but I want to be strong, the way that you are with her.
[Lena scoffs]
Lena: Last night, I cried myself to sleep. And when I woke up, I cried some more when you two were asleep. And I'll shed many more tears for Bianca and for her baby, but I'll do it in private. When I'm with Bianca, I'm going to be the pillow where she can rest her head. I'm going to be a warm hand when she needs to hold one, silent comfort when there are no words. Sometimes she may not even know that I'm there, but that's ok because I'll know. I'll be whatever Bianca needs me to be, and so will you, Maggie.
Maggie: I hope. I just keep on seeing her face when she remembered that her baby was gone, and I -- and I can't just keep on seeing her die all over again. I can't handle that, Lena.
Lena: Hey, come on. Oh.
[Lena reaches over, touches her arm, and pulls her into a comforting hug, teary eye]

***** (clip g)

Babe: Miranda's ok, isn't she?
Bianca: Hey, hey, everything's ok, all right? Don't worry.
Babe: Ok.
Bianca: The only thing that you need to worry about right now is getting well so that you can go home to your beautiful baby girl, ok?
Babe: Bianca?
Bianca: What? What?
Babe: I need you to do something for me.
Bianca: Of course, anything. You know that.
Babe: Promise me -- if I don't make it --
Bianca: Oh --
Babe: If I die --
Bianca: Stop.
Babe: Promise that -- that you'll help J.R. and you'll be a mama to my baby. And just love her like she's your own.


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