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Lena will confront Paul Cramer

Lena Kundera

April 05, 2004

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From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Alack, no Lena mention.

From About All My Children

Bobby tells Jack it’s Erica’s life, “Unless she makes it your business, it’s not your business.”
Lena tells Paul Cramer he’s coming with her right now, and tell Bianca exactly what happened to her baby.
Ryan tells Tad he’s got endless cash, but nothing in the love department.
Kendall tells Greenlee she blew everything apart, and none of them are ever going to forgive her!

From Soap Slut

Nary a mention of Lena


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This parody is by LizzieT.

Liza met Mia for lunch.
Liza: I have to do something to get rid of Krystal.
Mia: Didn't her whole family just go through a terrible ordeal? Isn't her daughter gravely ill and barely clinging to life?
Liza: So what? Tad likes her better than he likes me. I'm going to find out her secret and get her out of town.
Mia: So you'd still want Tad even if the only reason he was with you is because the one he really wanted left town?
Liza: Duh! I'm going to get Tad if I have to have a serial killer storyline and kill every other woman on the show. He's not getting away from me this time.

Jack talked to Tad.
Jack: Erica is missing. I need you to help me find her.
Tad: Are you sure she's missing? Maybe she just took some time off before May Sweeps.
Jack: Look, here's the letter she left me. I have to look for her.
Tad: It says "don't look for me".
Jack: She didn't really mean it.
Tad: It says "I really mean it".
Jack: She didn't really really really mean it.
Tad: Did you ever think that maybe you should just let her go off by herself for a while?
Jack: I can't do that. What if she gets hurt? What if she goes nuts? What if she ends up on As The World Turns with Craig Montgomery instead of Jack Montgomery?
Tad: You have a point. I'll help you find her.

Bianca wanted to see Babe's baby.
Kendall: I don't think this is a good idea.
Bianca: I have to do it. The audience went all weekend without crying. I have to get them started again. Besides, the baby needs me.
Kendall: She has her whole family Bianca - not to mention that I've heard she's running the nursery staff ragged with her demands. That's one tempermental little girl.

Meanwhile in the nursery.....
Anita: What a sweet little baby you are! I'll just sit here and rock you to sleep.
Miranda: I know what you're up to. You're trying to ditch the Edmund/Maria storyline for mine, aren't you? I can't say that I blame you. I am the new star of the show you know. But I'm getting tired of having to prop up other people's storylines - especially people like that Paul guy from OLTL.

Later in Bianca's room.....
Bianca: I just don't understand. When I saw Anita holding that baby it was like I could feel Miranda nearby. I could even hear that little voice fussing about being used to prop up other people's storylines. Do you think there's a chance Miranda could still be alive?
Ryan: I'm sorry. It's just not possible.
Bianca: Why not? It's not like it doesn't happen all the time. Did anyone look for a trailor with a woman named Esther living in it?
Ryan: You have to accept the truth Bianca.
Bianca: Then I don't want the Cambias fortune. I want you to take it all back......See, there it is again. I can almost hear Miranda saying "What do you mean giving away my billions? I demand a rewrite of this storyline. Get my agent on the phone."

Greenlee talked to Bobby.
Bobby: That guy you were with really has it bad for someone else.
Greenlee: What makes you think that?
Bobby: He was turning cartwheels down the hall when you told him you'd understand if he chose Kendall.
Greenlee::::sigh::::I guess Greenlee=Lonely right now. But I'm starting to like you.
Bobby: I'm starting to like you too.
Anita: I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
Bobby: Not at all. This is just someone I met, we took an instant dislike to each other, and now we're starting to become friends.
Anita: Met mad but starting to thaw? That's the oldest soap story in the book.This is just the sort of thing I was afraid would happen. I can't trust you.
Bobby: Just because I cheated on you doesn't mean I don't love you. ...Didn't we have this conversation a couple of times already?
Anita: Yes. But it's good to go over it again. About half of the audience still thinks we're crossovers from OLTL.

Greenlee talked to Jack.
Greenlee: Is something wrong?
Jack: Erica is missing.
Greenlee: :::must control happy dance::::Oh, that's too bad. But you still have me Daddy.
Jack: Whatever. Here, read this letter and you'll understand why I have to look for her.
Greenlee: It says "Don't look for me".
Jack: Why does everyone keep pointing that out to me? If Erica says don't look for me she means look for me. If she says get out of here and don't come back she means don't leave me. If she say I hate you it means you're the only man I ever really loved. Am I the only one who's ever actually watched this show?
Greenlee: Hey, I know someone who knows Erica. Maybe he can help you find her.
Jack: That would be wonderful. You know, this Greenlee=Good stuff is coming along nicely.
Greenlee: Thank you.

Liza went to Tad's house.
Liza: I used to be a powerful take-no-prisoners business woman. Before that I was a scheming teenager. Now I'm a woman reduced to breaking in to a man's house and crawling around on his floor trying to get rid of another woman in the pathetic hope that he'll turn to me next.......I think the writers must be honorary Angry Villagers.
Tad: Hello Liza. Humiliate yourself like this often?
Liza: Now I know they're honorary Angry Villagers.



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On the next "All My Children"
bobby: It's erica's life. Unless she makes it your business, it's not your business.
Lena: You come with me right now and tell bianca exactly what happened to her baby.
Ryan: I got, like, endless cash, but in the love department, I got nothing. Help a guy out.
Kendall: You blew everything apart, and none of us are ever going to forgive you.


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