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Anita bonds with Lena

Lena Kundera

April 09, 2004

Last update: 06/26/04

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From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No mention of Lena

From About All My Children

Lena watches over Bianca as she sleeps. Anita comes in and convinces her to go to the cafeteria for something to eat, saying she'll be here...

When Lena comes back and asks about the sleeping Bianca, Anita says she's tired and a little uncomfortable, but it will pass. She leaves, and Lena sits back down with a sigh. Bianca dreams, and recalls Babe putting Miranda in her arms for the first time, and telling her child, "It's Mommy!" She had marveled at how perfect her baby was, and said she loves her, "No matter how scary the world gets, Mommy is going to help you through it. Mommy will never lie to you or walk away."...

Lena is asleep on the couch as Bianca dreams that Ryan bursts into her room and exclaims they found her-they found Miranda! She jumps up and says she hears her, and she has to feed her baby, "Miranda?" In her dream, she rushes out of the room, but the dream ends. Bianca wakes up and listens; she smiles when she hears a baby's cries. Pulling on a robe, Bianca heads for the nursery. She lets herself in and beams as she looks at the baby, "Miranda, here you are!"

From Soap Slut

Nada Lena mention


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • Lactation is validation.
  • Men and women are separate species…
  • …and Edmund belongs to neither.
  • The Racks bond.
  • The boys drink.

The Set –Up – At the Pit, J.R. does sobriety just like Kit. "I’m in AA. My last drink? Oh, five minutes ago."

At the PVI bar, Kendall decides that regrets are just a lost opportunity to get on someone’s shit list.

In Bianca’s room, Lena sits next to her girlfriend’s bed and watches her sleep. Anita sends Lena to the cafeteria to get something to eat and takes over the Rack Watch.

At Wildwind, Furrymund redefines "tedium."

PVI Bar – Over a Kinksitini, Kendall is "struck by the horrible thought" that Greenlee "is not all bad."

Greenlee: "This one is a toughie: what about me and Ryan?"

McT: "I have a brilliant idea: no one likes Ryan so why don’t we put him in every scene and make him figure out everything and save everyone? Then they’ll love him as much as we do!"

You’re a genius, McT, a GENIUS! That worked really well with Carloser, too.

The Nursery – Krystal talks to Bessimo (© Stinkerbella) and promises no one will dangle her in front of a croc during feeding time. Bessimo is quiet until the conversation turns to Tad and Dr. Doom, which just tells me she’s gonna grow up gay, gay, gay and even pass
The Gay Test - unlike Linds who scored -50 and is therefore barely gayer than AMC.

Wildwind – Chesty LaRue disagrees with Furrymund about what he should be doing before the surgery to end all surgeries; Brooke desperately wants to get out of the line of fire and flees to the library.

Edmund: "The man that I am is not the kind of man that I want to be."
Maria: "Then we have two very radically different ideas of what makes a real man."

Try Play Dough: it’s all in the fingers.

The boys stop by to kidnap Furrymund, take him to a bar and learn all they can about women from him – that’s a joke, right? – which leaves Chesty and Brooke squaring off from opposite ends of the couch.

Yeah, the library escape never works for me, either: invariably, somebody comes to fish me out and spills the most horrific family secret in the history of family secrets and I’m entered into a blood-oath secret society of doom.

PVI – Greenlee and Kendall think about expanding "their repertoire beyond hate and revenge" and take their cue from Uncle Foo Foo, Family Man Extraordinaire but not before Greenlee rifles through Kendall’s purse to make sure there are no weapons around.

Kendall has been thinking about Fusion and the way things used to be: "the ad campaigns, new colors, new creams."

Kendall: "Dishing gossip over bad take-out when we should have been home in bed."

Hee. And, again: not out of context.

Kendall: "All in all, it was a hell of a lot better than last year."
Greenlee: "What isn’t? Last year blew."

Remember when you were stuck in the Shaft of Self Pity while no one gave a damn about you? Ah, good times.

Kendall: "I wouldn’t mind keeping a few mental postcards of when we weren’t enemies, when we were friends."
Greenlee: "Sounds like you’d like to try again. Us."

Aww, you’re getting back together! Sniff.

Bianca’s Room – Lena is back for her second Rack Watch shift and watches over Bianca while she dreams of MiMo.

That’s it. Not even wallpaper: it’s chair-warming.

The Pit – Furrymund wants to play pool and can’t so Ryan takes off and comes back with a chainsaw to lower the table.

Why oh why can’t the thing slip from his hands and put us all out of our misery? Hum - that is a chainsaw, right? I only scored 83% on the gay test: I’m not gay enough to know power tools.

Wildwind – Chesty LaRue tells Brooke that, should Edmund not survive the surgery, she’ll blame her and not the doctors.

Brooke: "I did the research: I’m responsible for that."
Maria: "No, you’re responsible for every single time you never said to him: ‘Edmund, this is a really bad idea: this could kill you.’"

Oh shut the hell up: Edmund is paralyzed, not an imbecile. It’s his choice: if he wants to take the risk, then the least a real friend can do for him is make sure he makes an informed decision. Yes, he has a responsibility to you and the kids and you stand to lose a husband but – Edmund has to live with himself and, if he doesn’t get to do this on his own terms, you’re going to lose him anyway because he’ll resent the hell out of you. Wait, what am I saying? Go ahead, get divorced! Then hook up with Mia and Ryan so I can fast forward the four of you all at the same time.

Brooke: "I just thought maybe we could work together to get him through."
Maria: "That’s a really lovely idea, Brooke, but – "
Brooke: "It’s not possible. Maybe love isn’t enough after all."

This is the
RR vs. the Sosnovska Symposium all over again. Brooke? She’s the SS.

Bianca’s Room – Bianca dreams that Ryan has found MiMo - because Ryan is the savior of women and babies everywhere! Even when they dream! And he gets to solve all the riddles!

Die, you insufferable, fluffed to death jackass: die.

The Last Scenes – At the Pit, the boys form a new gang.

At the PVI bar, Greenlee won’t be happy about Fusion until she’s certain she and Kendall have a future together. Aww.

At the nursery, Bianca finds MiMo – and yet she’s still a lunatic. Huh.

NEXT WEEK ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Only one thing can keep Ryan in Pine Valley; Aidan and Tad become partners; Bianca bonds with MiMo.


This parody is by LizzieT.

It was Friendship Friday on AMC.

Over at Wildwind.....
Edmund: So once I have my surgery - if I'm still alive - I'm hoping to go overseas.
Brooke: Sounds peachy. You're on so seldom it's not like the audience will even notice your gone.
Maria: Edmund, I need to talk to you.
Brooke: Sounds like my cue to give the two of you some privacy. I'll just go call the Backburner Cafe and tell them to hold my regular table.
Maria: I can't believe you're still talking about having that surgery. I love you just the way you are.
Edmund: But I don't love me just the way I am. I want to walk again.
::::knock knock:::::bang bang:::
Maria: What's that?
Brooke: Sounds like the Angry Villagers. Maybe they think Liza is hiding out here.
Tad: It's us. We came over from the male bonding scenes at the bar.
Ryan: Can Edmund come out and play?
Aidan: We're ere to rescew im from another round of "Oi wont the surgery" "Yew don't need the surgery".
Edmund: Yesssssss! A break from storyline isolation! Let's go guys.
Maria: Brooke, I just want to tell you that if Edmund dies it will all be your fault. You only encouraged him to have that surgery so I would look bad.
Brooke: That's kind of an odd thing for you to say. Are you sure you don't have one of Erica's old scripts?
Maria: No. It's mine. You only want me to look like a shrewish wife while you look like the sympathetic best friend.
Brooke: Hey, I could have been the shrewish wife if you had stayed dead. But listen, I think we should stick together and do everything we can to help Edmund through this.
Maria: Because we both love him.
Brooke: Yes. And because while this may be the C-list storyline, it's the only one we've got and we need to make the most of it.

At the bar......
Ryan: So let's talk about women.
Tad: And get drunk.
Aidan: And shewt a little pewl.
David: Can I play? Huh huh? Can I? Please?
JR: Get lost.
Aidan: Bugger awf.
Edmund: This pool table is too tall.
Ryan: I'll just get my chain saw and cut off the legs.
Tad: You carry a chain saw around with you?
Ryan: Doesn't everyone?
Manager: You can't destroy my property.
JR: Here, this ought to cover it.
Tad: Why are you carrying that kind of cash around with you?
JR: The baby told me this was what she expected each week for her allowance.
Ryan: Man, you need to slow down on the beer.
Edmund: So who wants me to give them advice about women?
David: I can give you all the advice you need. First you smirk a lot. It drives them wild. Then you act like you can see right through them - or at least see through their clothes. After that you can do whatever you want to them.....or if not to them, at least to their sweaters.
Aidan: Let's throw the rotter owt.
David: Rats. I never get in on the friendship scenes.

Over at the Valley Inn....
Kendall: I want us to be friends again Greenlee.
Greenlee: Who are you and what have you done with Kendall?
Kendall: I know it seems sudden. But I really get it now that Greenlee=Good. Besides, Jack told us to behave while he was gone. I don't want to get grounded if he finds out we kept on fighting. But tell me, what happened when you and Ryan went on the road?
Greenlee: Not much. We rode motorcycles, conned our way into a free hotel suite, and basically annoyed the audience.
Kendall: Sounds like FF material to me. So why don't you think about coming back to Fusion?
Greenlee: Well.....I do miss the old Fusion days when all we had to worry about was squealing and giggling.
Kendall: Then come back to Fusion. It will be the four of us all over again.
Mia: Us?
Simone: On camera?
Mia and Simone: Yippeeee! :::squeal:::::
Greenlee: I don't know.
Mia: Oh please come back. Fusion was the closest thing I ever had to a real storyline.
Simone: It'll be fun. Maybe I could go back to getting arrested all the time. Wouldn't that be great?
Greenlee: All right. I'm in.
Kendall: Good. Now I have to go so you can have doubts about me.
Greenlee: I have doubts about Kendall. After all if Greenlee=Good, there's a chance that now Kendall=Bad.
Mia: Hey, it's better than Mia=Boring.
Simone: Or Simone=Forgotten.
Greenlee: I guess you're right.

At the hospital.....
Anita: Why don't you go down to the cafeteria and get something to eat?
Lena: But Bianca might wake up and need to have a heart to heart talk about her loss.
Anita: That's why you should leave. I'm here for the heart to heart talks. I seem to be the grief counselor here at the hospital as well as head of the neonatal unit and an infectious disease specialist. I'll stay with Bianca while your gone.
Lena: I won't be long.
Anita: Good. I have to perform an appendectomy in an hour.

In the nursery......
Krystal: You are just the most beautiful baby ever.
Miranda: I know.
Krystal: Do you want your mama? Is that it?
Miranda: I do but I think they're going to drag that out at least until May Sweeps.
Krystal: Don't you worry little one. You're the princess of Pine Valley.
Miranda: Yes, that's true. I don't want to settle just for Pine Valley though. Do you think Prince William is too old for me?
Krystal: I've had some good luck myself you know. I think I may have Tad rethinking his his vow of celibacy now that he thinks I may be dating Dr. David.
Miranda: Aside from the fact that this is an odd converation to be having with someone that you think is your grandaughter, don't you think the show has enough triangles? Besides, I still like Tad and Simone. I think they have great chemistry.
Anita: Hello there. I came by to see this little one before I leave for the day.
Miranda: Tell the truth. You just think my storyline is more interesting than the one at Wildwind. I don't blame you. You two can stay and dote on me if you like. But if that Mia person shows up and starts hanging all over me I'm raising hell.
Nurse: I'm in charge of the nursery and I say everyone has to leave.
Miranda: Who put you in charge? I rule this nursery not you. Guard!

Later Bianca had a dream.
Ryan: Bianca, we found Miranda!
Bianca: You did? Why are you the one telling me this in my dream?
Ryan: Everyone else in the male bonding scene passed out an hour ago. I'm the only one still standing.
Bianca: I have to go to the nursery and see my baby. Miranda, it's you!
Miranda: Mom! Finally someone who recognizes me! You would not believe what I've had to put up with these last couple of weeks...or is it a couple of day? Now quick, grab my stuff and let's blow this popsicle stand before some of these people show up and start calling me Bess. And wait until I tell you what happened to the Chandler Kid.



The Lena Vigil (tm)


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a)

Anita: They've done studies, you know. Growling stomachs have woken more than one patient.
Lena: Oh -- that's terrible.
Anita: So are the burgers in the cafeteria. Have a salad instead. Go ahead. I'll be here.
Lena: Thank you.

***** (clip b)

Lena: I didn't realize how hungry I was. How is she?
Anita: She's tired, a little bit uncomfortable.
Lena: Can you do anything for her?
Anita: It'll -- it'll pass. She knows if she needs anything, she only has to ask.

***** (clip c)

Bianca: Yeah, it's Mommy. Look at you. You're so -- you're so perfect. I love you. No matter how scary the world gets, Mommy is going to be there to help you through it. Mommy will never lie to you or walk away.

***** (clip d)

[Bianca dreams]
[Baby cries]
Ryan: Bianca! We found her.
Bianca: What? You -- you found her?
Ryan: We found Miranda.
Bianca: You found Miranda? Oh, my God! Oh, my God, that's her! That's her crying, Ryan! You found Miranda!
Ryan: It's a miracle. It's a miracle.
Bianca: Where is she? Where's my baby? I have to see her. Miranda?
[Bianca gets out of bed and quietly walks to the nursery.]
Bianca: Miranda, Mommy's coming! Miranda? Miranda?
[Baby cries]


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