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April 14, 2004

Last update: 06/26/04

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This all gay recap is by C.K..
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This parody is by LizzieT.

Tad had a theory.
Tad: What if Bianca's baby is the one that survived? What if she took the baby because she recognized her when she saw her in the nursery?
Krystal: ::::whack::::::
Tad: Hmmm, is this a hint that you might be a long lost Santos?
Krystal: How could you say such a thing? Do you hate Babe that much? What are you - one of those message board people?
Tad: I'm just saying it's possible. I can't believe no one's thought of it before. This storyline is so full of holes it's sinking faster than the Titanic. Besides, why should we trust some OLTL character to tell the truth about which baby survived?
Krystal: That's...............
Tad: What?
Krystal: Nothing. I didn't just flashback to Babe mumbling something about her baby being dead or anything.
Tad: I know it's hard to think about but if Bess is really Miranda there are a lot of people who deserve to know. Besides, half the audience wants this storyline over as of yesterday.
Krystal: I still can't believe you're saying such a thing. I think you can kiss the Tad/Krystal/David triangle goodbye.
Tad: How did Hayward get into this? I thought it was going to be a Krystal/Tad/Simone triangle or if worst comes to worst a Krystal/Tad/Liza triangle.
Krystal: I think you're missing the point here.

Later JR and Tad talked.
JR: I just don't know what I'll do if my daughter is really gone. It's like she's my whole reason for living. It's like she's the most important thing that's ever been in my life. It's like I might end up twitching again if anything happens to her.
Tad: So do you think we've beaten the audience to death enough with the moral dilemma facing me if I act on my suspicions?
JR: Not quite. It's like Bess is Mom's gift to us so we won't grieve for her so much anymore.
Tad: Ouch!

Adam was angry.
Adam: I'm calling the police.
Ryan: I wouldn't do that if I were you. Do you want everyone to hate you?
Adam: You know, I get tired of being treated like a villain when I'm doing something totally reasonable. Who wouldn't call the police if their grandchild had been kidnapped?
Ryan: You don't want to be the one that sends Bianca to jail do you - or to Oak Haven?
Adam: Please. I've sent saner people than Bianca to mental institutions.
JR: If you call the police I'll hold my breath until I turn blue.
Adam: Oh, all right. I won't call them.......heheheheh, you'd think by now Genius Boy would have learned to check to see if my fingers were crossed behind my back.

Anita felt terrible about what happened.
Anita: I just thought it would help Bianca to hold the baby for a while. This is all my fault. I don't know if I can live with myself.
Maria: Because something may happen to Babe and JR's child?
Anita: No, because I embarrassed you. Can you ever forgive me?
Maria: Of course. Hey, at least you made it into the A-list storyline. That's more than I've been able to do in the past year. Besides, kidnapping babies is a Kane family tradition. Bianca will probably bring the baby back and there will be sobbing all around and they'll both have a scene to add to their Emmy reels. Things like this happen. I should know.
Adam: I demand to know who is at fault.
Anita: That would be me.
Adam: I should have known. One of the newbies. You're fired!
Joe: Who do you think you are - Donald Trump? You can't fire my employees.
Anita: You don't have to fire me. I quit.
Maria: Great. The one link my family had to the premiere storyline and it's over. :::sigh::::Now it's back to the Backburner Cafe.

Kendall went to Reggie's.
Kendall: Is Bianca here?
Reggie: What? She's missing again?
Greenlee: How many times does this make in the last month -3? And they say I'm high maintanance.
Kendall: It's worse than before. She took Bess Chandler from the nursery.
Greenlee: We'd better call Jack.
Kendall: Don't do that. If he finds out what happened he'll never leave town again without getting us a babysitter.
Greenlee: You're right. We can solve this ourselves.
Reggie: I must be losing it. I thought you just said Kendall was right.
Kendall: I wonder where she might be.
Greenlee: Maybe she went to the boathouse. I saw her there once months ago when we had this nice bonding scene.
Kendall: Good idea. I'll go look there and you stay here.
Greenlee: Anything you say Kendall.
Reggie: OK, you two are actually getting along. Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?

Bianca and Miranda were still at the penthouse.
Bianca: That must be the delivery man with more stuff....Wow, I don't remember ordering this much!
Miranda:Uh....... I guess you just got carried away. Oh and Mom, you might want to be more careful with your credit cards. Someone might have maxed them out by accident.
Bianca: Thank you so much for delivering these things Bob. Would you like to see my baby Miranda so you can possibly testify against me in a court of law?
Bob: She certainly is beautiful. I think she likes me. She's batting her eyelashes.
Miranda: Why aren't you the sweetest thing? You just might be the only delivery man I've ever really loved.
Bianca: I'll just put your stroller together and we'll go for a walk. I can't wait to show you all the hot spots in Pine Valley - the boathouse, the Pennsylvania Ocean shoreline, the mine shaft. You'll love it.
Miranda: I don't think a walk is a good idea. Some of those people who think I'm that Bess person might see us.
Bianca: All right. I guess we could stay here and I could take your picture. Would you like that?
Miranda: Now we're talking. I could use some new head shots.
Bianca: Smile for the camera.
Miranda: This should be good practice for dealing with the paparazzi. Be sure and shoot me from my good side.....what am I saying? Both sides are my good side. Now if you'll take off this dorky pink cap I'll toss my hair.....do I have hair?
Bianca: OK, now I'll set the timer and we'll take our first family portrait.
Miranda: All right. I guess you can be in the picture too. But don't get in my light.


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Kendall: Jack is still out of town. Isn't that right, reggie?
Reggie: Yeah. He's with lily.
Kendall: Yes, where he's needed.
Greenlee: Well, bianca needs him, too.
Kendall: No, no. Calling jack about this is not going to help us find bianca. It'll only load him down with another tragedy.
Reggie: Well, jack won't see it like that. If it's about bianca, you know, he will want to know.
Greenlee: No, reggie. Kendall's right. Jack will find out soon enough. In the meantime, we'll do it her way.
Reggie: Well, I'm not sitting around here when i can do something. Did anybody check the P.V.U.?
Kendall: Lena and maggie called some of bianca's friends.
Reggie: Ok, well, then i'm going to check the dorm rooms and maybe the student union center.
Kendall: Ok, good. That's great, reggie. Thank you.
Greenlee: Kendall -- kendall, wait, please. Please tell me what I can do. I want to help.


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