Whoosh! ...
Lena must chose between
her mother and Bianca

Lena Kundera

April 20, 2004

Last update: 06/26/04

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No Lena mention

From About All My Children

Lena comes in and joins Maggie and Jamie as Bianca takes small steps toward Babe while she tells the baby she's sorry, she didn't mean to scare her; she only wanted… She kisses the baby's forehead, "Goodbye, Angel." Her real mommy loves her so much, and she knows she already loves her, too...

Babe knows that Bianca acted out of pain, not malice! She's not going to kick her to the curb just because she's mourning her own baby the only way she could. Maybe Babe's blood isn't blue enough for them, but she does not put any rules or restrictions on where she gives her love, "With all you people, it's one mistake and Sayonara-and that's one hell of a way to live!" She storms off as Lena gets a call and says she has to return this; she goes to the pay phone, and says she'll be right back...

Maggie and Jamie find Lena in tears as she hangs up the phone. She tells them that was her mother, and Maggie asks if she's worse? Lena wails she wants her to take her back home to Poland! Maggie protests she can't leave now, that Bianca needs her! Lena cries that's what she told her, "I'm not leaving Bianca!"

From Soap Slut

No Lena mention


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • Babe is the new pink.
  • The macadamia protects the other nuts.
  • JAM gels.
  • Lena makes a call.
  • Babe strokes with conviction.

The Set-Up – Because difficult things must always be done with an audience, everyone gathers around to watch Bianca try to hand over the baby. Don’t any of you people have jobs? I’m lucky if I manage to get a few hours of sleep per week: get to work, you wankers!

The Hospital – While MiMo slips back into her coma, Bianca tries to hand her over to a very understanding Babe; she recoils from Adam’s grabby hands and only begins to move once she sees Lena - and then she stops again because Bianca has become really good at speechifying and she doesn’t care that MiMo doesn’t know what she’s saying. Plus, she’ll clap at anything.

This coma thing: let’s look into group rates.

Behind Babe, Lena emotes all by herself because, well, she’s next to Maggie and…you know.

Jack’s Pad – When the baby switch story will end, AMC should definitely focus on this riveting Danielle thing and create yet another couple no one gives a crap about. In the meantime – Livia, I hear Brooke’s support group for characters who get saddled with unseemly kiddy stories is taking new members.

The Hospital – Maggie overhears Adam’s discussion with Kendall about putting Bianca in Oak Haven and goldfishes her way over to express her goldfishy opinion. Jamie backs her up ‘cause meaningless sex and fuck buddies don’t grow on trees and tells Adam that he, too, cares about Bianca.

Adam: "Why don’t you take the lady, find an empty ambulance and play doctor."

But who’s going to be the doctor? They’ll need a third person for that.

Babe’s Room – Babe knows a good Rack when she sees one and tells Bianca that she won’t "throw away" the best friendship she’s ever had.

Bianca: I don’t know how I can ever make it up to you."
Babe: "I do: share my baby with me."

Wow. That’s so brilliant I forgot to blink. Are you fucking crazy? Bianca didn’t lose a puppy: she lost a daughter. Yeah, I’m sure she’ll find babysitting to be very rewarding. Jesus.

The All-Purpose Corridor – Tad and Krystal have the same conversation they’ve been having since last Wednesday.

Repetition? It’s the new black.

Babe’s Room – Babe asks Bianca to be her baby’s godmother and tells her she’d like to change Bessimo’s middle name from Charlotte to Miranda.

Oh, good: I don’t think Bianca is confused enough.

Babe: "That way, Miranda will live on. She will always be part of us and our baby."

Great: then Bianca can fall in love with you, the umpteen straight girl to make her twitchy, and Maggie can go to Poland with Lena.

The Last Scenes – At Jack’s, Derek arrests Reggie for no reason at all. Bye bye Reggie: the Pie Balley Stick Police will take good care of you.

At the hospital, Lena cries next to the payphone.

Lena: "It was my mother."
Maggie: "Is she worse?"

Just how much time are the two of you spending together exactly?

Lena: "She wants me to take her back home to Poland."

Well, then you’d better make sure you don’t buy a ticket for Prague.

Maggie: "But you can’t leave now: Bianca needs you."

To do what, carry her bags?

Lena: "I know, I know: that’s what I told her. I’m not leaving Bianca."

No, not until next week.

Outside Babe’s room, Adam and J.R. agree that Bianca needs to be fitted with a straight jacket right away because she’s more dangerous than Pee Wee Herman.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Danielle confesses; Krystal makes a pact with Adam; Tad asks Dr. Joe to help him.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Another depressing day in Pine Valley.

At the hospital.....
Miranda: This opening segment is sponsored by Kleenex.
Bianca: I'm going to give the baby back now.:::sob::::I know she's not my daughter:::sob:::but for some reason I still think she is:::sob::::
Miranda: Go ahead. Hand me over. See if I care. This just gives me ammunition for my identity crisis someday.
Babe: I understand why you did what you did Bianca::::sob::::You just missed your own baby so much:::sob::::
Kendall: Everyone understands Bianca:::sob::::No one blames you::::sob:::::
Miranda: This whole show should be sponsored by the antidepressant of your choice. Just get it over with so I can start snarking about my new family.
Adam: Finally my grandaughter is back where she belongs.
Miranda: Not quite. Miranda=Kane Woman and don't you forget it. But if I have to be a Chandler for a while I plan on wrapping you around my little finger old man so get used to spoiling me rotten.
Adam: Strange. I just had the strong urge to buy ToysRUs. And BabyDior. I'd better call my stockbroker.
Joe: We need to give Bess a check up to make sure she's all right.
Miranda: All right? I'm more than all right. I'm strong enough to tough out this God awful storyline thank you very much. And if anyone sticks me with a needle during this checkup heads will roll, understand?
Babe: Bianca, let's go to my room and talk, OK?
Adam: I wonder what they're going to talk about?
Krystal: It's none of your business you old coot! My baby doll knows all about love and you high falutin Pine Valley types can just kiss her grits.
Adam: Forget it Krystal. The audience still likes me better than you.

In Babe's room.....
Babe: I just want you to know that I forgive you. Not only that but I want you to share my baby with me. Not only that but I want you to be the godmother.
Bianca: Wow. You're even more saintly than I am.
Babe: I know. I may have even surpassed Maria and Dixie.
Bianca: Could be. Those bluebirds landing on your shoulders were pretty effective.
Babe: And watch this. Bianca, I want Bess's middle name to be Miranda.
Bianca: Whoa! Sunlight streams into the room and not only is it night but there aren't even any windows! You definetely surpassed Maria and Dixie with that one.
Babe: So you agree about naming the baby Elizabeth Miranda?
Bianca: I guess so. And when this awful storyline finally comes to an end maybe I'll return the favor and call her Miranda Elizabeth.

The Chandler Kid made an appearance.
Paul: ::squint::::squirm:::You're a lucky little baby to be on One Life to Live.:::snort::::
Chandler Kid : Lucky? I don't think so. OLTL gets even worse ratings than AMC. Besides, if I don't get back home soon that Miranda person will have spent my inheritance.

Later Krystal ran into Paul.
Krystal: Not so fast One Life to Live boy. I have a few questions for you.
Paul: ::::squint::::What kind of questions?:::twitch::::I don't nothin about no baby switch:::scrunch::::
Krystal: I hope not. Because if anyone knew that those babies were switched and didn't tell the truth there's no way the audience would ever forgive them. That person might as well pack their bags and catch the next bus back to CBS.

Jack talked to Ryan and Kendall.
Ryan: Erica's in Vegas.
Jack: What's she doing there? Did she get a prime time gig too?
Kendall: Maybe she had a quickie wedding like Britney Spears.
Jack: I don't think so . That new guy doesn't start for another month yet.
Ryan: Her father died.
Jack: Oh no. I'll bet that really upset her. He's been such a big part of her life and this is one more hammer blow on top of all the other trauma she's suffered.
Kendall: Why do you keep defending her?
Jack: Someone has to remind the audience of Erica's suffering. I think they're starting to turn on her.

Lena got a phone call.
Maggie: What's wrong? Is it your mother? Is she worse?
Lena: Yes. But how did you know anything was wrong with my mother? Has this ever been mentioned before?
Maggie: One of the waiters from the Backburner Cafe filled me in. So do you think this will be your exit storyline?
Lena: Possibly. My mother wants to go back to Poland. Maybe we can get a ride on PFKAJP's jet. I've heard he's coming back for a few episodes to wrap things up.

Derrick was upset with Reggie.
Derrick: What were you doing with my little girl?
Reggie: Nothing.
Danielle: Reggie didn't do anything Daddy. He just gave me a place to stay so I could surprise you. Please don't be mad at me Daddy.
Derrick: You're such a sweetheart Danielle. I know you couldn't do anything wrong.
Greenlee: I'm starting to understand why none of the criminals ever get arrested in this town. This guy is a terrible judge of character. Hey Derrick, why don't you ask your daughter about how she almost got my brother arrested?
Derrick: Arrested? How about if I arrest Reggie?
Reggie: For what?
Derrick: I don't know. I'll think of something.
Greenlee: Careful Derrick. You're headed for mine shaft territory with this attitude of yours.



Lena and Maggie get in some last minute bonding


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a)

[amc040420a-inc1 starts]
[no speaking lena]
[Lena walks into scene as Bianca gives the baby to Babe]
Bianca: I'm sorry, little one. I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to --
bianca: I only wanted to --
bianca: Goodbye, angel. [amc040420a-inc1 ends] Your real mommy loves you so much. And I know you already love her, too.

***** (clip b)

[amc040420b starts]
[no speakng Lena]
Kendall: Bianca, you -- your want to go? Let's go.
Babe: [Lena behind Babe] Thank you, Bianca. For bringing Bess back to us.
Adam: Not soon enough.
Bianca: No, he's right. Adam is right. Bess is back where she belongs. I'm so sorry. I -- I didn't want to scare anybody or upset anyone. I just -- I saw her, and i thought she was my baby. And -- and being with her was the only thing that mattered. It just felt so right, but I know -- I know that it wasn't. I know it was wrong.
Kendall: No, no, Bianca, nobody blames you. You're mourning the loss of your own daughter. That's perfectly understandable.
Bianca: I don't understand it. I looked at Bess and everything in my heart told me that she was my little girl. And that feeling was stronger than anything -- reason, fact, reality, common sense. I couldn't ignore it. I didn't want to. It's ok, I -- I know you don't have to worry, Babe, I know that she's yours. I really do, I swear. I just --
Bianca: Why do I still feel like she's mine?
[Lena in background when camera on Babe]

***** (clip c)

[amc040420c-inc1 starts]
[Lena in background]
Adam: May I be so bold as to suggest we get some medical attention for this child? Who knows what she's been through?
Tad: Can't you give it a rest?
Adam: Do I have to take her to another facility to get her the help that she needs --
Bianca: No --
Adam: Because I will.
Bianca: I -- look, I swear that Mira-- Bess -- Bess is fine. She's all right. I took good care of her, I kept her warm, I fed her. I made sure she slept. She was never alone or in any danger.
Babe: How could she be anything but perfect with you watching out for her? I mean, look at her. She's all pink and happy. Isn't she, Dr. Joe?
Joe: Yes, she is. But in a case like this, the hospital mandates a complete examination. Fran? I assure you it'll be as quick as we can make it.
J.R.: Not without me.
Joe: All right. Babe?
Babe: I'll be waiting for you, Bess.
[amc040420c-inc1 ends]
Joe: Ok. We'll be back before you know it.
Babe: Bianca -- uh --
kendall: Bianca, you look exhausted. You know what? Let's go to your room, ok?
Babe: But wait. Let's you and me -- let's go talk.
Kendall: No, no. You can talk later.
Bianca: No, kendall, it's -- it's ok.
Kendall: No, bianca, you don't have to do this.
Bianca: I do need to talk to babe, i do. I need to.
Ryan: Go ahead, say it.
Kendall: No. No. How can somebody be that forgiving? No, ryan, I swear, if she makes this worse for bianca --
adam: What about the hell that bianca put us all through? Hmm? I hope babe makes that very clear to your sister. I'm going in there.
Krystal: Hold -- hold it right there. Where do you get off? You don't have a clue about babe. In fact, you are so full of meanness, you don't recognize love when you see it, and babe loves with everything she's got! Did she hold it against you for -- for trying to kick her out all those times or for trying to pay her off? Did she hold it against J.R. For forcing her to take that paternity test? Hell, no!
Adam: No, I don't -- i don't think those offenses quite compare with stealing a baby.
Krystal: Does money make you stupid? Babe knows that bianca acted out of pain, not malice. She's not going to kick her to the curb just because she's mourning her own baby the only way she could!
Tad: Krystal, nobody's attacking babe.
Krystal: There's just no end to this. Maybe babe's blood isn't blue enough for all of you, but i'll tell you one thing. She does not put any rules or restrictions on where she gives her love, who she gives it to, and how much she gives it. With all of you people, it's one mistake and sayonara, and that's one hell of a way to live.

***** (clip d)

[amc040420d starts]
[Phone rings]
lena: I have to return this call.
Maggie: Well, you should use the pay phone. It's right through there.
Lena: Ok. I'll be right back.

***** (clip e)

[amc040420e starts]
Maggie: What's wrong?
Lena: Nothing. Everything. That was my mother.
Maggie: Is she worse?
Lena: She wants me to take her back home to Poland.
Maggie: But you can't leave now. Bianca needs you.
Lena: I know, I know. That's what I told her. I'm not leaving Bianca.


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