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Lena Kundera

April 27, 2004

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No Lena mention

From About All My Children

Lena gives Bianca a ring and says she loves her so much-she wants this to be their new beginning!
Bobby watches quizzically as a strange man embraces a startled Erica and exclaims, "It's you-it really is you!"
Kendall tells Greenlee, "Get out-you're history!"
Ryan tells Greenlee not to move, "You're not going anywhere!"

From Soap Slut

No recap for this day


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • Kendall and Greenlee do it for cosmetic-kind.
  • Liza humiliates herself. Again.
  • Mary drinks from the cup that spilleth over.
  • You so owe me for recapping this Vortex of Suck.

The Set-Up – At Fusion, Kendall makes eyes at the furniture and Greenlee eyes the MiniRack.

In the boardroom, Ryan is back in charge and sees his reflection in a thousand points of light.

At the Chandler manse, Tad is a poor dupe and Krystal is the bike that’s made the rounds around town – if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

The Chandler Manse – What’s this, a new wedding for the couple that has everything, including a child that’s not theirs? I simply must be the candelabra.

Babe: "What’s this? Why is everyone looking at us?"
J.R.: "That’s because they know how much I love you."

No, that’s because they know how stupid you look in a suit and tie.

Fusion – Fusion will soon be back in business, Mia is out with a bug and Kendall and Greenlee will form a more perfect union but what’s really important is getting a man!

Simone: "What is bigger than the Fusion four back in action?"
Kendall: "Finding out what Ryan really feels for me."

Why, so you can ignore it again? Go get Aidan, damn it: he’s so pretty.

Metro Music – Speaking of horrible taste in men: a poster of
Bob Guiney is on the wall and is that – good god: that’s his video? Oh, Rebecca: what the fuck is wrong with you?

Fusion – In her dreams, Ryan puts all of Kendall’s fears and insecurities to rest and, in exchange, she gets on her knees and – no, not that: she proposes. Greenlee snaps her out of it.

Greenlee: "It’s good I hope. For all of us."
Kendall: "Well, cross your fingers, light a candle."

Better make it a votive.

The Chandler Manse – Babe accepts J.R.’s proposal and Adam pretends to be happy. Mary just pours a glass and drinks from the decanter.

Babe: Why do I get the feeling this was your idea?"
Krystal: "Oh honey: you know there is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do to see you happy."

Yeah, you’re a regular Mother Courage. Shut up, Krystal.

Metro Music – Danielle flirts with Jamie. I think. I’m not sure because I’ve been, erm, speeding up the process. A mustard explosion suddenly fills the screen and I stop ‘cause I just know it’s Maggie.

Jamie: "This is Maggie. We’re…"
Maggie: "Together. Sort of."
Danielle: "Oh no: no way you’re his girlfriend."
Maggie: "Why would you say that?"
Danielle: "Because I’m making a move on your man and you’re not the least bit jealous."

Maggie is an adult: she doesn’t – oh, hang on: we’re talking about Maggie here. So sorry. So, as I was saying: 32 people just squealed and none of them were me.

The Boardroom – Ryan loves "the smell of power in the morning." Christ, could he be more obnoxious? Gaggity, gaggity gag.

Adam and J.R. join Simone, Kendall and Greenlee and rub the lemons in their pockets.

Kendall: "Where’s Liza?"
J.R.: "I’ve no idea, but I’m sure she wouldn’t want us to stop on her account."

Oh shut up and go play with your crayons.

When Ryan announces that J.R. and Liza will be in charge of Chandler Enterprises, both of them – what? How did Liza get here? – show their gratitude.

Adam: "You’re a pathetic bunch of sycophants."

Whuh? Did the BAMmers just walk by?

Ryan, whom I believe has never had a successful business venture in his entire life, declares that he wants to make Fusion "platinum" and therefore plans to merge it with Enchantment.

Ryan: "I want more with you. A future together. I want – I want our happy ending."
Kendall: "God, Ryan: it’s like you’re saying all the words that are running through my head."

Oh gag me.

Apparently, there are some words that Kendall has not thought of yet: Ryan wants Greenlee to be her Co-CEO.

So – life is over then? Excellent.

The Last Scenes – At Metro Music, Jamie wonders whether Maggie prefers picking up boxers or briefs. I mean, thongs. No, briefs! Thongs! Briefs! Riveting, isn’t it?

At the Chandler manse, Krystal opens the door for Doctor Doom.

In the boardroom, Kendall is ready to bury the hatchet – in Greenlee’s back.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Lena wants a new beginning with Bianca; Erica meets an admirer; Ryan and Kendall argue about Greenlee.


This parody is by LizzieT.

The Fusion set was back up for the day.
Kendall: So today is the day we find out the fate of Fusion.
Simone: Mia's sorry couldn't be here.
Greenlee: Mia?
Kendall: Hasn't she been written off yet?
Simone: I don't think so. She just has a virus or something.
Greenlee: That's what PFKAJP said and no one has seen him since. Anyway, I'm going to print out some stuff that will remind Ryan that Greenlee=Corporate Mogal.
Simone: You seem excited about today.
Kendall: I am. And not just about Fusion. I'm excited about me and Ryan too. Maybe I'll finally find out if I can trust him or not.
Simone: Ack! Not the "I trust Ryan I don't trust Ryan" scene 7864! I just remembered I have to pick up my dry cleaning.

The Chandlers prepared for the board meeting too.
Adam: I think today may be the day I get my company back.
Krystal: Speaking of getting your company back.....why don't we plan a wedding for JR and my baby doll?
Adam: Aren't they already married?
Krystal: Well you know what they say....you can't ever have too many weddings just in case something was illegal the first time. Just like you can't have too many babies in a helicopter crash in case something happens to one of them.
JR: Huh?
Krystal: Never mind. I'll just go out on the terrace now for my big Krystal=Sympathetic scene.
Terrace: Don't even try it cookie. I'm not buying it.
Tad: I'll follow Krystal and see what's wrong.
Liza: I'll eavesdrop on Krystal and Tad proving once again I have no self respect left.
Tad: What's wrong Krystal?
Krystal: Nothing. I'm just thinking that I should leave town.
Tad: You're letting those message board people get to you aren't you? I wish you wouldn't go. If everyone they hated left Pine Valley the town would be empty.

Reggie had to work off the damage at the record store.
Reggie: I'm ready to work.
Danielle: So am I.
Reggie: Oh no! What's she doing here?
Jamie: Who cares? She's cute.
Danielle: You're pretty cute yourself. How about a Jamie/Danielle/Reggie triangle?
Jamie: I think it should be more like a Reggie/Danielle/Jamie/Maggie rectangle.
Maggie: Or maybe a Reggie/Danielle/Jamie/Maggie/Bianca pentagon - except Bianca and I are just friends - really that's all I feel for her - honest.
Reggie: Count me out. I'm still not speaking to Danielle. And I don't think the audience is ready for a teenage version of the Mia/Aidan/Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee/Pablo mess.
Jamie: I don't know why you won't give Danielle a break. They obviously cast her to be your love interest. Besides, I like her. She's the only person in town who isn't clinically depressed.

Ryan held his board meeting.
Lawyer: It's about time. No one has really been running these companies since last summer sometime. It's a wonder any of them are still standing.
Adam: I just got a text message. It says "Don't let that twit squander my inheritance". Hmmm, it says it's from Bess. Must be a prank.
Ryan: My first order of business is to say that JR and Liza will continue to run Chandler Enterprises. Bwahahahahahaha! By treating Adam with such disdain I will win the admiration of the audience.
Audience: Booooooooo! Boooooooooo!
Ryan: They're really chanting Ryyyyyyannnnnnn. It just sounds like Booooooo. My next order of business is to merge Enchantment and Fusion.
Greenlee: That's great. Remember Greenlee=Team Player.
Ryan: Now I'd like to talk to Kendall privately.
Simone: Ack! They're going to have relationship rehash 7591! I just remembered I left my iron on.
Ryan: I want you to run both companies Kendall.
Kendall: That's wonderful Ryan. I knew I could trust you.
Ryan: And I want Greenlee to run them as your equal partner.
Kendall: Sloooowwwwwlllllyyyyy I turned......

Krystal spent some time with Babe and "Bess".
Babe: Don't you just love holding your grandbaby?
Miranda: She may love it but I'm not thrilled about it. I hope you're going to have me sterilized when she puts me down.
Babe: Isn't she adorable? Whose cheeks do you think she has?
Krystal: Er....uh.....it's hard to tell.
Miranda: No it isn't. I have the Kane cheekbones with the Montgomery dimples - a winning combination if I do say so myself.
Babe: I'll just leave the room so you can talk to Bess in private - maybe win a little audience support.
Krystal: I may have to leave town because of what I've done.
Miranda: I'll make your reservations.
Krystal: I just can't keep this secret from my baby doll if I'm here where I can see her. And I hate having to push Tad away.
Miranda: Tad will get over it. I like him. I may fix him up with my Auntie Kendall.
Krystal: I'm just overwhelmed with guilt but I know you're going to be loved very much and my baby doll will be such a good mother.
Miranda: Trying to use me and my popularity in a futile attempt to gain sympathy from the audience? How low will you go? Bleeechhhhhhh!
Krystal: And I thought the mine shaft was a tough audience.



Happy to be alone with Bianca at last, or just happy to be finally leaving...


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a)

On the next "All My Children"

lena: I love you so much, and I want this to be our new beginning.
Man: It's you! It really is you!
Kendall: Get out. You're history.
Ryan: Don't move, greenlee. You're not going anywhere.


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