Whoosh! ...
Lena says good-bye
to a melancholy Bianca

Lena Kundera

April 28, 2004

(Lena's last appearance for this series)
Last update: 07/01/04

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From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Bianca accepts Lena's gift of a ring as a sign of their commitment to each other. Bianca learns that Lena's mother is ill and wants Lena to take her home to Poland. Bianca convinces Lena to be with her mother and they promise to wait for each other as they say a tearful goodbye.

From About All My Children

Jamie repeats all he asked was if she wanted to move back in with her. Maggie tells him she can be Bianca's friend without moving in with her. She's got Kendall and Jackson all over her, "Plus, we know she has Lena."...

Bianca makes a call, but gets voice mail and hangs up. Lena comes in and asks if she was trying to reach her? Bianca says she finally decided to call her mother, but she got her voice mail and didn't leave a message because she didn't know what to say. If she won't return Jack's calls or Myrtle'sÖ Lena insists she's different, but Bianca thinks she's the reason Erica's not here. Lena thinks that's crazy; Erica left because she had to, but her timing was awful because right now Bianca needs to be surrounded by all the people who love her. Bianca says it's unbelievable how many people there are, and gestures at all the flowers and gifts everyone brought. Lena reaches in her pocket as she says Bianca didn't get hers yet. She holds out a small velvet pouch as she says she understands if Bianca can't accept it yet, but wants her to know it's here for her, that she's here for her, always. Bianca opens the pouch to find a ring, and exclaims, "Oh, Lena!" She holds the ring and says she wasn't expecting this! Lena knows the ground has shifted from under her, but the one thing she can count on is how she feels about her. She loves her so much, and she wants this to be their new beginning! Bianca hugs her as she says she is her rock, and she can't imagine her life without her! Lena gets a call, and sighs that it's her mother, and she really should call her back. She knows Bianca is waiting for a call from Jackson, so she'll use the pay phone. Bianca thanks her so much for the ring, and sends her best to Lena's mother. Lena goes to the phone, and Bianca looks at the ring in her hands.

Bianca steps out into the hallway in time to hear Lena tearfully tell her mother she's sorry, but there is no way she can leave Bianca right now! She just thinks there must be a better way to do this; she promises to think of something and call her back later. Bianca closes the door, and goes back into the room. Lena wipes her eyes and returns to the room. Bianca agrees she's been discharged, and Lena asks what they're waiting for? "For you to tell me what that phone call was about," Bianca suggests. Lena doesn't want her to worry, but Bianca says she heard. It sounded like mother troubles, and she was pretty upset. Lena insists everything is fine now, but Bianca doesn't think so. She asks if this is how this is going to work, that Lena gets to help her and support her and love her, and she gets to be kept in the dark? She doesn't think so! If this is going to work, it has to work both ways, "Please tell me what's going on-let me help you!" Lena admits her mother has liver cancer. That's why she had to go to Chicago, but couldn't tell her then. The doctors are trying to be optimistic, but her mother is convinced she is dying, and she can't tell her otherwise; she wants to go home to Poland. Bianca nods, saying they really shouldn't be surprised, as she never really wanted to leave. When Lena says now it's perfectly safe for her to go back, Bianca agrees she should. Lena sighs she wants her to take her, and Bianca says of course she does-she needs her! Lena thinks they can bring her to Pine Valley and get her the best care in the world; Bianca agrees, but is that what's best for her? Lena told her mother she's not leaving, that she needs to be with Bianca while she recovers, "I need you to know that I'll never leave your side!" Bianca smiles as she says she loves her, no matter where she is, "I love you more than I ever thought possible."

Bianca and Lena love each other, and they love their mothers. Right now, her mother's life is in the balance, and she's turned to the two things in this world that she loves the most, Lena and her country.. Does she know how lucky she is? Her mother had to go away and deal with her pain alone, but Lena's mother needs her to help her with hers. Lena cries that she hates to leave her, but Bianca insists she's not alone. She has lots of people who love her, and they're going to look after her. Lena admits she's all her mother has, and Bianca says she should have her, and she should have this time with her. If she doesn't do this, she's going to regret it for the rest of her life. Lena asks, "What about us? What about future?" Bianca holds up the ring and says this is their future, the promise that they're making each other. Lena says when she comes back, she wants to slip it on her finger and make it official. Bianca loves that, and they agree they'll talk every day. Bianca says she'll be fine, "I'll be here, getting my life back, and waiting for you." She promises they're going to have a future together, and they share a kiss.

Bianca says her uncle is on his way, and he's going to drive her back to his place. Lena wants to help her settle in, but Bianca thinks she needs to call her mother and tell her she's going back home to Poland. Lena thanks her, and gives her a big hug as she says she's going to miss her every minute. Bianca tells her to come back to her when she can-she'll be here. Another kiss, and Lena leaves. Maggie comes in to find Bianca holding back her tears, and asks if that was Lena down the hall? Bianca explains she's going to Poland because her mother is sick and asked Lena to take her home. It's all right, it's just for a few months, but she misses her already. Maggie tells her friend to look on the bright side, "You've still got me!"


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  • The non-commitment commitment ring finally commits.
  • Ryan bares his teeth.
  • Kendall dives into the Shaft of Self-Delusion.
  • Mary clings and clangs.
  • Olga Sosnovska says goodbye to daytime. Maybe.
  • NOTE: I know many of you want to know what will happen to the AGR: for now, all I can tell you is that the Yahoo! Group will remain because weíve moved well beyond AMC. Iíve not yet made a decision in re the daily recaps: Iíll give it some thought, poll the peeps and keep you posted.

The Set-Up Ė In Las Vegas, Erica signs with an X.

In her room at the hospital, Bianca tells Lena she doesnít know what to say to her mother.

Bianca: "Iím the reason sheís not here."

Right. Also, youíre to blame for all the evil in the world. Oh, and for Capri pants.

Lena has a present for Bianca and tells her that, if she canít accept it "yet," she will understand.

Lena: "I want you to know that itís here for you. That Iím here for you. Always."

Lena, did you put the ring in a tiny sac? What, you couldnít spring for a case? You cheap GayMo! And why do I keep picturing
Gollum when I look at that ugly thing?

The Boardroom - Kendall tells Ryan that, contractually, Greenlee "cannot work for Cambias Industries or anything associated with it."

In Pine Valley, that only leaves Taco Bell.

After reminding Greenlee that, because of her, she was almost sentenced to death, Kendall accuses her of being responsible for Biancaís "break from reality."

Kendall: "You let her believe her baby was still alive."

No she didnít: the stolen plastic baby Jesus told her so when he gave her the mustard seed. Oh, wait.

Kendall: "You wanted to play hero, you wanted to score points with Ryan and be the hero."

Oh shut up Kendall: youíre a paranoid pain in the ass.

Ryan: "Greenlee, I will handle this. I will handle this."

Oh shut up, you condescending imbecile. Oh, wait: I have to take it back. I promised Skiffy and a few others I wouldnít crucify him today because I know Cam cried when Olga left. D*** promises: never again!

Metro Music Ė Maggie is cranky with Jamie because she thinks he no longer wants to be her roommate.

Maggie: "Why did you ask me if I want to move?"
Jamie: "Bianca."
Maggie: "What about her? Jamie, youíre not saying what you really mean."

Jamie: "There seems to be a lot of that running around."

See, Jamie is obviously referring to the fact that Maggie sends him mixed signals about Bianca. Also, we can only see three buttons on Maggieís coat: thatís a reference to the three sexual orientations one can have and, since the strap of Maggieís bag is crossing the middle button, it means sheís bisexual. [/BAM glasses]

Biancaís Room Ė Bianca tells Lena she wasnít "expecting" to see the non-commitment commitment ring ever again because she knows sheís been such a horrible tool since last July.

Lena: "The one true thing you can always count on is the way I feel about you. [Ö] Bianca, I love you so much and I want this to be our new beginning."

Yeah, Bianca: Lena promises to have a really good reason for her absence and not that "I got lost in traffic" crap sheís been pulling for months now. She also promises to transform you into an appealing lesbian on daytime by never forcing you to say the word Ďgayí or, god forbid, go back to those pornographic chin-chucks that were so popular before McT brought back King James and sprinkled holy water on your head.

Bianca: "Lena, you are my rock. I canít imagine my life without you."

Oh give me a break: youíve been doling out that line to everyone! Lena knows it, too, because sheíd rather pay attention to her cell phone than listen to your trite drivel.

Before Lena can leave to return her motherís call, Bianca stops her.

Bianca: "Thank you so much for this."

Big trees, tiny holes. Lena: "I love you. Hereís a ring!" Bianca: "Thanks! Itís shiny!" F*** you.

Metro Music Ė Jamie explains that he assumed Maggie might want to be there for Bianca after all thatís happened and she apologizes for being an annoying, indecisive nag. Well, that last bit didnít quite happen that way, but go with it anyway.

Maggie tells Jamie she has "messed up pretty badly" because she promised Bianca sheíd always be there for her and, instead, it was Babe who was with her at the cabin and Greenlee was the one who took Bianca to the crash site and she wasnít there to stop Bianca from kidnapping Bessimo and blah, blah, blah, all things BAMmers think Maggie should have done because AMC? Itís the Maggie show.

Maggie: "Jamie, Iím her best friend, ok? I cut out because things got too weird too fast and I backed off on her."

Yeah, if I suddenly found myself romanticizing a recently raped woman while not realizing Iím digging her because I have a savior complex, Iíd be worried about my bizarre fetishes, too.

Biancaís Room Ė Once Lena returns, Bianca asks her about the conversation she overheard her having with Paulina; Lena tries to Macarena her way past the questions and tells Bianca that everything is fine, FINE!

Bianca: "Is this how this is going to work? You get to help me and support me and love me and I get to be kept in the dark?"

Isnít that what you do? Lena is just following your very own Keep Secrets to Protect formula. You know, the one you used to keep the rape and pregnancy from Erica and the rest of the lot: are you holding Lena to a different standard? Oh, wait.

Las Vegas Ė Erica really wants to work for her comped suite and food and asks Bobby to help her find a job; he mentions accounting and makes Barbie weep.

Erica: "Roberto, look at me. I hire accountants: do I look like the kind of girl who paid attention in math class?"

Donít you just love McTís women? Theyíre all so god d*** dumb the Southern Baptists would have no problem convincing any of them that "subjugating" to their husbands is part of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Biancaís Room Ė Lena tells Bianca that Paulina has liver cancer and wants to go back to Poland because "sheís convinced sheís dying."

Parents: they guilt-trip you about every trivial thing. Pfft.

Lena: "Listen, Iíve told her that Iím not leaving you; I need to be with you while you recover: I need you to know that Iíll never leave your side."

Are you so utterly incapable of writing something romantic and meaningful? This is akin to the crap those clueless newlyweds pull when they play
Every Breath You Take at their receptions without realizing itís a song about obsession! Stupid hacks.

Bianca: "Lena, listen to me: I love you no matter where you are. I love you more than Ė more than I ever thought possible."

I think Ė yes, Iíve just had an infarct. Now Iíll just wait and see how The Retcon 32 will fanwank Biancaís declaration into something that means sheís really in love with Maggie.

Las Vegas Ė You know what would be really original? A flaming gay man! Who dances! And is a choreographer!

Rudy: "Give me your résumé: do you have experience in show business?"
Erica: "Rudy, Iíve been entertaining people since I could tie my shoes. Do you want to see?"

Please god, no.

Fusion Ė Greenlee thinks itís incredibly ironic that Kendall and Ryan love each other.

Ironic? Thatís like saying Bob Guiney is a good looking, talented singer who keeps his tongue to himself. Oh no, wait: that would be inaccurate, not ironic.

Simone: "He didnít seem as if he was so in love with her right now. When she went for you throat, it looked as if his forehead was going to explode."

Thatís what Ryan looks like when he breathes, Simone. And what the h*** happened to that sentence: did a giraffe take it for a ride and slam it against a tree?

The Boardroom Ė Kendall and Ryan declare their love for each other and kiss. I see tongue and die.

Biancaís Room Ė Bianca tells Lena that they "love each other" and they both love their mothers; Paulina, she says, has turned to the two things she most loves, her daughter and her home and, therefore, Lena should feel lucky this is the dramatic exit AMC has thought of to get rid of her.

Lena: "I hate to leave you."

Bianca: "Well, then she should have you and you should have this time with her. If you donít do this, Lena, youíre going to regret it for the rest of your life."
Lena: "What about us? What about our future?"

I thought the children were our future. Love the kids! All hail the children. Speaking of which: whereís Maggie?

Metro Music Ė Fight over, Maggie apologizes for having overreacted and talks Jamie into some, erm, afternoon delight.

Maggie: "Iíll meet you at our apartment and we can hang out, listen to music and remember all the great reasons why Iím such a wonderful roommate."

Why waste any time sensitively addressing possible sexual confusion when you can just go for the cheap cop-out? This way, millions upon millions of like-minded confused little tools Ė I mean, girls - can write the show and thank it for being so progressive and showing the rest of us what happens when one refuses to be thoughtful and chooses to hump the first prick that swings by instead! And all the bisexual soap lovers, who already are so often mistaken for immoral sexual predators, can write in to thank AMC for caring enough to represent them so well! Oh yes: this story simply must be told. Because itís important! And it will shine, SHINE!

Biancaís Room Ė Bianca holds up the ring and tells Lena it represents their future and the promise theyíre making each other. Just as sheís about to put it on, Lena stops her.

Lena: "When I come back, I want to slip this on your finger and make it official."
Bianca: "Iíd love that."

Oh for crying out loud! Lena: "Hereís a ring: letís get married!" Bianca: "Cool. Can we have peanuts?" This is the lamest marriage proposal and engagement scene ever. EVER!

Lena: "And weíll talk every day."
Bianca: "Every day."
Lena: "And, if you need me, all you have to do is say so."
Bianca: "Iíll be fine. Iíll be here, getting my life back. And waiting for you. I promise, Lena: weíre going to have a future together."

Bianca is just too gay: letís tone it down and give her a relationship with a phone! Itíll be moving! And fulfilling! And the gay people will thank us! For daring to show the hardships of long-distance relationships! And weíll get those flakes at
GLAAD to give us another award! Because they give awards to anyone! For anything!

Bianca and Lena kiss. With a double dip. And Iím almost moved, but then it goes back to Ryan windshield-wiping Kendallís teeth and I decide to vomit instead.

The Last Scenes Ė In Las Vegas, Rudy promises that Erica will be "immortalized in lights." Yeah, maybe after they fall on her.

At Fusion, Mary offers Greenlee her immunity necklace.

In the boardroom, Kendall gives Ryan an ultimatum.

Kendall: "If Greenlee is in your life, then she is in mine, too. I canít have it, I wonít have it. I donít have a choice, but you do. So, choose: itís Greenlee or me."

You canít tell Ryan whom he can and cannot have in his life: who are you, Erica Kane?

In her room, Bianca tells Lena to call Paulina and make all the necessary arrangements.

Lena: "Iím going to miss you every minute."
Bianca: "Youíd better. Come back to me when you can. Iíll be here."

Lena opens the door, leans against it, briefly holds it open with her hand and finally allows it to close on her exit. Itís the little things - like her nice ass. What? Itís either that or another rant.

Maggie walks in. How long has it been, 4 seconds? A very predictable farce, of course, because we canít have one single Lianca scene without the ever-present BAM pimping. No matter how you try, Megan, you arenít going to get those numbers to move up. "The first batch of numbers was bad! Letís make Maggie less likable and try again! Oh, no: the second batch was worse than the first! Letís try it again!" Youíre such an amusing little s***, Megan.

Bianca: "Her mother is sick and she asked Lena to take her home."
Maggie: "Now?"
Bianca: "Yeah. But itís alright: itís just for a few months. I miss her already."
Maggie: "Hey, look on the bright side: you still got me."

Youíre the bright side? Shut the f*** up, Maggie: youíre the SPAM to Lenaís lobster, you stupid tool.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Anita cries with Aidan; Mary encourages Greenlee to make a play for Ryan; Ryan proposes to Kendall.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Kendall told everyone about the clause.
Kendall: According to this clause hidden deep inside these contracts, Greenlee can never have anything to do with Enchantment or Fusion again. She also must never wear the same color that I'm wearing and is required to cross the street if she sees me coming toward her - even in heavy traffic.
Greenlee: Yesssss! Now I'm the vulnerable victim and you're the paranoid psycho. Life is sweet. Of course I'm out of a job but life is still sweet.
Ryan: I won't stand for it. I, Ryan the great and powerful, say that Greenlee has every right to play a part in the company she created.
Kendall: Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee. It's always all about Greenlee.
Greenlee: Yesssss! Now she's the Jan and I'm the Marcia! Can this day get any better?
Ryan: Kendall and I need to talk this over.
Greenlee: Wait a minute. Isn't this the part where Kendall falls in a mine shaft while everyone rallies lovingly around Greenlee?
Ryan: Sorry. Kendall I know you're angry but you're not really angry with Greenlee.
Kendall: Duh! Haven't you been watching for the last few months? Greenlee has caused nothing but problems for me.
Ryan: But everything that happened wasn't her fault. She didn't cause what happened to Bianca. She's not responsible for Erica running off to Vegas for that idiotic storyline. She's not behind the baby switch/crossover mess. You have to blame the writers for this stuff. But I love you. I want you to marry me.
Kendall: And I want to marry you. But first you have to put Greenlee completely out of your life.
Ryan: Sorry. If you look closely at those contracts you'll see another clause - one that states I must be a part of a triangle.

Greenlee and Simone went back to Fusion.
Greenlee: Can you believe it? Kendall is probably convincing him to dump me right this minute. All those weeks of Greenlee=Good scenes and what did it get me? Just a sunburn from the glow off of my halo. I'm left with nothing.
Mary: You still have me darling.
Greenlee: Great. Kick me while I'm down why don't you?

Desiree had plans in Vegas.
Erica: I want to be a casino hostess.
Bobby: A casino hostess? I don't think that's a good idea....though compared with what I've seen on the message boards it might not be so bad. But aren't you afraid that you'll be recognized?
Erica: Of course not. I only recognize myself 21 of the 645 times a day that I look in the mirror.
Bobby: But you don't have a shrine to Erica Kane in your bedroom.
Erica: That's true. I left that back home in Pine Valley.
Rudy: It's you! My God! It's you!
Erica: What do you mean?
Rudy: I knew the minute I saw you that you were the one I had to have for my chorus line. Please tell me you'll be a showgirl for me.
Miranda: What? This guy sees a short woman, beautiful but not exactly 25 any more if you know what I mean and decides she's the answer to his showgirl needs? And people say the baby switch storyline doesn't make sense.

Producer: Miranda! You're not even on today.
Miranda: Sorry. But if a storyline ever needed my commentary this one is it.

Jamie and Maggie talked.
Jamie: So you're sure you don't want to move back in with Bianca.
Maggie: Why would I want to move in with her. It's not like I'm in love with her or anything.
Jamie: I just thought that....
Maggie: Well you're wrong. Besides, I haven't been that big a part of Bianca's storyline lately. I used to be the one she turned to for everything but then she got mixed up in the Babe=Good stuff and the Greenlee=Good stuff and before I knew it, it was Maggie=Backburnered.

Lena and Bianca talked.
Lena: I want you to accept this ring from me.
Bianca: I can't believe this.
Lena: That I still have the ring after all this time?
Bianca: No. That we're actually going to get to be a couple just like any other characters.
Lena: I'm so happy. ::::ring:::::Uh oh. That's my mother with my exit storyline.
Bianca: What's wrong with your mother?
Lena: She isn't well.
Bianca: She didn't run off to Vegas and decide to be a showgirl did she?
Lena: No. She's sick but she's not nuts. She wants me to take her back to Poland.
Bianca: Then you should. Mothers need their daughters in times of crisis - except for mine of course. She just needs Jose Cuervo and a feathered headdress.
Lena: But I can't leave you.
Bianca: Of course you can. It's not like we ever really got to have scenes together anyway. But this ring will be the symbol of our love and I'll wait for you to come back.
Lena: How lovely. A cynical character might say that this ring is a way for TPTB to say that you have a love story without having an onscreen partner but I'm not cynical. I'll treasure the thought of you waiting for me.
Bianca: And I'll treasure the thought of you coming back. A cynical character might wonder why I finally got to tell you I loved you after months and months just as you were headed out the door but I'll just be happy we had this last scene together.
Lena: Me too. Frankly, I was afraid my exit story would be a terrible car accident on the way to tell you that I had found out what really happened to Miranda. Goodbye Bianca.
Bianca: Goodbye Lena.
Maggie: Where is Lena going?
Bianca: Poland.
Maggie: Wow. And I thought I'd been backburnered.



The Ring of the Nibelungen...er, I meant Liancalungen


Yeah, you can tell these are two really messed up chicks


Well, at least they got to kiss one more time...


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a)

Erica's voice: Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.
Lena: You trying to reach me?
Bianca: Oh -- I finally decided to call my mother. But I got her voicemail.
Lena: You didn't leave a message?
Bianca: Honestly, I don't know what to say. I mean, if she won't return uncle jack's calls or myrtle's --
lena: Hey, you're different.
Bianca: I'm the reason she's not here.
Lena: Bianca, that's crazy. Erica left because -- I don't know -- because she had to. She didn't know what else to do. But her timing was awful. Right now, you need to be surrounded by all the people who love you.
Bianca: Well, I have lots of people. I mean, just look at the flowers and all the presents. It's -- it's unbelievable.
Lena: You still didn't get mine, though.

***** (clip b)

Lena: If you can't accept it yet, i'll understand, but i want you to know that it's here for you, that i'm here for you, always.
Bianca: Oh, lena. Lena.

***** (clip c)

Bianca: I wasn't expecting this.
Lena: Bianca, I know the ground has shifted from under you right now, but the one true thing that you can always count on is the way I feel about you. And don't put this on right now if you don't feel ready. Bianca, I love you so much. And I want this to be our new beginning.
Bianca: Lena, you are my rock. I can't imagine my life without you.
Lena: Oh.
lena: Oh, I'm sorry. That's my phone. I left it on vibrate. Oh. Oh, it's my mother. I should call her back. Look, I know you're waiting for jackson to call you. I'll use the pay phone.
Bianca: Wait, lena. Thank you so much for this. And tell your mother that I give her my best.

***** (clip d)

[Music plays]
maggie: Look, I'm sorry I got all defensive, but me moving out for bianca? Come on, what's that about?
Jamie: I did the math. Bianca's getting out of the hospital soon, right?
Maggie: Yeah, like, any minute.
Jamie: Well, it's going to be tough for her. I mean, she thought she was coming home with a baby, and now -- you know, I just figured you'd want to be there.
Maggie: No, sure. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have freaked out like that.
Jamie: You're just obviously stressed about everything bianca went through.
Maggie: Well, I messed up pretty badly. Come on, i promised her that i was going to be there for her for anything, and where was I when she freaked out? She was with babe in the middle of the woods when it should have been me. And what about when she lost the baby? It was greenlee who took her back to the river, not me. And then what about when she went back to the hospital and she took the baby? Where was I? I was nowhere.
Jamie: Hey, come on, it's not all on you. There's a lot of people that should have helped.
Maggie: Jamie, I'm her best friend, ok? I cut out -- because things got too weird, too fast, too scary, and I backed off on her.
Jamie: Hey, come on, what -- what scared you?
Maggie: I don't know, I -- I don't know. I mean, come on, everything that's happened to her is so crazy. I don't know what I'm saying. I don't even know what i'm thinking anymore.
Jamie: Hey, all i asked was if you want to move back in with her.
Maggie: Well, I can still be her friend without living with her. Come on, we know that she has kendall and jackson all over her, and she knows that if she needs anything that i'll be there. Plus, we know that she has lena.

***** (clip e)

Lena: Mama, I'm sorry, there's just no way I can leave bianca right now. I just think there must be a better way to do this. I don't know. I'll think of something. Please, just don't -- I'll call you back later, ok, I promise. Bye. Ready to go?
Bianca: Yeah, I'm ready. I just need to sign some papers.
Lena: Ok. What are we waiting for?
Bianca: For you to tell me what that phone call was about.
Lena: Bianca, I don't want you to worry.
Bianca: I heard. It sounded like -- like mother troubles, and it sounded like you were pretty upset.
Lena: It's fine. Everything is fine now, really.
Bianca: Lena, I don't think so.
Lena: Honestly. Anyway, I don't want to talk about it. You have enough to worry about right now.
Bianca: Is this how this is going to work? You get to help me and support me and love me, and I get to be kept in the dark? I don't think so.
Lena: I just -- I just think it's too much for you right now.
Bianca: Well, let me decide that. Lena, if this is going to work, it has to work both ways. Please, tell me what's going on. Let me help you.

***** (clip f)

Lena: My mother -- she's got liver cancer.
Bianca: Oh, lena, I'm so sorry.
Lena: That's why i have to go to chicago. I couldn't tell you, not then. And anyway, we had to see how she'd react to the radiation and everything.
Bianca: And -- and what did they say? What did the doctors say?
Lena: Well, they're trying to be optimistic, you know, but --
bianca: Well, if they caught it in time, then she --
lena: Listen, my mother is convinced that she's dying, and I can't tell her otherwise. She wants to go home.
Bianca: Home?
Lena: To poland.
Bianca: Well, I guess we shouldn't be surprised. She never really wanted to leave, did she?
Lena: No. Things are different there now. It's perfectly safe for her to go back.
Bianca: Well, then she should.
Lena: She wants me to take her.
Bianca: Well, of course she does. She needs you.
Lena: Bianca, I can bring her to pine valley. It's fine. We'll get her the best care in the world. It's bound to be better than over there.
Bianca: Yes, but is that what's best for her?
Lena: Listen, I have told her that i am not leaving you. I need to be with you while you recover. I need you to know that i'll never leave your side.
Bianca: Lena, listen to me. I love you, no matter where you are. I love you more than -- more than I ever thought possible.

***** (clip g)

Bianca: Lena, we -- we love each other. We love our mothers. Right now your mother's life is in the balance, and she's turned to the two things in this world that she loves the most -- you and her home. Do you know how lucky you are? My mother and I -- well, you know. She can't be here. She had to go away and deal with her pain alone. But your mother needs you to help her with hers.
Lena: Oh, I hate to leave you.
Bianca: I'm not alone. I have -- I have kendall and reggie and uncle jack and myrtle and lots of people who love me, and they're going to look after me.
Lena: I'm all that my mother has.
Bianca: Well, then she should have you. And you should have this time with her. If you don't do this, lena, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life.
Lena: Well, what about us? What about our future?

***** (clip h)

Bianca: This is our future. This ring is the promise that we're making each other.
Lena: Hey. When i come back, I want to slip this on your finger and make it official.
Bianca: I love that.
Lena: And we'll talk every day.
Bianca: Every day.
Lena: And if you need me, all you have to do is say so.
Bianca: I'll be fine. I'll be here, getting my life back and waiting for you. I promise, lena -- we're going to have a future together.

***** (clip i)

Bianca: Well, uncle jack is on his way. He's going to drive me back to his place.
Lena: Good. I'll help you get settled in.
Bianca: Lena, you need to call your mother and tell her that she's going back home to poland. You have a lot of arrangements to make.
Lena: Thank you. Come here. Oh. Oh, I'm going to miss you every minute.
Bianca: You'd better. Come back to me when you can. I'll be here.
Lena: I am.
Bianca: Wow.
Maggie: Hey, hey, hey. Was -- was that lena down the hall?
Bianca: Yeah.
Maggie: Where is she off to?
Bianca: She's going to poland. It's -- it's ok. Her mother is sick and she asked lena to take her home.
Maggie: Now?
Bianca: Yeah. But it's all right. It's just for a few months.
Bianca: I miss her already.
Maggie: Hey. Look on the bright side -- you still got me.
Bianca: Thank you.


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