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Release date: 10-16-01

2.1  What Is An IAXS Research Project?
2.2  Registry of Reserved Topics


We used to have a publish or perish rule, but we excised that
baby long ago. 

The submission can be any length (we prefer articles at least
1500 words...2000 is even better!) just as long as it contains at
least one actual idea which is presented and developed. Those
that are too short will be publishedas a letter to the editor.
Submission drafts will be edited for content and form and will be
returned to the author for input. 


This is a dinosaur. A museum to the old days. It's the reserved
list that was circa October 1999. If you are bored, give it a
read through! It is no longer relevent or anything! But it's a
fun read. It's a pity most of these papers were never written. 

   001. Searching for the Warrior Princess: Interpretations of
   Xena in the Hercules Trilogy (OMXena@aol.com)

   002. The Music of XWP (heparin@wolfenet.com) 

   003. Guilt and Retribution in XWP (hurd@shore.net)

   005. Xena and Motherhood (kevinp@crosslink.net)

   009. Use of Mythology in XWP (mcdermott@ncn.net)

   010. Star Wars/Indiana Jones themes found in XWP

   012. XWP: Quantum Obsession with a TV Heroine--Fad or
   Fulfilling Fascination (afairman@ix.netcom.com)

   013. Lucy Lawless in GREASE (RDDutra@aol.com)

   014. Classic Archetypes in "Xena: Warrior Princess"

   017. Lao Ma, Mentor from Afar (nitrocharge@hotmail.com)

   018. Ambiguities in the Relationships Among the Women of XWP
   019. Fan-Show Interaction, focusing on the Xena & Gabrielle
   Relationship (cdbreak@wam.umd.edu)

   021. Gabrielle as Conscience (ccarter@shentel.net)          

   024. Xena Scrolls: Fact or Fiction (THTC93C@prodigy.com)           

   027. The Round Killing Thing: An Analysis of Xena's Weapons

   028. Women Warriors in History and Mythology

   029. The Xenite and How Most of Our Daily Living Reflects Our
   Passion (jjtg@sprynet.com)

   030. When Did It Happen? Events in Xena's Life.

   031. Autolycus: The Man and the Myth (data@powerlink.net)

   032. Religious Connotations Held in Hope, Gabrielle, and Dahak

   035. The Theology of Xena (evccan@voyager.newcomm.net)

   038. Xena & The Quick & the Dead's Ellen: The Road to
   Redemption (dybka@mindspring.com)

   039. Anachronisms in XWP (mizaru@aol.com)

   040. Comparison between Brisco County's Comet and Xena's Argo
   041. Xena, Eris, and Discordia, Tenuous Links

   044. Lucy Lawless vs. Xena the character

   047. Ancient Rites of Religion (bluesong@aol.com)

   048. Does Xena ever sleep? (geekgrrl@ix.netcom.com)

   054. Girls Just Want to Have Fun! (brudnick@cfa.harvard.edu)

   057. Xena and Servelan - The Once and Future Bitchin' Queen

   059. The "Lesbian Spirit" and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   062. Appreciating Xena, A Well Rounded Character

   063. Mysticism, Friendship, and Destiny in XENA: WARRIOR
   PRINCESS (ktaborn@lightspeed.net)

   064. From Cowgirl to Warrior Princess: Obsessions Since
   Childhood to My Current Rage (AXWPHart@aol.com)

   066. Xena: Avenging Angel, Vengeful Devil, or Both? Was Xena
   Doing the Right Thing to Let Callisto Die?

   068. Xena's War Cry (mthurber@baynetworks.com)

   069. Maps and XWP (p.j.dejong@stud.frw.ruu.nl)

   070. Joxer: Is He Really a Dope or Does He Does Do All Those
   Stupid Things Just to Make Xena Look Better? (EGRANDI@aol.com)

   073. Xena's Psychological Make-up: The Warrior And The Nature
   Of Friendship (Petricles@aol.com)

   075. The Effect Of Xena And Gabrielle On Your Spouse, Or
   Significant Other (XXLBadboy@aol.com)

   078. Butch vs. Femme Qualities - What Makes Real Women Real: A
   Study Of Three Women: Gabrielle, Xena and Callisto

   079. Closet and/or Hidden XWP Fans

   080. The Relationship between Ares and Gabrielle - or War and
   Peace (LightLes@aol.com)

   082. Xena: A Role Model for the Empowerment of Women

   083. Allusions to Mythology and History in XENA: WARRIOR
   PRINCESS (elrick@pacbell.net)

   084. Greek Myths and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (doc@america.net)

   085. Xena Doubling (jcf7793@is.nyu.edu)

   086. Xena as Fantasy Fulfillment (mwbookrevw@aol.com)

   087. All's Fair in Lust and War -- The Myth and History of
   Xena and Ares (OMXena@aol.com)

   088. Xena and Gabrielle: Adventures in Unrequited Love?

   089. Masculine and Feminine:  Two Ways of Seeing Xena

   091. The Influence of Xena on the Medical Profession

   092. THE RECKONING (rebhall@hooked.net)

   100. The Military History of Xena (GGregbear@aol.com)

   101. Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Xena: Three Female
   Heroes Compared (fmlink@igc.apc.org)

   102. The Special Craft of Writing for Television: An
   Appreciation for XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (jsandsmark@aol.com)

   104. Xena in Paper:  A Study of the Ru Emerson Novels

   105. Joxer: Warrior or Wannabe. Just how Good is he or Why
   hasn't Joxer been disemboweled by now? (gregory@gregcomm.com)

   106. Callisto, Theories on a Love/Hate Relationship

   107. Ares, What might he try next? A Speculation on Possible
   Pasts (gregory@gregcomm.com)

   110. The Healing Arts Portrayed in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   111. Xena's Paternity:  Mortal or God? (AnkhDream@aol.com)

   112. Xena RPG Adaptation (LdAlbrecht@aol.com)

   113. Interviews of Lucy Lawless (ARTEMIS91@aol.com)

   114. IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?: What If Gabrielle Had
   Died? A Study of Death and Its Consequences

   115. Ancient Names Recycled (srichey@televar.com)

   116. Life Where Xena Memorablia is Very,Very Rare

   120. Destiny: Xena's Quest for Redemption (JodiMnstr@aol.com)

   121. Xena on Trial: Systems of Justice in XENA: WARRIOR
   PRINCESS (maverick@vex.net) 

   122. Gabrielle as Advocate: Lawyer or Bard (maverick@vex.net)

   123. Xena and the Rule of Law (maverick@vex.net)

   127. The Relationship Between Ares and Xena (moul@erols.com)

   128. Themes from the first season of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   130. A Psychological Profile of Joxer (lancast@erols.com)

   131. The Subliminal Effects of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS on
   R.E.M. Sleep: The Consequences of Falling Asleep While
   Watching Back Episodes of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   132. Xena after ORPHAN OF WAR: A Personal Response

   133. Xena's Journey of Redemption:  From Warlord to Hero

   134. The Emotional and Physical Relationship Between Xena and
   Gabrielle (XENAadict@aol.com) 

   135. The Architecture of the Xenaverse (jhenn@UDel.Edu)

   136. Xena as archetype Goddess (suzilla@erols.com)

   137. Time Travel in XWP (bearsden@olypen.com)

   138. Ares and His lack of Self Esteem. (bsmarr@ramlink.net)

   140. The Positive Influence of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   141. Feminism and XWP (reddog12@ix.netcom.com)

   142. Chronology of XWP: A Fantastic Miscellany?

   143. Chariots in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   148. Use and Abuse of Myths and Legends in XWP

   152. A Xena Time Line (brianbubba2@webtv.net)

   153. The Rift: When did it REALLY start? And is it Really
   over? (Crystl313@aol.com)

   154. Mapping the Xenaverse (rvelde@a140.aone.net.au)

   158. The Background and History of Gabrielle

   159. Death as Redemption in 'Xena:Warrior Princess'

   160. An Outline of Themes Found in XWP (KRIS3N2S1@aol.com)

   162. The Relationship Between Xena and Gabrielle

   163. Xena: Obsession Justified (or Would the Real Xena Please
   Stand Up?) (qaree@hotmail.com)

   166. The Xena Scrolls (foxtrot@frii.com)

   167. Callisto: A True Arch-Villain (ruffell@home.com)

   169. Green Acres vs I Love Lucy (BlackMonk@msn.com)

   171. Wonder Woman and Xena (JSandsmark@aol.com)


   175. Xena's Death Wish (OMXena@aol.com)

   176. Chronological 'Map' of Xena's Travels Throughout the
   Grecian World (Oshram@aol.com)

   177. Kevin Sorbo at the Gym (famc19@idt.net)

   178. The True Point of Joxer on the Show

   182. Why Don't the Dead Stay Dead: Life after Death, after
   Death (Even in Someone Else's Body) in Star Trek and XWP

   183. Susan Ivanova: The Xena of the future?

   184. Xena & Gab's Finances: Where Does the Money Come From?

   185. Janeway and Xena: A Study in Contrasts?

   186. Existential paradox in XWP: Is Xena a life-saver or a
   life-taker - and why do we love her so much, either way?

   188. Flirting With Disaster - An Analysis of Autolycus

   189. Girl Power:  Xena, Gabrielle and the Spice Girls

   190. Callisto and Xena: The Ultimate Love/Hate Relationship

   191. The Dynamics of Triangulation between Xena, Gabrielle and
   Callisto (geekgrrl@ix.netcom.com)

   192. A Journey Through the Development of My Current Obsession

   193. A Historical Look at Matriarchal Societies and Women
   Warriors (pguz@wcinet.net)

   196. Comparing and Contrasting Xena & Gabrielle with Mercedes
   Lackey's Tarma and Kethry Characters (Smickey@aol.com)

   198. Other Strong Female Fictional Characters

   199. The Curative Powers of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Watching

   200. Xena and Gabrielle at the Softball Field

   201. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and John Borman's "Excalibur"

   202. Why Ares Has Not Yet Revealed That He Is in Fact Xena's
   Real Father? (xenadore@echo-on.net)

   203. Cryptic messages in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and HERCULES:
   THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS: Just What Is it All Those Signposts
   Really Mean Anyway? (xenadore@echo-on.net)

   204. The Morphology of Xenaspeak: Does She Clip Her Words on
   Purpose, or Is She Just Being Lazy? (xenadore@echo-on.net)

   205. Contraindications of Rampant Anabolic Steroid Use by
   Olympian Divinities, Warlords, and Certain Blonde Bards

   206. The Xenaverse:  A Hermeneutical Examination of the Texts
   and Contexts (eide@hawaii.edu)

   207. Growth to Whole from Opposite Ends: Naive Versus Jaded

   208. Gabrielle's shrinking garb (BPWxenafan@aol.com)

   209. A Historian Struggles Through Xena's Time-line or Xena's
   Space-time Continumum Trips or Xena's Most Excellent
   Adventure? (allstar62@juno.com)

   210. Technical Aspects of Xena's Weaponry and Armour

   211. Changibility of Cupid into Caesar (AmaXENA@aol.com)

   212. Xena's Use of Acupressure Points (JBHOOVER@us.oracle.com)

   213. How XWP Changed a Person's View on Homosexuality

   214. Text and Subtext in HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS

   215. Amazons (megalion@ecst.csuchico.edu)

   216. Sadism & Bloodlust! - XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Is Not Alone

   217. Xena Linguistics and Terminology (KBRIDLE@aol.com)

   219. Gabrielle and Sappho: Questions of Influence in the Xena
   Scrolls (okeefe@sfu.ca)

   220. The Biochemistry and Physiology of Xena Warrior Princess

   221. Xena and Gabrielle's Friendship Compared to Other Strong
   and Passionate Friendships Found in Folkstories

   222. The Relationships of Xena and Gabrielle

   223. Amazons in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS: A Comparison with
   History and Myth (LynndaSue@aol.com)

   224. Use of Babies/Children in XWP (ruffell@home.com)

   225. Xena: Warrior Princess and Godmother  (LYRHEA@aol.com)

   226. Ambrosia: Food of the Gods or Strawberry Jello?

   232. Male Gods: Their Importance (or Lack Of) in XENA: WARRIOR
   PRINCESS (nush@itsa.ucsf.edu)

   233. Look, Ma! It's That Pasta Strainer Guy! Or, Why Joxer
   Looks So Familiar (SeuneAeryk@hotmail.com)

   234. Xena: Death and Then What? (Adara41487@aol.com)

   236. Further Thoughts on Xena and Alexander

   237. Contemporary Pagans and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   238. Flying infants in XWP: What does it mean?

   241. Xena Viewed Through the Eyes of the Usenet

   242. Xena, Honor, and Friendship:  Lost Concepts in
   Contemporary American Society (crazymax@rio.com)

   243. The Evolution of Ares:  From Go-Bot to Gigolo

   244. The Man With The Golden Arm and THE RETURN OF CALLISTO

   245. Censorship as Experienced by Aussie Xenites

   246. Bodyart and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (dybka@mindspring.com)

   247. Hey, What is Loki Doing in Greece?

   248. How Does Xena Compare to Modern Day Female Warriors?

   249. A Comparison/Contrast of the Roles Renee O'Connor Has
   Chosen to Play During Her Career (DANAE121@aol.com)

   250. A Comparison/Contrast of How the Amazons Were Portrayed
   in Greek Mythology and How They Are Portrayed in XWP

   251. Xena: Champion of Social Equality (vasey@mail.utexas.edu)

   252. Impact of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS on Girls Aged 12 to 15

   253. Reflections on the Evolution of a Sidekick

   254. The Evolution of Joxer:  From Cameo to Hero in 12 Easy
   Steps. Or How To Survive "The Kiss" (SeuneAeryk@hotmail.com)

   255. How To Tell If It's a Rumor and Not a Fact

   257. The Future of XWP and Lucy Lawless (Drak57@aol.com)

   260. For the Love of Ares: The Devotion of the Temple
   Priestess' (krikett@hotmail.com)

   265. Hudson Leick's Development as an Actress

   266. The Subtext Between Xena and Callisto

   267. Xena: Misplaced Celtic Hero?  (Ch1Kara@aol.com)

   268. The Use of Gaelic in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   270. The Art Of Obsession (Ephany1@aol.com)

   271. The Zen of Joxer (errorlog@cris.com)

   276. Twelve Step Programs and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   277. Joxer and Gabrielle: Could This Be Love?!

   279. Sex as a Manifestation of Power in the Relationship
   Between Xena and Ares  (jezebel39@hotmail.com)
   280. My View of Auckland (rosebude@aol.com)

   282. STAR TREK's Borg and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS' Horde
   283. Intertextual, Intercultural, and Intermytholical
   References and Allusions in the Xena Universe
   284. Xena and the Evolution of the Female Warrior Hero
   285. Who Were The Horde (galvin@erols.com)
   287. O'Neill and Joxer (loeffler@istar.ca)
   289. Xena's Saviours: Hercules, Gabrielle, Cyrene,
   Salmoneus...Darfus? (ruffell@home.com)
   290. Xena vs. Other TV Women: Who's The Greatest Role Model?
   293. Drama, Comedy, Romance and Adventure: That Magical
   Mixture that Makes Us Love XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   295. The sub-cult of XWP action figure collecting

   296. Xena vs Ripley and all the others: Who Would Win?

   297. Xena, Warrior Princess Roleplaying Game: Does It Do Xena
   Justice? (DHeldt@Centegra.com)

   298. Callisto: A Way With Words (ruffell@home.com)

   300. Xena Warrior Princess and Modern Paganism

   301. The Joxer Costume: Recycled Warrior Chic

   303. The ROCSwat Team  (BarbaraT@wave.co.nz)

   307. Gabrielle's Relationships  (JFKXENA@webtv.net)

   308. Subtext Moments Put to the Test (jctt@tnp.com)

   310. A Day in the Life: Friendship & Fun

   312. Mother and Son Relationship: Aphrodite & Cupid

   315. Lesbian Subtext  (MicheyB2@aol.com)

   316. Survey of XWP (Cinniman@aol.com)

   318. Miss Artiphys and Transgender Consciousness on XWP

   319. Perceptions of Subtext (dar@chesco.com)

   320. Weapons and Stirrups in XWP (carmen_xena@hotmail.com)

   323. Ares: Cold-hearted B****** or Big Old Softy?

   324. Michael Levine: A Fine Cabernet

   325. Hudson Leick: Who Knew?  (demcghee@u.washington.edu)

   334. Xena and Ares (OMXena@aol.com)

   335. Xena Fanfiction and the Slash Tradition

   336. Gender roles on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (willica@LFC.EDU)

   337. Subtext, love and loyalty on Star Trek and XENA: WARRIOR
   PRINCESS (willica@LFC.EDU) 

   338. A Study of the Television Cult Phenomena

   339. Dana Sully, Fox Mulder, Gabrielle, and Xena

   340. Why XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS is better than the XENA
   Wannabes (willica@LFC.EDU) 

   341. The Passion of Subtext (70210.357@compuserve.com)

   343. The Pappas Journals (ESuther105@aol.com)

   344. Xena Signs: The astrological signs of Xena and Gabrielle

   346. The characters in XWP & their mythological counterparts

   347. Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer: Hero, Sidekick, Foil

   349. Hercules and Xena: Wizards of the Screen (larax2@aol.com)

   350. Xena's darkside (lazm16@aol.com)

   352. Parallels between the Indiana Jones Chronicles and XWP

   353. Anne of Green Gables and XWP (Ynette_Holst@msn.com)

   354. If You Want the Love, You Gotta Drink the Blood: Xena,
   Gabrielle, Bacchae and the Lesbian Vampire Culture
   357. Xena and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Comparing and
   Contrasting Heroines of the 90's (erin_leavey@trdigital.com)

   358. The Hong Kong Connection: the Influence of Hong Kong
   Action Films on XWP (cyn@netcom.com) and (redbean@slip.net)

   360. Expedious tool use and Hong Kong Style Action and Humor
   in XWP (chaco_kid@hotmail.com)

   361. A Derridian Approach: Examples of Conscious
   Deconstruction in XWP (derror@prodigy.net)

   363. Phenomenology and pastiche (derror@prodigy.net)

   364. Xena and Uppity Women of Ancient Times

   365. Heroism and Xena's Burden: Is It a Good Thing?

   366. XWP's target audience (ouc@sas.upenn.edu)

   368. Vincent/Catherine (Beauty and the Beast) and
   Xena/Gabrielle (PHIL728@aol.com)

   370. UK Reactions to the Televising of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS:
   An Informal Study  (Kirsti@ihr.mrc.ac.uk)

   372. The Importance of Subtext  (rharlow@sun.iwu.edu; Becky

   373. The Destiny Scroll -- Counterfeit!

   374. Lao Ma & Gabrielle  (Stormybard@hotmail.com) 

   375. Xena Fandom: Why I named my Rat Hudson (wrr@deltanet.com)

   379. TV role models and young women (Sears@macalester.edu)

   380. The nature of imagination as it relates to Xena

   384. The Execution and A Tale of Two Cities (XFilles@aol.com)

   388. Lucy Lawless and Hudson Leick and their Characters

   389. Xena: Warrior, Princess, Hero, Woman (Xena239358@aol.com)

   390. Gabrielle: Bard, Wonderer, Storyteller, Sidekick

   391. Callisto: Victom, Warrior, Admirer, god

   392. Obsessions of Xena, by a Middle-aged Fan

   394.  Beauty and the Beast (BanditTinker@worldnet.att.net)

   395. An Examination of the Use of Greek Mythology in HERCULES
   and XENA (metaphor123@netscape.net)

   397. Joxer's Role in THE COMEDY OF EROS (Lisa@andromeda5.com)

   399. Xena: Fact or Fiction (erin_catriona@hotmail.com)

   401. Non-Net XENA Fan Fiction (nhutchins@wheelock.edu)

   402. Why everybody should watch XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   405. Xena's Impact on My Life: A Teen POV

   407. Fan Fiction and Fan Art  (tedbragg@lcc.net) 

   408. The Scythian influence: Chakrams, Amazons and Xena as
   reflections of Scythia on the Greek mind.

   409. XWP Influence on Marial Arts Training for Women

   410. How Obsessing over XWP Has Changed My Life

   412. Xena and Ares: The Aftermath of THE FURIES

   413. Constant Attempts By Xena to "Save" and/or "Protect"
   Gabrielle (JILLDS9@aol.com)

   419. The Chakram and Xena's ability to Use It to Perform
   Impossible Tasks (Whitewolf@wolf-web.com)

   420. My XENA weekend (mong3814@fredonia.edu)

   423. Alt Fanfic: An Adventure unto Itself

   425. Life's Not Fair, But All's Fair in Love, Passion, War,
   and Hate: Hercules and Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle...Where Does
   Ares and Athena Fit In? (IAM4Xena@aol.com)

   426. A Day In the Life...of a Xenite. How Obvious is Our
   Obsession? (IAM4Xena@aol.com)

   428. Xena Warrior Princess meets Alfred Thayer Mahan:  The
   Influence of Seapower on the Xenaverse (pmhunt@pilot.msu.edu)

   436. What the Dickens?! The Timeless Appeal of a Victorian
   Ghost Story (emfarrell@earthlink.net)

   437. How Xena Copes With Evil (hjgross@eden.rutgers.edu)

   438. History as Myth (jhickman@baneng.com)

   441. Female Action Heroes (hperkins@best.com)

   442. Neo-Xenaian Astrological Influences on Constellations
   Close to  Heracles (MIpsychic@aol.com)

   443. Xena and the Real One God (kimielsw@msn.com)

   444. The Striking Parrallels between Ancient Greece and The
   FBI (xphilic@yahoo.com)

   445. My Love for XENA (Linzs@stu.beloit.edu)

   446. Female Heroes of Today (Linzs@stu.beloit.edu)

   449. Xena and the Old Testament (DHeldt@Centegra.com)

   450. Xena and the New Testament (DHeldt@Centegra.com)

   451. Reflections of Xena's Emotional Growth and Integration
   into Today's Journey of the "Spiritual" Warrior

   452. The Real Myths and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   453. When Cousins Become Famous (greyston@onr.com)

   454. Are the Amazons in XWP Incompetent with the Bow Because
   They Still Have Both Breasts? (jdawson@rtci.com)


   457. Xena as the Embodiment of Karma

   458. Scully, Buffy, and Xena: The Holy trinity of Female Role
   models (macha@pixielated.org)

   459. Body Language and the Role It Plays in XENA: WARRIOR

   460. Millions of Women Consumed with Lust: Can This Be Good
   for Kevin Smith's Career? (macha@pixielated.org)

   463. The "Pen Is Mightier than the Sword" Cliche

   464. The Regions Xena and Gabrielle are From

   465. Conceptual Inspirations in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   466.  Xena and Gabrielle and 'The Pretender''s Jarod

   467. Relationship of the Greek Myth of *Electra* to THE FURIES

   468.  Xena's Role as an Archetypal Heroic Figure

   469. Clarice Starling and Gabrielle; Hannibal Lector and the
   Pre-Redemptive Xena (sbowers04@sprynet.com)

   470.  Why So Many Female Role Models for Xena

   471.  Why XWP Is So Addictive   (featherman@geocities.com)


   GENERATION (Uncle59@aol.com)

   475.  XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and Advertising Pactices

   478.  The Use of Arthurian Motifs in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   479.  My Obsession (yeshowdy@usa.net)

   480.  Sins/One Faith (goindigo@gte.net)

   482. Who is This Dahak anyway? (elmjastw@uwc.edu)

   483. Has Xena Really Changed? (elmjastw@uwc.edu)

   488. Xena, Princessa (SeuneAeryk@hotmail.com)

   489. How Can You Not Cry? The Most Touching Moments In XENA:
   WARRIOR PRINCESS. Season One and Two (ruffell@home.com)

   490. The Rift Saga: It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst
   Of Times (ruffell@home.com)

   494. Herbal and Alternative Healing on XWP (Poogel@aol.com)

   495. How XWP Brought My Entire Family Back Together

   497. Pippi Longstocking and Xena (KM23@aol.com)

   498. Amazons (marck@esscom.com)

   500. Ted Raimi Fest: 48+ hours of..?

   501. A Xena of One's Own: Reader/Audience Response

   502. Theory and the Construction of a Xena Episode

   504. Women Warriors in Pop Culture. (Icon7@aol.com)

   505. Use of Tarot in BITTER SUITE (jaxon45@hotmail.com)

   506. Analysis of CHARIOTS OF WAR (JTHugh@onaustralia.com.au)

   508. Lao Ma's Teachings and There Influence on Xena's
   Redemption (mcomette@sprint.ca)

   510. Twilight of the Gods: XWP and Richard Wagner's The Ring
   of the Nibelung (mmacdon@smith.edu)

   511. Rumors and the Fans of XWP (morsem@lr.net)

   514. Recurring Characters XENA Fan Fiction

   516. The Creation of Princess Abigail: Warrior Baby; or
   'Mommy, You Have Entirely Too Much Time On Your Hands'

   517. XENA's Absence in N.E. Oregon: The Effects on The Loyal

   519. Tarot Symbolism in THE BITTER SUITE

   520. Joxer: A Detailed Look at the Man Behind "The Mighty"

   522. XWP: What the Hell Took so Long? (chardenb@or.blm.gov)

   523. The Symbolic Visual Language of Tarot in THE BITTER SUITE

   526. My Life Without XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

   529. Love, Hate and Why They Go Hand in Hand in the Xenaverse

   530. Depictions of Love in XWP aka What?!  Did She Just Say
   That?!  AUGH! (Moonswpt@aol.com)

   531. The Psychological Traumas of Being The Destroyer of
   Nations (Moonswpt@aol.com)

   532. Xena's Conscience: Overkill, Underkill or Just Right?

   533. Gabrielle's Attachment to Xena (Moonswpt@aol.com)

   534. Xena's Attachment to Gabrielle (Moonswpt@aol.com)

   536.  Notes on Linear B (ribaud@acsu.buffalo.edu)

   538. Xena Slash Fiction  (pongo@asan.com)

   539. Joxer's Relationship With Ares  (pongo@asan.com)

   541. Appeal Of The Female Superhero  (Paula@teamfx.com)

   542.  History of Amphipolis and Potidaea

   544. The Voice of the Bard: A comparison between Gabrielle and
   William Blake (orville_third@yahoo.com)

   545. A comparison between Xena and Profiler's Samantha Waters

   546. A comparison between Xena and Ordo Virtutum

   547. The Hercules and Xena Role-Playing Game - A Review

   548. H.M.S. Xena at Jutland and Other Nautical Fantasies

   549. The Ultimate Geek Meets the Cosmic Jerk:  Why I Identify
   With Joxer (broadway@tvi.cc.nm.us)

   550. The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Female Warrior in
   What Is Dubbed as a Mans World (dchrobin@apex.net)

   552. The Power and Courage of Four Women: M'Lila, Lao Ma,
   Cyrene, and Gabrielle. (kcmusser@apex.net)

   553. The Woman We Hope Lives In All Of Us: The Appeal Of The
   Female Superhero  (jcwilder@hotmail.com)

   561. FINS, FEMMES, and GEMS  (demcghee@u.washington.edu)

   563. The Bitter Suite: A Soundtrack Review

   564. Forget Me Not or, The Bitter Suite: Part 2

   565. Will the Real Ares Please Stand Up? (nciaston@att.com)

   566. Xena and Her Connection to the Ancient Hebrews

   567. Amphipolitans and Poteidaians of the Jury: In Defense of
   Joxer the Mighty (flasheart@hotmail.com)

   569. When Paths Cross: Joxer's Journey and Mine

   570. Why They Hate Joxer (flasheart@hotmail.com)

   571. Ares: Architect of the Rift (deejay@island.net)

   572. XENA Subtext in SACRIFICE in the Light Of Virgil's
   Aeneid, Ovid's Metamorphoses, and Homer's Odyssey

   573. Influences and Mythological Accuracy

   574. Musical and Lyrical Influences in THE BITTER SUITE

   575. Arguments For and Against Current Xena Controversies

   576. Ellen from THE QUICK AND THE DEAD and Xena: Separated at
   Birth? (po@oxy.edu)
   577. Why is Xena Such a Charismatic Show?  (Videntur@aol.com)

   578. Free Will v. Predestination: The Opposing Viewpoints in
   XWP (Xwpfanatic@aol.com)

   579. Revisionist History: Behind Every Great Man There is a
   Warrior Princess (lvoskina@stevens-tech.edu)

   580. Let's Get Wet: Water Symbolism and Myth in FINS, FEMMES
   AND GEMS (LAranza@aol.com)

   581. Adventures in Scriptwriting (dmcdeavi@indiana.edu)

   582. XWP Bodycount: Murder, Self-Defense, Killing For Others,
   and Redemption (veesa@erols.com)

   583. Joxer vs Tigger: A Comparison of Character Traits

   584. Early Alphabetic Greek (ribaud@acsu.buffalo.edu)

   585. AMRMAGEDDON NOW and It's Place in the Xenaverse

   587. Xena as the Wild Woman Archetype


   589. Comparing Queer Subtext in XWP and HTLJ

   591. Xena's Ultimate Destiny (perdicus98@yahoo.com)

   593. The Seduction Of Evil: Why We Love Characters Like Xena,
   The Conqueror (silkscatapult@yahoo.com)

   594. From the Ashes of Cirra an Obsession is Born

   595. The Historical Cirra (silkscatapult@yahoo.com)

   596. The Deliverer: A Focus on Gabrielle's Many Lost
   Innocences and Related
Themes  (xena@yourinter.net)


   599. UberLog (demcghee@u.washington.edu)

   600. Hope Springs Eternal (nitrocharge@hotmail.com)

   602. Has Fanfic Affected the Show

   603. Is It Weird To Read/Write Sexually Explicit Material?

   606. Ted Raimi (quantum@artnet.net)

   609. BEEN THERE DONE THAT and Getting Away with It

   610. A Tribute, in Verse, to XWP...seasons 1, 2, 3

   611. The Tao of Xena: Xena and Taoism, Buddhism, Zen or
   "Detaching the Myth" (Jbjefnp@aol.com)

   612. KING CON: A Gamble with Dialogue (Jbjefnp@aol.com)

   613. Lucy Lawless in "Peach" and as "Xena": Similar or
   Different?  (Jbjefnp@aol.com)

   614. Just how possible IS a relationship between Joxer and
   Gabrielle? (LucaShane Granger)

   615. The Calming Influence Sidekicks (LucaShane Granger)

   616. The Joxer Wars (natashalake@geocities.com)

   618.  Xena and the Downfall of the Greek Pantheon

   620. Black haired, sullen eyed, sword in hand: a comparison of
   Robert Howard's Conan and Xena: Warrior Princess

   622. Callisto from a psychiatric point of view

   623. The Ancient Amazons (amazon_sister@hotmail.com)

   625. One Against an Army: How Xena and Gabrielle Rely on Each
   Other (lpw@pobox.com)

   626. Gods and Aliens: A Look at Omnipotent Beings in XENA and
   STAR TREK.(lpw@pobox.com)
   628. The Philosophies of Gabrielle and Xena (langel@pon.net)

   629. Puns, Inside Jokes, Double Entendres, and Other Humorous
   Devices in XWP (langel@pon.net)
   632. Constructing XWP Costumes (helenmadden@csi.com)
   634. How Views of the Characters Change (llachlan@ican.net)
   636. Xena and Gabrielle as Christ Figures (sbriggs@usc.edu)
   637. Mythology and Mysticism of the Amazons
   638. Joxer and the Xenites Love/Hate Relationship: The Wesley
   Crusher Syndrome (kira@zip.com.au)
   642. Sub-text Issues (Spirit172@aol.com)
   643. Xena as an EMT: Application of Basic Emergency Medical
   Skills in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (bmedic1@tamu.edu)
   644. Criminality on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (ValAtty91@aol.com)   
   645. That's Gotta Hurt: Cumulative Effects of Repeated Head
   Trauma as a Contributing Factor in Acts of Aggression, Erratic
   Behavior, and Stupidity by Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer
   646. Xena's Search in the Amazon Land Of The Dead: Who was She
   Really Going to Find at the End of her Journey?
   647. Xena as Catholic Samurai (xenite@idirect.ca)
   649. Dahak and The Many Devils of the World (KSZoneW@aol.com)
   650. Death and Subtext (KateG@aol.com)
   651. Some Views of Forgiveness and Redemption in the Xenaverse
   652. Xena and Her Sense of Warrior's Honor
   653. Exploration of a "God Gene" (sultan_rob@hotmail.com)

   654. Motion Picture Industry and its influence on XWP
   655. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and XENA
   659. Joxer:  Lovestruck Adolescent, or Sexual Predator?
   660. Joan of Arc and Gabrielle : Two Chaste, Fighting Peasant
   Girl Saints (mklossne@asl.lib.ar.us)
   661. Ancient Methods of Cleaning Leather, Linen and Silk: How
   Xena, et al, Kept Clean (Nancela333@aol.com)
   662. The Trojan War and Its Aftermath, as Portrayed on XWP and
   HTLJ (joxerfan@hotmail.com)

   663. The Raimi Mafia - An Examination of the Connections
   between Raimi, Tapert, Campbell, Lawless, and other Ren Pics
   Personnel (joxerfan@hotmail.com)

   664. Just How Much IS a Dinar, Anyway? (joxerfan@hotmail.com)
   666. BABYLON 5's Lennier and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS' Joxer:
   The Theme 
of Unrequited Love (anlashok@andromeda5.com)

   667. Mirror of Virtue (epam2@hotmail.com)
   668. It's Just A TV Show! (Piper1013@aol.com)

   669. The Non-Finality of Death in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
   671. Comparing the Rifts (sdcarrig@uncg.edu)
   673. Together They Faced the Powers of Dahak
   674. Gabrielle's Body as Subtext (jadec@sia.net.au)
   675. XWP in relationship to modern social issues

   676. XWP - Subtext and the heterosexual (lyrael@execpc.com)

   677. The Cycle of Abuse in XWP  (lyrael@execpc.com)

   678. XWP on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse  (lyrael@execpc.com)

   679. Hercules' role in Xena's redemptive journey
   683. Why Gabrielle Is A Favorite Character For Many (Including
   Me) (sidney0@hotmail.com)
   687. Editing Styles Of THE BITTER SUITE (JDaxDS9@aol.com)
   690. Ares and Xena's Father (Dyionysus@aol.com)
   691. A Day in the Life of the Titans: An analysis of Xena fan
   favourites and the other kind (metaphor123@netscape.net)
   692. Dahak Revisited: Was he Really Worth It?
   695. Kora: The Huntress/Follower of Artemis
   696. The India Episodes of XWP (shivesh@ucla.edu)
   697. Socrates, Amphipolis, and Poteidaia (qaree@hotmail.com)
   698. Structure and Device: A Musical and Dramatic Examination
   of THE BITTER SUITE (IndiGrrl@mail.gn1.net)
   699. Exploring Gabrielle's True Destiny (DGILBERT11@aol.com)
   710. Am I Really Who I Am Or What You Made Me?
   715. The Amazons of Ancient Greek Myth (PPBfrei@aol.com)

   716. Battling One's Dark Side and Personal Change

   717. Xena, Caesar and the Celts (PPBfrei@aol.com)

   718. A Comparison of Historical Events in Xena with Actual
   Historical Events (PPBfrei@aol.com)

   719. Xena vs Xena: A Warrior's Heart  (maamb@hotmail.com)
   721. Traviate in their Way to Redemption: Xena, Warrior
   Princess and Violetta Valery (crystal.smith@start.com.au)
   722. Inspiration for THE PRICE  (carperv@FRB.GOV)
   723.  (spiritcircle@yahoo.com)
   725. Xenastaff - You Made Us What We Are Today!
   726. Love And Death: An Examination Of Death Scenes And
   Subtext In XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS Episodes (KEG@townsend.com)
   729. Why Things Blow Up On XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS
   730. The Force Is With Them: Xena, Gabrielle And Joxer As
   Related To STAR WARS
   731. Heroic Deeds And Moral Dilemmas: Reading About Women
   Before And After XENA (C2pattee@aol.com)
   732. How Real Are The Shamans Of The Xenaverse?


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